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Saturday, June 9th: 6pm KT - Egyptian Vanity Chair $2150

".... Woah ... Am I flying" I think to myself?
I am! I am! I feel like a Webkinz Pegasus flying high in the sky!
Wait.. this isn't how flying feels...
I'm.. I'm.. FALLING!! FALLING!!!
I look down... I'm moving fast!!!
I reach back to open my parachute... No parachute?!?!
And why am I outside in my pajamas again??
Look back up and wonder "How did I get here?"
As the ground comes closer and closer, I start worrying
"Well, Merthyn, this is the end, I guess I had a good run" I think.
The ground comes right up and I yell in fear...



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Then, my head hits... something SOFT??
"Wha!? A dream?!" I say out loud.
"Of course you're dreaming" says a familiar gruff voice.
I'm in Arte's curio shop, and I'm on the floor on a huge pillow in front of a loader lounger.
"First of all, you are the only person I know that falls FORWARD when they sleep..." he chuckles. "Which is why I stuck this pillow in front of you, you were rocking back and forth!"
"First" I ask, assuming there was as second?
Laughing so hard, he can hardly speak.. "Yeah, you were also screaming like a baby!"
"Uhh.. I uhh... I was yelling... Uhh.. Wasn't I?"
Arte just raised one eyebrow at me and started laughing again.
Now I remember, we were talking, and I must've dozed off after all these adventurous nights!
"What were we talking about" I ask?
"Those doggone recipes... You told me cream soda, pink lemonade and dragon fruit in the blender.. So, while you were asleep, I tried it and ended up with this!!!" he shouted proudly, while holding up a Neon Pink Smoothy!

Arte settled into his Hockey Chair and gazed into the distance...
I picked myself up off the floor and settled back into my loader lounger.
"No wonder I fell asleep, this thing is so comfy.." I think to myself.
"Arte, you okay? I ask.
"Wha? Yeah Um.. Yeah, I'm fine.."
"You just seem to be zoned out a bit, is something going on outside?"
"Naw... Just thinkin'" he sighs..
I've not seen Arte this down in the dumps for quite awhile, I sense he's waiting for me to ask..
"What about big guy?" I inquire.
"Well, just about how things started and how things have ended up..."
"Ended up? I wonder what's happened?" I think.
"What do you mean, Arte?" I ask, with genuine concern.
"Well, I sort of told a fib today when I called you.."
"You did? You mean the no rares thing? We'll have rares tomorrow!?" I get excited!!
"No, no rares, but I fibbed about the delivery not coming in.. It did.. It always does.." he says in a very sad voice.

"Always workin'... Store's open 24 hours a day ya know?.." he continues "..Always gotta be sellin' or openin' boxes or makin' orders.. It's like a monkey on my back.."
I check my Webkinz Monkey sitting next to me
"No.. not him, Merthn, it's a figure of speech ya know, you humanz are a strange bunch... but people rely on me and I love what I do so here I am.... fibbin' to my friend"

"Arte, look!" I say sternly, surprisingly myself "You gotta snap out of this, buddy, we all rely on you for the coolest stuff to buy in Webkinz World!"
"Yeh...." he says "I know..."
"And we all know that you're tired, so when you take a break, we understand.."
"Yeah? Ya mean it? I feel like I'm disappointin' everyone" he says, a little happier
"Of course we'd love something ultra rare every hour of every day, but we'd all go broke and you'd be working like a dog!"
He shoots a look at me.
"Oh, sorry!" and I chuckle a bit.
Arte starts laughing too.. "That was a good one!"
"Glad he took it that way, I should learn to think before I say things like that" I think to myself!
I look at my watch and realize that it's getting late and I'd better get home so I get up to leave.
"Yeh... I better get back to work, nice chattin' with ya Merthyn, as always, bud, here's your list" as he hands me the list.
"Oh, one more thing... Try the white jeans with your chef outfit!" I say on my way out the door.
"Hey, who wears pants when they cook? I like to keep cool!!"
*Sigh* I tried......

Saturday, June 9th
Medieval Flooring ($250 + 5%) at 12midnight!
Lime Desk Chair ($150 - 5%) at 1am!
Hockey Locker ($150 - 10%) at 3am!
Hockey Dining Table ($350 - 15%) at 5am!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 - 10%) at 5am!
Rockin Pompadour ($816 + 20%) at 6am!
Funky Table ($250) at 6 am!
Hockey Dining Table ($350 - 5%) at 9am!
Rice Paper Divider ($390 - 10%) at 11am!
Medieval Flooring ($900 + 5%) at 1pm!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390 - 5%) at 2pm!
Lime Desk Chair ($150 + 10%) at 2pm!
Country Bed ($350 - 20%) at 4pm!
Hockey Desk Chair ($100 - 20%) at 5pm!
Toy Purse ($45 - 15%) at 5pm!
Rare: Egyptian Vanity Chair ($2150) at 6pm!
Treasure Chest ($200) at 6pm!
Silver Sofa ($400 - 15%) at 7pm!
Gladiator Helmet ($1200) at 7pm!
Medieval Wallpaper ($685 - 15%) at 9pm!
Toy Purse ($45) at 9pm!
Wagon Wheel Table ($250 - 5%) at 10pm!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450) at 11pm!

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