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Saturday, June 30th: 4pm KT> Luxury Hot Tub $10000

I'm feeling good today, but I sure had a long day yesterday.
I didn't realize how tough it was going to be to calm Chef Gazpacho down from Arte's little joke.
This thing going between them is turning into a real feud.
I just hope someone is able to figure out these secret recipez before Arte makes a real fool of himself (well, more so than he did when he helped me blow up Gazpacho's kitchen!).

As I arrive at Arte's shop, I am surprised to find Tabby standing behind the counter.
"Hey there Tabby? Is everything OK?"



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"Well hello there Merthyn. Yes everything is fine. Arte just asked me to fill in for a little bit so he could get some work done out back."

"Good, I was worried that something bad might have happened to him."

"Oh, no, in fact, he looks like he is in a very good mood today. He told me that if you came by I should send you back to meet him."

"OK, thanks Tabby". I walk around the counter and head into the back of the shop.

"Arte, Arte"! I call down the long hallway.
Then I hear clanging and crashing coming from the direction of the back porch.
"Oh, no. Not the deer again", I think to myself.
I break into a sprint and throw open the back door.

Let me tell you all that today is really the day I should have brought my camera.
I am treated to the sight of Arte dressed in a patchy red flannel shirt, and a ratty straw hat, both of which look like they've been pulled off of a scarecrow.
He is standing in what used to be his back yard but has now been transformed into farmland.

"Arte, what on earth are you doing?"

"Heya there Merthyn. Just in time. Get down here and help me pull up these carrots."
I notice that next to him is a wheelbarrow full of carrots, and next to that are two large crates, one filled with watermelons and the other filled with pumpkins.
"C'mon down here and help me haul these into the shop."

I head down the steps into the yard and grab a hold of the wheelbarrow handles.
I start pushing it in the direction of the shop and I ask "Arte, why are you growing all of these vegetables?"

"Well, you know those recipez I've been working on..." he starts.

"Oh, no Arte, not this again! You promised me you were going to leave Chef Gazpacho alone."

"Will you calm down?" he huffs.
"This has nothing to do with him. This is something I'm doing on my own. You see, I think that I might have better luck cooking with food that I grow on my own, rather than the stuff they sell out at the W-shop."

"Oh, well, I guess that's OK. Have you had any luck yet?"

"Nope, not yet, so far I've only been able to harvest these three things. It's the cabbage that I have the most ideas for. I've already tried eggs, spaghetti, and cabbage because I thought it might make Leafy Nestagetti, but all I got was Grey Gunk."
As he's talking, he starts to pull off his work gloves.
I notice that one of his paws has green paint all over it.

"The cabbage idea sounds promising, Arte, but what's the deal with the green paint."

"Oh, that," he looks at his paw. "I was telling Plumpy about my idea earlier and she said that only people with green thumbs could grow stuff really well. So, I painted my dew-claw green. Do you think it will help?"

I just smile, "Yes, of course it will Arte. Now, let's get this stuff inside and see what we can make."

Here's today's list.
Sorry, it got a little dirty in the garden.
Also, please excuse the green paint...
Looks like Arte finally got his hot tubs back from Dr. Quack!!

Saturday June 30th:
Chef's Hat ($80 - 5%) at 5am!
Scoreboard Television ($850 + 10%) at 5am!
Orange Table ($140 - 5%) at 6am!
Hockey Locker ($150) at 8am!
Hockey Dining Table ($350) at 12noon!
Hockey Coffee Table ($300 - 5%) at 2am!
RARE: Luxury Hot Tub ($10000 ) at 4pm!
Medieval Flooring ($900 - 10%) at 4pm!
Thinking Chair ($1325 + 10%) at 7pm!
Apple Chair ($140 + 15%) at 7pm!
Hockey Coffee Table ($300 + 10%) at 8pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295) at 9pm!
Hockey Study Desk ($275 + 15%) at 9pm!
Hockey Coffee Table ($300 + 5%) at 9pm!
Tutti-Frutti Headdress ($480) at 10pm!
Hockey Chair ($120 + 5%) at 11pm!hottub.jpg

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