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NEWS FLASH: Webkinz Chef in Distress!

Homeless. It's a word rarely heard in prosperous Webkinz World. But tonight, after a string of failed business ventures, chef Frog E. Frogg finds himself out of doors.

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"I dreamed of starting a restaurant," Frogg sighed. "Nothing outlandish, just a comfortable little place...



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I had plans for a nice steak joint. But, you know, the local Cows didn't take too kindly to that notion. And, well... who can blame them, really?" He shifted uneasily on the park bench. "So I figured, maybe we could make BBQ ribs instead." A long pause. "Did you know that there's a Pig Mafia? Well, long story short, the rib thing wasn't happening."

The despondent pond-dweller continued: "So I thought, maybe fried chicken? No, no, not that either..." He rubbed his forehead gingerly. "The Googles can be, ah, very persuasive."

It was only after these three failed attempts that Frog E. Frogg settled on a vegetarian diner. And then he realized the awful truth: no one in Webkinz World eats out anyways. "I figured, with all this disposable income floating around, that a nice restaurant would be a sure thing. But apparently, everyone only eats what they can grow in their garden or buy at the store." With a disdainful sniff, he added, "And I suppose, if they're perfectly content to eat the blech or the gunk that results from the mindless tossing of pickles, crackers and chocolates into a bubbling cauldron, they could hardly be bothered to appreciate real cooking."

Asked what he plans to do now, Frogg buried his head in his hands and said, "I'll have to move in with my cousin and spin the Wheel of Wow everyday until I get back on my feet. Oh, the shame! The shame!"

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