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My Pet Names - Antigonus the Bear

OK. Here is my first Blog Entry.

Antigonus2.jpgSome people have commented about my pet names, and I felt that I could use this first entry to comment on them.

Despite what would appear to be a mathematics background that is portrayed in most of my posts, my undergraduate degree is actually in English Literature. I focused on the American Renaissance of Literature. I'll bet that most of you do not know there was an American Renaissance - but in the 1850s, some of the greatest American Literature was written by Emerson, Hawthorne, Melville, Thoreau and Whitman.



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One of my favorite classes - which had nothing to do with the American Renaissance - was Shakespeare in Performance. Like most High School Students, I had read some Shakespeare, but to see it performed live was completely different.

A few years later, I saw a full version of Hamlet performed at the Utah Shakespeare festival (along with a few other plays, including another favorite, Henry V). Hamlet took around 3 and a half hours, and was brilliant! I have since seen Hamlet performed live around 7 or 8 times, including a 90 minute version at UNLV and a performance in LA in a 2100 square foot theater (called 2100 Square Feet, by the way).

Many years ago, I adopted Hamlet as my web pseudonym. Although I am unlike the melancholy Dane in a number of ways, there are some comparisons.

So, when it came to getting my first webkinz (so I could play the games without bumping my kids offline), I knew the name of the bear had to be good.

I remembered in the play, "The Winter's Tale", where one of the characters, Antigonus, had been killed by a bear. In fact, the last time you see Antigonus in the play, the stage direction says, "Exit Antigonus, pursued by a bear." So, I took the name Antigonus for my bear (as if the bear consumed Antigonus and took on his attributes). Even though I have added to my webkinz collection, Antigonus is really the only one I play with.

Antigonus3.jpgAntigonus is dressed in all black (perhaps a reference to Hamlet's inky cloak), and sports the Elviz Wig (in fact, he doesnt look right with it off now).

Where have you seen Antigonus' name. Well, in the top scores, for one. At times, I held the top scores in Zacky's Quest, Zingoz Bounce and Zingoz Pop (still have scores in the top 10 for the second 2, and the top score for Zacky's Quest). Additionally, Antigonus has a top 10 score in Polar Plunge. Plus, I often win the game of the day on Bounce N Burst, and have even won at Bingo.

Antigonus1.jpgAt another date, I might go into the background for my other pets, but let me leave it at this.

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