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July 5 - 11: New $10,000 KC Contest on Webkinz.Com


The newest contest has been announced on Webkinz.Com if their "news" section. There's a mystery to solve in Webkinz World, so keep an eye on the Today's Activities page from July 5th through July 10th.

All correct answers will be entered into a drawing pool where 10 lucky winners will be given $1,000 KC each!

Let's all work together to get the right answer to the clues and mystery, so we can have some winners from Webkinz Insider! We've just started an official thread to keep track of the clues and answers for the contest!

Read the rest of the article for the clues and schedule!

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The clue schedule is as follows:

  • July 5th - 9am & 3pm
    • It's a real mix up.
    • It's soup-er.
  • July 6th - 12pm & 8pm
    • Questionable.
    • Everyone would know this.
  • July 7th - 1pm & 6pm
    • Curious?
    • Past the tipping point.
  • July 8th - 9am & 2pm
    • Shine On.
    • Is it yours or mine?
  • July 9th - 4pm
    • Hatch a good plan.
  • July 10th - 10am
    • This really rocks.

Credit to Uni for the clue schedule.

July 5th - Clue #1 - It's a real mix up.

July 5th - Clue #2 - It's soup-er.
July 6th - Clue #3 - Questionable.
July 6th - Clue #4 - Everyone would know this.
July 7th - Clue #5 - Curious?
July 7th - Clue #6 - Past the tipping point.
July 8th - Clue #7 - Shine on.
July 8th - Clue #8 - Is it yours or mine?
July 9th - Clue #9 - Hatch a good plan.
July 10th - Clue #10 - This really rocks.

The question is: Who were the two characters, where were they, what were they doing and what did they have?

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