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How to Cook / Make a Webkinz Recipe

How To Cook / Make a Recipe for your Webkinz

This HOWTO details everything that you need to do to cook for your Webkinz, from buying the appliances, all the way to making your first recipe! We hope you all find it useful


The first steps in cooking is that you must buy a cooking appliance from the W Store.

There are 3 basic appliances:

  1. Stovetop (K$ 500 - 825)
  2. Sandwich Maker (K$ 200)
  3. Blender (K$ 175 - 225)

You can buy them in many designs and colors, most with different pricing, as shown above.

Appliances are in the "Kitchen & Bathroom" category of the W Shop (bottom left).

Add an appliance (or all 3) to your cart and check out. Click the X at the upper right to close the W shop. Go to your room and place the appliances. They do not need counters to work, but you may want to consider buying a counter to place the sandwich maker and blender on because they look silly on the floor, trust me! :P

Return to the W shop and let's try out a recipe. The recipe in this example is one of my favorite secret recipes for the blender, but the same process applies to any recipe on any appliance.

We are going to make a "Neon Pink Smoothy" which, according to WebkinzInsider Recipes requires the following three ingredients: Cream Soda + Pink Lemonade + Dragon Fruit


Let's pick them out, and add them to our cart.


Click "Check Out" and always double check what you're buying, then click "Buy Now". Close the W Shop by clicking the X at the upper right and go to your room.

Take one of your petz and click on the appliance that you plan to use. You will see a similar layout on all the appliances.

Take your 3 ingredients from the bottom row and drag them onto your appliance and place each on a "spot".
Once you have dragged them, your appliance should look something like the third picture below. Order of ingredients doesn't matter when making recipes, only the ingredients!


Click "Blend", "Cook" or "Get Sandwichin'" and wait a few seconds to see what happens!!

If you get it right, it should look like the first picture. If you made a mistake, you will get "blech" or "gak" or something of the sort, like the second picture. Your pet will eat it, but won't like it much, so their health points and hunger points do not go up nearly as much as they would with a successful recipe.


Now you're a professional cook!

Start experimenting to find some new, secret recipes that we don't have on here and share them with your friends here on!

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