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Hello to all you smart peoples that wants to get edumicated!

Professor Panda will henceforth be providing illuminating tidbits from time to time. He has a busy schedule and will be posting irregularly (although Metamucil has cleared up a certain other irregularity). In any case, here are links to the articles he has published throughout the site to this point. Take a look and be enlightened.




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The Pandarian Guard posted 6/18/07


Chong-ji Cash, the "Panda in Black" posted 6/19/07

Ulysses S. Elephant and the Zivil War posted 6/19/07

George Bushybear and Operation: Iraki Fried Ham posted 6/21/07

How to Name Webkinz with Eaze! posted 6/22/07

Words of Wisdom from the Pandas posted 6/25/07

The Helloz Angels posted 6/25/07

Scientists seek to isolate Webkinz gene posted 6/26/07

NEWS FLASH: Webkinz for President? posted 7/1/07



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