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Friday June 8th: No Rare, Arte Just Called!

I woke up this morning kind of late after the whole Googles escapade from early this morning.
I checked my Kinz Phone, no calls from Arte, so I guess he didn't get in trouble!
Went through the day, as usual, and decided to stop by Arte's Shop on the way home....
Things look a little strange through the window, looks like someone else behind the counter!
I go in and, sure enough, Tabby is at the counter.
"Hey Miss Meow, where's Arte?" (I was sure she was going to tell me an awful story about how he had gotten in trouble for playing too rough with the Googles)
"Oh, he didn't come in today, asked me to fill in.."
"Really? Everything okay?" I ask, genuinely concerned.
"Well, he said it was, but it sounded like he was moving furniture" she told me.
"Oh my, they've kicked him out of his home and he's moving" I think to myself??
I drop a tip in the jar and thank Miss Von Meow and walk briskly to Arte's home.



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The door is slightly open so I walk in and look around. First thing I notice, all of his experiment stations (#1, #2 & #3!) are all missing.
"Uh oh. He's packing it all up!" I think.
Then I hear "Again?! Again?! What else can I try??" in the familiar grumble.
"Wow, he sounds frustrated, I don't like moving either," I say to myself, sadly.

I turn the corner and there I find Arte.
He's in his kitchen, pots and pans strewn everywhere, and the counters....well, the counters had stacks of blech and gak.
And of course, he's using his experiment stations for extra counter space.
"He's not moving, he's just nuts!" I think to myself!!!!
"Arte, what’s that smell?" I asked.
He cocked his head and sniffed deeply. "Shrimp, raspberries, and chocolate the sandwich maker, no, the blender."
Still ignoring me.
"Arte is that a.." I walk closer to a strange-looking pot.
"A gladiator helmet full of gak?"
Arte harumphed. "Gazpacho thinks I can’t figure out these new recipes. Ha!"
"Hey," he growled, wiping his paws on the apron he wore over his bomber’s jacket, "This isn’t easy, you know. Now, sushi, pineapple, and.....chocolate chip cookies? Maybe. Merthyn, help me clear a path to the stove!"
I take a spoon and try some of his blue gak.
"Blech" I exclaim and spit it out!
"No, GAK" Arte says as he bursts out laughing!!
"Very funny, Arte, are you eating this stuff" I ask?
"I'd eat it if it made one of those new recipes" Arte grumbles.
"Have you eaten anything today?"
"No, making up all this gak & blech, but haven't eaten anything" he says, discouraged.
"Ok, Arte, follow me, we're going to Gazpacho's" and I take him by the arm.
He looks awful, fur covered in different colors of just about any food item you can buy at the W shop.
He even has a marshmallow stuck in his ear.
I didn't ask how it got there or mention it, I just rubbed his ears like I was petting him and pulled it out.
Arte loves to eat, so he lives very close to Gazpacho's and we're there in no time.
Gazpacho himself greets us at the door.
"no!-no! he'sa nota allowed ina here!" Gazpacho states.
"Why not? Because I'm a dog? You got new rules here? You always let me in" Arte says defiantly!
"you-a reada the sign, No-a shirta, no-a shoes, NO-A service" Gazpacho says, pointing to the sign on the door.
"But I got all those! I'm just not wearing any pants" Arte stammers while chuckling!
I look down, and sure enough... he isn't wearing pants!!!
I wonder for a second and then I realize, Arte has been cooking all day in his chef's outfit.
The chef outfit is only a chef's hat and chef's shirt, no pants!!
I look up again at Gazpacho and realize that he's pantless too!
"Hey Gazpacho, your chef's outfit doesn't have pants either and you're allowed in!"
"Aahhh- A-Merthyn, you've-a gotta me on-a dat one, no? Come, come-a in-a , and have-a seat, righta here, my best-a seata in da house ay?!"
We have a nice meal and Arte finally gets some much-needed food and hands me the list on the way out....
I see the Gladiator's Helmet on the list and keep thinking about that one full of Gak.

ENJOY the list for Friday, June 8th:

OH MY!! Arte just called me to apologize!! His shipment didn't come in for tomorrow, so he's swapped up his list at the last minute.. I told him that we all understand, BUT he owes us big time!

Here's what is upcoming :
Funky Chair ($210 +10%) at 1am!
Hockey Flooring ($90) at 1am!
Hockey Flooring ($90 -20%) at 3am!
Hockey Chair ($120 -5%) at 7am!
Wagon Wheel Table ($250 -5%) at 8am!
Medieval Trophy Pedestal ($450 -5%) at 9am!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 -20%) at 9am!
Helmet Lamp ($110 +5%) at 10am!
Hockey Couch ($750 -10%) at 11am!
Country Cabinet ($450) at 12noon!
Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250) at 2pm!
Chef%27s Hat ($80 -5%) at 8pm!
Screwy Lamp ($685 -5%) at 10pm!
Medieval Flooring (9$00 -10%) at 11pm!

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