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Friday, June 29th: 7 PM KT> Elegant Egyptian Vanity $5345 & Fancy Fountain $2940

"Ding, Ding."
The bell over the front door rings as I enter the shop.
Cautiously, I peek around the door for Arte.
He's standing behind the counter examining a piece of paper.
Crossing my fingers, I step slowly into the shop, hoping that Arte is in a better mood today than he was yesterday.

To my surprise, Arte shouts, "Merthyn, mah boy! Don't just hang out in the doorway like that! C'mon in. You've really got to check this out."
He motions for me to come over to him.



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It's then that I notice he's wearing the "Lovely Leopard Cat Cap" from the clothing section in the W-shop.
"Uh, Arte, what's up with the hat?" I ask.

He smiles and says, "A little girl named 'Cherry' came in here today and gave it to me as a gift. She said she wanted to do something to cheer me up after the awful day I had yesterday. Why, doncha like it?" He laughs.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I head over to the counter and pull up a wooden stool to sit on.
It's great to see that Arte is finally in a better mood.
Looking away from the hat, I turn my attention to the paper in Arte's hand. "OK, what's on the paper?"

Arte places the paper he has been holding down on the counter and starts to laugh.
"I just got this fax from a buddy of mine, and it's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Ya see, my buddy is an investigative reporter, and his latest assignment has been researching rumors in Webkinz World and determine if they are true or false. Since many of the rumors he has found have to do with me and my shop, he wants to get my official comment."
He looks back at the paper.

"Well," I ask, "what are some of the rumors?"
I'm so thrilled to see that Arte is happy that I almost don't care what the response is, just as long as he keeps smiling.

"My favorite one says that I'm going to be selling the Oak Paneled Pool for 75% off tomorrow." He laughs, "Can you imagine that someone would think that? If I could afford to do that, I'd be better off selling them all to the W-shop. They'll buy just about anything over there anyway."

"That is pretty funny." I say "You never go over 40% off, right?"

"Of course not. How else would I make a profit?"
He looks back at the paper.
"I think my next favorite is all of the reports of when I am going to be selling the Humvee. Don't they know that even I can't predict something like that more than a day in advance? I'm working on some deals, but this sort of thing takes a while to bring together."

"You'll be sure to tell me when you get them in though, won't you?" I ask hopefully.

"Ya know I will, Merthyn. I know how badly you've been wanting one of those. When they come in, I'll be sure to set one aside for you."

Just then the bell over the door dings and I turn to see Chef Gazpacho entering the shop.
"hey-a there-a Arte, I-a gotta your message that-s you-a wanted to-a see me?"

"Thanks for coming Chef. I got a letter from my buddy, the reporter, and he had a couple of questions that he wanted me to ask you."

"OOO-KAY Arte, just-a hurry up-a, I-a have to getta backa into the-a kitchen soon eh.. I'ma filiming a new-a show today and-a i-ve-a gotta lotta a-work to-s do"

"This'll just take a second. My buddy wants to know how you feel about all of the rumors that were flying around about the Vanilla Milkshake being part of the Cookie Tornado recipe."

Chef Gazpacho's face suddenly turns red and he starts to shout.

"How dare-a you ask-a mia dat, Arte! you-a know how-a mucha I ahate deez rumors. How many-a 'my sisters-boyfriends-cousins-dogs-groomers-wifes- sister-in-laws-ex-boyfriends-hairdressers-gerbils-vet works-a for some-a-body or another and I-a know-a for-a sure' rumors must I-a deal-a with? I-a do notta have-a time for-a dis, I-a have to-a getta back into my-a kitchen." He storms out of the store.

I turn to look at Arte, and he is laughing louder now than he was when I first walked in.
"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" I ask.

"Yeah, well, I've been working so hard on trying to figure out these latest recipez, and Chef won't even give me a hint. I thought he deserved to feel a little of the frustration that I've been dealing with lately."
Then, surprisingly, he stops laughing and his face grows serious for a moment.
"Hey, Merthyn, would ya mind going after Chef and making sure that he's OK. I really didn't mean to hurt his feelings."

"Of course, I'll go check on him. Do you have the list for me before I leave?"

"Here it is."
Arte pulls a long piece of paper out from underneath the counter.
"Just be sure to let him know that I didn't mean to hurt his feelings. I was just having a little bit of fun."

So, here's the list for tomorrow.
I've gotta run.
I want to try to catch up with Chef Gazpacho before he gets back to his kitchen.
The last thing I need is another friend in a bad mood.

"Wow!! This is a FIRST!!" I think "Two rares at the same time!!"

Friday, June 29th:
Funky Neon 'Fro ($362 + 20%) at 1am!
Toy Purse ($45 - 5%) at 1am!
Gladiator Helmet ($1200 + 5%) at 2am!
Hockey Coffee Table ($300 + 15%) at 3am!
Silver Sofa ($400) at 3am!
Hockey Locker ($150 - 40%) at 3am!
Hockey Flooring ($90 + 5%) at 3am!
Wooden Stool ($65 + 10%) at 4am!
Country Cabinet ($450 - 5%) at 5am!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 + 10%) at 5am!
Funky Neon 'Fro ($362 + 20%) at 12noon!
Goalie Mask Shelf ($75 + 10%) at 1pm!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 - 5%) at 2pm!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200 + 10%) at 3pm!
RARE: Elegant Egyptian Vanity ($5345 ) at 7pm!
RARE: Fancy Fountain ($2940 ) at 7pm!
Screwy Lamp ($685 + 5%) at 9pm!
Classic Gaming Room Flooring ($295 - 15%) at 10pm!
Toy Purse ($45 + 5%) at 11pm!
Medieval Flooring ($900) at 11pm!

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