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Friday June 1st: 8pm KT - Hot Air Balloon $1950!

Strolling into Arte's shop this morning,
I noticed that he has a visitor!
"Hi Tabby", I say as I enter the store.
She turns around, smiles, and says "Hi, how are you"?
I smile back and ask, "What is Miss Van Meow doing here at Arte's"?
"Arte was looking for some help for his shop", she tells me, in her high nasal tone!
(I would recognize that voice anywhere.)
"Wonderful", I tell her, "He could use some help!"
"By the way", she pauses and then adds, "Were you out in your pajamas early yesterday morning?"



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", why would you think that", I ask?
I was trying my best to keep my composure!
"I thought I recognized you", she says!
"Well, it would be silly for me to be out in my pajamas, don't you think", I laugh!
I really didn't want her to know the truth, but I didn't want to lie about it either!
Arte, in the meantime, standing behind her, is trying hard to stifle a laugh!
I shoot him a mean glance! He turns and looks away!
"Do you think you can find some help for Arte", I say, smiling, hoping to change the subject?
"I'm going to try!". She tells me as she starts to leave!
She waves goodbye and disappears out the door!
"Whew", I think to myself! "Crisis avoided!"
I turn to talk with Arte when something interrupts me.
Tabby Von Meow is back poking her head in the doorway!
"Oh, one more thing..." she tells me.
"...I can fix that tear in the seat of those pajamas!",
"Just bring them by anytime and I'll sew them up!"
She disappears as fast as she appeared and I hear a familiar giggle as she leaves!
I stand there dumbfounded, my face turning crimson red!
Arte can't hold back anymore and starts to chuckle!
I turn and look him in the eyes, "Don't YOU say a word...not a single word!"
He can't stop chuckling, but he picks up his list and hands it to me,
then he pretends to go back to work.
I slink out the door, look around to make sure the coast is clear, and head for home!
No sooner than I get out of his sight, I hear Arte burst out laughing!
"Mangy Mutt", I mumble under my breath!
Once I'm safely back at home, I check his list:

Here is what Arte put on his list for Friday, June 1st:

Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 +10%) at 2am!
Rockin' Pompadour ($816 -10%) at 3am!
Chef's Hat ($80) at 6am!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200 +10%) at 8am!
Screwy Lamp ($685 -5%) at 9am!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390) at 11am!
Medieval Window ($600) at 12noon!
Orange Table ($140 -10%) at 12noon!
Below Decks Wallpaper ($200) at 12noon!
Loader Lounger ($950 +5%) at 1pm!
Medieval Window ($600 -5%) at 1pm!
Orange Table ($140 +15%) at 3pm!
Country Cabinet ($450 -15%) at 3pm!
Medieval Window ($600 +15%) at 4pm!
Captain's Quarters Flooring ($390) at 6pm!
Funky Table ($250 -15%) at 7pm!
Rare: Hot Air Balloon ($1950) at 8pm!
Treasure Chest ($200 -30%) at 8pm!
Screwy Lamp ($685 -10%) at 8pm!
Cat Street Post ($80) at 8pm!
Kids Cupboard Sink ($200 -5%) at 10pm!
Wagon Wheel Sofa ($250) at 11pm!

It's a nice break from Thursdays costly rares!
The Hot Air Balloon is really popular without breaking your budget!
I hope everyone who wants one still has some money left!
Happy Shopping...

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