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BREAKING NEWS: Pictures of new Webkinz and accessories into 2008!!

Well, the team here at Webkinz Insider has gotten their hands on some pictures of many of the new releases of Webkinz, Lil Kinz and Webkinz accessories through the first part of 2008 thanks to an anonymous user!!!!

Included in this article are pictures of:

Brown Arabian Stallion Charcoal Cat
Collie Lil Kinz Koala
Chimpanzee (?) Love Frog
Reindeer Black Cat
German Shepherd Lil Kinz Googles
Lil Kinz Basset Hound Yellow Lab
Lil Kinz St. Bernard Duck
Pinto Webkinz bookmarks
Webkinz Pet Clothing Trading card album
Pencil case Webkinz Lip Gloss



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0714070932.jpgHere we start with a picture of the new Webkinz lip balm. Keep in mind that everything you see in these pictures comes with some type of code that you can enter on Webkinz.Com! 0714070932a.jpg

Next, we have a picture of an official Webkinz Trading Card Album. We've all made our own and some retailers give some away as free gifts, so I guess Ganz listened and made official ones with codes!! 0714070932b.jpg

Ganz has also begun production on a new line of school supplies. Here is a picture of the pencil cases. They also have pencils, pencil sharpeners and folders in the works, and each is individually coded. The bad news? From what we understand, they won't ship until January of 08! 0714070932c.jpg

Here's a picture of more school supplies. These are Webkinz magnetic bookmarks. It looks like Ganz is really trying to incorporate Webkinz into every part of our lives! 0714070932c.jpg

Here's a beagle wearing an angel costume. These clothes are coded as well, and when you activate the code on Webkinz.Com, you get a virtual representation of the clothing that your pet can wear in the game! 0714070935.jpg

Now, the new pets! In this image, you can see the ones we've all heard about: Webkinz Reindeer on the left, Love Frog on the right, and the Black Cat in the middle at the back! 0714070935a.jpg

Here's some new ones that we've heard rumors about and here's physical proof! We have the Brown Arabian Stallion, the Webkinz Collie, Charcoal Cat, and it appears to be a Lil Kinz Koala! If you look closely just to the left of the Stallion, it looks like the face of a Chimpanzee!! 0714070935b.jpg

In this photo, we have a Webkinz Duck, for Easter, along with the Pinto Horse and the re-introduction of the Lil Kinz St. Bernard, which has been out of production! 0714070935c.jpg

Finally, we have the German Shepherd, the re-introduction of the Lil Kinz Basset Hound, the Yellow Lab and a Lil Kinz Googles!

We hope everyone is as excited as we are!!!!

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