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WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Everyone update your bookmarks!

We're being forced to change our domain name. We've been given a formal deadline of Webkinz Day, April 29th, 2009 to change our domain name. We were forced to select as the cease-and-desist require us to drop both "Webkinz" and "Insider" from our name as a result of what has transpired this morning.

Here's a clipping from this morning's paper, along with a picture e-mailed to us this morning from the leader of the Elephant Justice League.

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According to the letter we received, WebkinzInsider.Com knowingly and willingly allowed this extremist group to organize and coordinate their siege on Ganz Headquarters and we are being held responsible.

While the entire staff read the thread from time to time, laughing hysterically, none imagined that these were serious plans created by such an extremist group. We were instructed to leave the thread, with all plans and grievances, in its entirety as it is now considered evidence:

In addition, the letter forces us to immediately retire the one staff member named after a Webkinz pet -- COWS4YOU.

We are deeply disappointed in the turn of events, as the Elephant Justice League was unable to uncover any "Insider" info to have made any of this worthwhile.

Please visit the thread below to sign a petition to save WebkinzInsider.Com and COWS4YOU!!!

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Hahaha! This is adorable!! I love it!

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

It's always so sad when one of your staff members leave....

I hope the door doesn't hurt them on the way out!

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become does one join the resistance? My pink pony has been dying for some action.

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

I don't know about this decision. "Wi: is very close to looking like Wii... In the interest of avoiding a cease and desist from Wii in the future, you might want to change the name to something really generic that nobody can trademark. Like "apple." Oh wait a minute... Well yeah, WI and Wii. I know the bernie madoff in this case... or it is a joke. Look to post page 10, or 11... etc. until you find it. Yes, he started it when he told Plumpy, then transferred to the EJL, and BOOM! Webkinz Insider joke could be Real... yeah... he is unregistered too. ...Apple is trademarked. Actually, he is editing this because he is unregistered like me. Save WI and COWS4YOU! Hey, what is the T.P.?

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

You definitely had me on the HEADLINE!!! But I did remember what today is......

Have a great day Justin

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

justin.... i love it. i signed the petition.

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

I'm new and boy did you get me! I forgot April 1st. Ha Ha!

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Aprils Fools right?

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Got me! April Fools back to ya!

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Ahh Haha!!!

I was here last year

Poor Cows


Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

No wonder they did not succeed Taking coffeepot for a hostage

Happy Fools Day

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

All I can say is Whew! Thanks for the link

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

ROTFL!!! Very creative, Justin and co.

Because I had not finished my coffee yet, you had me going for a second or two...

BTW--LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the layout!!

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Ha, ha. Very funny April Fool's joke. I'm not falling for it.
But it looks like you put lots of effort into making it look semi-real, so good job!
Especially funny was the part about COWS4YOU leaving. Wonder how many profile posts saying "Goodbye" she (he??) is gonna see.

I had been aware of the Elephant Justice League for some time before this post, and never expected it to be on the front page! (I'm not saying it wasn't funny. I laughed my head off!!) Clever joke and congrats.

I just checked out the fake link and I like the way it looks! Maybe you could put it in the dropdown menu with the "Iphone" option?

Congratulations again on a funny joke!

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

you got me last year ! I went out and got a morning star pet
! thanks ! I used the pet won time !At the time i was kind of mad !

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Aw, I liked it the old way lol When I came in, I was like, WOW

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

I don't really like the front page but oh well Nice joke justin

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Nice One Justin....

I remembered it was April Fools day though so you didn't get me!

BTW LOVE the new Front Page... I won't mind if you changed the forum too.. this Blue and Brownish-green is getting old.

Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

:: Hmm looks around frantically for her lawyer. ::

Where is Snozzle Froth when you need him?

Oh well, I guess I will have to go on without him.

We at the Elephant Justice League firmly disavow all knowledge of taking any coffeepots hostage, especially those that were right next to the Creative Director's Office.

:: Hmm pauses, while one of her Elephants hands her a cup of coffee. ::

Say, this coffee is pretty good. I didn't realize we even owned a coffepot.

Ah well, back to my speech. We firmly, firmly I say, disavow all knowledge of this incident.


Re: WebkinzInsider.Com to become

View Post Originally Posted by katykinz
I just checked out the fake link and I like the way it looks! Maybe you could put it in the dropdown menu with the "Iphone" option?

Congratulations again on a funny joke!
That's actually what I've been working on since I had to "Quick switch" the front page over to the forum template. The new look will stay for the front page. I'd have to re-program the forum template to match, but if people like it enough, I may consider doing it (mainly because I love it and when I switch to the forum from the front page, it seems dreary....)
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