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Webkinz Cheats

This page contains information about Webkinz Cheats. It's pretty simple -- stay as far away as you can from Webkinz World Cheats! In the past, Ganz has mass-banned cheaters who have been cheating the Webkinz system, so don't get tempted, you could lose everything! Many people have gotten their accounts stolen when trying to use cheats online.
We always advise our users and members to steer clear of any kind of Webkinz cheats or cheat code for Webkinz World. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of sites out there that claim to have Webkinz cheats or Webkinz cheat programs that will earn you more Kinz Cash or allow you to duplicate rare items in your account.
Sometimes, you'll get an e-mail or message from someone claiming to know a Webkinz cheat and to give them your username and password or a secret code for them to get you free items and Kinz Cash. Whatever you do, never, ever give out your password or any secret codes for your Webkinz. These people are waiting for you to give them your account information and take your Webkinz account away.
We cannot force any of you to make the right choice, but we'd like to make sure you understand the risks and reasons to play ethically and never use a Webkinz Cheat.
All that said, our Webkinz Wiki is the most comprehensive organized database of Webkinz World information and some of the hints and tips in there are nearly as good as any Webkinz Cheats! There's thousands of pages in the database with everything you could possibly want to know about getting the most out of Webkinz World and how to beat many of the games.
Now that Webkinz Friends has been released on Facebook, you may be looking for Webkinz Friends Cheats, as well.

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