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UPDATE Halloween Theme Chosen

UPDATE!! The results from the voting are in and the winning theme is the Trick or Treat Street Theme! UPDATE!!
Voting is now over, results are in.
We have one day left to vote on a New W-Shop Theme for Halloween. The concept drawings of one piece of each theme are displayed below with a link to the Voting page. It will close Midnight July 25th. The themes are Glampire, which is supposed to represent a Teenaged Vampire's room. Then we have Trick or Treat Street which will have Home Fronts and outdoor furniture. Lastly, the Cauldron Café theme which will cater to witches and Wizards wich will have a lot of weathered and spider webs . I know I like all three and I can't wait to see the concept drawings as the October 1st date for introduction to the W-shop gets closer. Autumn sure looks like it will be fun in Webkinz World.

Starry Slumber Theme Part 2 Arrives in W Shop!

Thanks to Webkinz Insider member adrib for providing us with this view of their WW room decorated with some of the new Starry Slumber Theme.
The Starry Slumber Theme first appeared in the W Shop of Webkinz World on July 17, 2013. You can see the first installment of furniture by clicking HERE.
The second installment of furniture for this theme was added October 30, 2013. Three of the new items can be purchased by all members: Starry Side Table 350 kc, Starry Slumber Armchair 470 kc and Sweet Dreams Lamp 275 kc. The following items can only be purchased by Deluxe members: Starry Slumber Couch 700 kc, Starry Slumber Fireplace 900 kc, Starry Wonders Bookshelf 590 kc, Sweet Dreams Dresser 710 kc and Sweet Dreams Wardrobe 810 kc.
Please be careful if you are wishing to store your clothing, because despite its name, the Sweet Dreams Dresser is a decoration only, and you cannot put anything inside it. On the other hand, the Sweet Dreams Wardrobe is a storage item which can be opened and holds 8 items. The Twilight Toy Box introduced in July 2013 remains your best buy at 600 kc since it holds 12 items.

Lily Pad Theme Retired From W Shop!

Interior decorators in Webkinz Insider will be saddened to know that the much beloved Lily Pad Theme was retired today from the W Shop. This charming theme which included the amusing vehicle Swamp Runner Fan Boat, was one of the original Webkinz themes dating back to 2005.
Click HERE to see all the items from the Lily Pad Theme, in our WIKI.
While all the items are gone from the W Shop, most will still be available for purchase from Arte in the Curio Shop, and will be known as Arte's Favorites. The prices will vary from 20% above the original price, to bargains from 5% off to 40% off. Happy bargain hunting! 

Football Theme Plus Another Will Retire July 17!

Webkinz Newz has just announced another room theme retirement. On July 17, 2013, the Football Theme will be retired along with another theme. We won't know which other room theme until July 17. The Football Theme was among the original W Shop themes in Webkinz World and can be seen in our WIKI HERE.
You can see all the Room Themes HERE. The only thing that we know about the second theme to be retired, is that it is also a W Shop Theme. Good luck with shopping!

Webkinz Birthday Cakes can now be Sold and Traded!

576-1.png  577-1.png  581-1.png
Webkinz Insider members have often wished that they could sell their Webkinz Birthday Cakes back, and Ganz has now granted our wish. You can sell your Birthday Cakes back to the W Shop for 10 Kinzcash. As of today, Birthday Cakes also become tradeable. They have always been kinzpostable.
Every pet receives a Birthday Cake on the birth date on their adoption certificate, and these cakes can accumulate quickly. This new ability will ease the dock clutter for  some of our members and represents easy kinzcash.
There are six different Birthday Cakes, which you can see in our WIKI.
Thank you Ganz for granting us this wish!

Out with Spring and in with summer - at the WShop

Attention shoppers!! You may want to hurry on over to the WShop in Webkinz World. With summer upon us Ganz has announced that certain themes are going to be packed away for the summer. The Webkinz Superfan Theme, the Winter Wonderland Theme and the Bloomin' Theme will be disappearing from the Wshop on June 26th.
These three themes will now be considered seasonal and according to Ganz, there is a chance that not all of the items will be returning . . . so collectors . . . stock up!!

Sweets N Treats Theme Retires From W Shop!

In a surprise move, Ganz has retired the Sweets N Treats Theme from the W Shop in Webkinz World, and moved it to the Curio Shop! Unlike other recent theme retirements, there was no advance warning of this move. The items are now appearing for sale in the Curio Shop on an irregular basis as Arte's Favorites, and at prices that vary from 20% over the W Shop price, to special sale prices as low as 40% from the original price. These items will now also appear in the Zum Challenges.
In the past when retiring a theme to the Curio Shop, Ganz has usually reserved one or two items that are completely removed from circulation and never available again. It remains to be seen which Sweets N Treats item, if any, will be retired forever.
On the other hand, one chair from this theme, the Be Mine Chair, is still available in the W Shop.
The Sweets N Treats Theme was first introduced to the W Shop in February 2007.

Items Added to Beach House Theme in Webkinz World W-Shop!

With the August 1st Webkinz World update, the second half of the Beach House Theme has been added to the W-Shop! Webkinz Insider members will be pleased to now be able to complete the furnishing of their pets' Beach House rooms!
 Check out the W-Shop for the new Beach House Beachview Window, Weathered Wood Bed, Weathered Wood Dresser, Beach House Buoy Mirror, Beach House TV and Stand and the Inground Lap Pool! Time to go shopping! Your kinz will be thrilled with these new items for their awesome beach houses!

Second Half of Creative Studio Theme Coming to Webkinz World on Wednesday April 11!

On March 28 2012, the first half of a new Room Theme was released in Webkinz World, by the name of Creative Studio Theme. Now Webkinz Newz is announcing that the second half of the theme will be released on Wednesday, April 11.
All these items will be available in the W Shop. The new items, seen above, are named the Potter Kiln Oven, Potter's Wheel, Ice Sculpture Fridge, Art Station, Art Painting Wall Art, Art Easel, Beanstalk Art Poster, Music Guitar Table, Theatre Bed, Music Note Wall Art and Music Note Chair.
You can see more room themes in our WIKI HERE.

Wednesday Brings New Updates To Webkinz World

 Webkinz World's wednesday update brought a few new changes to Webkinz. Those who are fans of the Challenges that have been added in the past will be happy to know there are three new ones, "The BigScoop," "Smarty Pants," and "Earth Day 2012" all have been added with exciting prizes to earn! 
Members may remember the new "Studio Theme" that was teased earlier this month on Webkinz Newz. The theme was added today with the following items: Fashion Mannequin, Fashion Sewing Machine, Art Paint Palette Rug, Fashion Fabric Rolls, Music Notes Sofa, Volcano Poster, Art Sink and Creative Studio Wallpaper and Flooring.
Finally, the Wheel of WoW received a new update. While the idea of spinning the wheel still remains, some elements have added to make you come back for more!  The Wheel of WoW now features a 15 slot "Prize Meter." Spin it 15 times to fill the bar, and you could win one of 33 Daily Kinzcare awards.

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