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NEW Out of this WORLD theme, Exclusive retirements, New Exclusives, More

The Scheduled Wednesday maintenance is over and we have a lot of news to report. There are 5 new exclusive items in Webkinz World! However, with new exclusives, we also have a few exclusives that have headed into retirement.
Ganz has retired the Prismatic chair, W-pond, Wishing well, Magic Carpet and the Cukoo Cat clock. The brand-new exclusives are a New Antique well, an Arcade Marquee, a Bulldozer, a Topsy Turvey Window and lastly, the Red Plasma Ball that we had seen on Webkinz Newz.
Along with the introduction of these new exclusives we also have a new "out of this world" theme in the wShop. It looks as though we have a partial installation and may expect more at a later maintenance date. It will pair up well with the Signature German Shepherd's Puppy Command Control Command Station.
Thank you to Wiiboy829 from our Webkinz Forum for the pictures from his account.
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Ganz Decides to NOT Retire Classic Room Theme

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A few days ago Ganz officially announced that one of the classic room themes would be retiring in the next Webkinz World site maintenance.  A short time ago Ganz made an official announcement that they have decided to NOT retire one of the classic room themes.  But, it turns out that they will be adding a new theme that is "out of this world."  We don't know for certain when this new theme will appear, but it's looking like Ganz has a site maintenance planned for sometime next week.

New Theme Coming to Webkinz World in January *UPDATE*

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Ganz has announced that a new Room Theme will be coming to Webkinz World in January and that it will be "fully replacing" an old Theme.  At this point we don't know what the new Theme is or which Theme will be leaving, but as soon as that information becomes available we will bring it to you here.
UPDATE:  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Gemini3562 for sharing this picture of a Webkinz World survey from September with us.  Could one of these six themes be the one that is going to retire?  We'll have to wait and see.
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Ganz announces W-Shop Clothing Items that will not return!

According to Webkinz World's Kinzville Timez, the Red Football Jersey and Stone Washed Jeans will not be returning.  Congrats if you have these two clothing items - and be sure to hang on to them! 

More clothing items retired?

Thanks to WI member jedibristow, there seems to be additional clothing items missing after last night's maintenance (along with the three mentioned earlier):
So far, the clothing items missing (and have more than likely retired) are:
Basketball shoes
Berry Fresh Swimsuit Top
Berry Fresh Swimsuit Bottom
Cool Sport Shades
Purple T-shirt
Brown Polo Shirt
Red Football Jersey
Royal Crown
Snowboarding Toque
Stone Washed Jeans
Yellow Sneakers
In addition, Webkinz News is mentioning that two clothing items have been moved to the Curio Shop, but the rest won't be back.  We'll have to wait and see which two items appear in the Curio Shop!
On the 17th, the Berry Fresh Swimsuit Top and the Berry Fresh Swimsuit Bottom appeared in the Curio Shop. Thanks to zingzinger and COWS4YOU for the info

New Clothing Machine and Kinzstyle Outlet in Webkinz World

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Early maintenance has given us the answer to the question we have all been asking -- What's the new area? What the Webkinz Newz site had given us a clue to, earlier this week, about Bursting at the seams to tell us and warning us to not 'get hot under the collar' about what they had 'up their sleeves' is a NEW Kinzstyle outlet complete with a Clothing recycling machine.
PJ Collie is our new shop manager for this place located in the Tabs under Kinzstyle Outlet. She will have sales on clothing items regularly and also manages a fantastic machine that works on the same principle as the stoves where three clothing items are placed into the machine and you hit the 'make it now' button. If the combination is correct, you will receive a new piece of clothing. A random jumble will create a piece of patchwork clothing that your pet may wear, which sells at the W-shop for 23 KC.
Also, I will report at this time that three pieces of clothing appear to be missing from the inventory. They are the Red Football shirt, Stone washed denims and yellow sneakers. If you have these pieces in your WW closet, save them. It appears as though they have been retired.
PJ Collie also has a new line of clothing, 7 items in all. Wing Tipped shoes, Rainbow Striped pants, Purple kilt, purple beanie, Powder blue skirt, Dapper vest and shirt and Applique Ripcord pants.
So, try your luck with the new machine and tell us what combinations you have created. Thanks to member, eyeluvdogs5, we have a sample solution found in the instructions for you to try that makes a FINE denim jacket.
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Ganz announces a W Shop Theme to be Retired Next Week

Webkinz Retired LogoGanz has announced on its Webkinz Newz site that one of the older room themes will retire from the wShop next week, and most of the theme will become a Curio Shop Only item, which means Arte will offer it from time to time.  However they state that at least one item from that theme will be retired for good.

We don't know which theme will retire, but can you guess what it might be?

Glitches with Pet Specific Item Baths and some Beds continue, glitches with some Arcade Games - Update: Bath/Bed Glitch Fixed!

Since our previous article regarding a glitch with Pet Specific Item Baths (particularly the Blue Jay, Hippo, Pinto and Halloween Black Cat Pet Specific Bath Tubs), and the Dare Devil Superbed, Webkinz Insider members have also reported that the W Shop Speedy Sleeper Bed (a current prize on the Wheel of Wow), Oriole's Canopy Hammock Pet Specific Item,  Springer Spaniel's Day Outdoors Bathtub Pet Specific Item,  eStore Rocket Bed, Fantasy Coach Bed Superbed, eStore High Circus Bleachers are also glitched.

We are still able to use the items mentioned above, but our pets are either sinking in the bath tub, sitting on the bath tub, falling off the seat or falling out of the beds, so the glitch has not yet been fixed.

We have also been receiving reports that some Games in the Webkinz Arcade are running faster than usual.  Booger Gets An A (from Level 10 or approximately the third recess onwards is faster which means it is harder to obtain the second or subsequent report cards).  Lunch Letters and Bullseye Batter are too fast to keep up with.
UPDATE on August 28th: The Bath glitches and Bed glitches have been fixed.

More City Styling & Webkinz Studio Items Added to wShop

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The second half of the City Styling theme has been added to the wShop.  Those of you who have been decorating with this theme can now complete your rooms.  And, we are pleased to report, that the glitch with the Bright Ideas Lamp has been corrected.  You can now move these lamps around in your room without having them get stuck.
And, those of you who play with the Webkinz Studio will be pleased to hear that you now have some new items to create your movies with.  A Deep Sea Adventure Playset, Deep Sea Explorer actor, and Green Gobble Seamonster actor have been added to the wShop.  Remember, to use these items, you must first purchase a Webkinz Studio from the wShop.  All of these items can be found in the Toys & Books section.
UPDATE:  Thank you to WI member klock101 for letting us know about a glitch with the new Webkinz Studio items.  She and her daughter attempted to create a movie today using the new actors and playset.  Everything came up as blank boxes in the Studio screen.  She logged out and logged back in to discover that even the blank boxes were gone, like she had never added them to the account.

New City Styling Theme in W Shop!

While Webkinz World is still down for maintenance, we have still been able to confirm a new theme coming to the wShop -- the City Styling theme!
The release of this theme appears to be a half-release, as has been the case for some time in Webkinz World. We don't have any details on when (or where) the rest of the theme will be released.  While you wait for Webkinz World to come back up, we thought you'd enjoy the eye candy!
City Styling Theme

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