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Wheel of WOW

Wednesday Brings New Updates To Webkinz World

 Webkinz World's wednesday update brought a few new changes to Webkinz. Those who are fans of the Challenges that have been added in the past will be happy to know there are three new ones, "The BigScoop," "Smarty Pants," and "Earth Day 2012" all have been added with exciting prizes to earn! 
Members may remember the new "Studio Theme" that was teased earlier this month on Webkinz Newz. The theme was added today with the following items: Fashion Mannequin, Fashion Sewing Machine, Art Paint Palette Rug, Fashion Fabric Rolls, Music Notes Sofa, Volcano Poster, Art Sink and Creative Studio Wallpaper and Flooring.
Finally, the Wheel of WoW received a new update. While the idea of spinning the wheel still remains, some elements have added to make you come back for more!  The Wheel of WoW now features a 15 slot "Prize Meter." Spin it 15 times to fill the bar, and you could win one of 33 Daily Kinzcare awards.

Arthur Christmas Takes Over the Wheel of Wow

Arthur Christmas has taken over the Wheel Of Wow
Arthur Christmas is a new movie by Sony Pictures which is set to be released on November 23rd, 2011.   When you spin the Wheel of Wow, you now have the chance to win one of 5 new prizes! 

Webkinz World Wheel of Wow Goes Smurfy!

webkinz cheatsWebkinz World has gone Smurfy for the new Smurf Movie, and Webkinz players can now win five brand new Smurf-inspired prizes on the Wheel of Wow:  White Floppy Hat, Red Floppy Hat, White Summer Dress, White Britches, and White Soft Shoes.  It is not known how long these items will be available in Webkinz World, but the new movie starts in theaters on July 29.  

Wheel of Wow "Basket of Food" Awards Seasonal Food Items

webkinz cheatsReports are starting to come in from around the forum that the new "Basket of Food" spot on the Wheel of WOW may be the most valuable prize ever to come to this Daily Activity.  As many of you know, the item pictured on the Wheel is the Summer Fun Picnic Basket from 2009's Summer Sensation, but, that's not the prize that is awarded when players land on it.  
Players landing on that spot are receiving Holiday food items.  We have had reports of members getting Gingerbread Monkey cookies, Goo-Goo Berries, and even a couple reports of members getting the very rare Phantom Pop from Halloween 2006! 
So, if you land on the Basket when you spin the Wheel of WOW, take a very careful look at your dock.  You may be surprised by something you never expected to find!

HoodWinked Too! Visits the Wheel of WOW

Members doing their Webkinz daily activities came across a movie promotion with their Wheel of WOW; HoodWinked Too! Hood vs Evil.
webkinz cheats
The Wheel of WOW has some new prizes on it! The new items include: Hooded Dress, Red Shoes, Basket of Food, Red Hood, Jumpsuit and various amounts of KinzCash. Head on over to the arcade and play the Wheel of WOW today to check out these new prizes! Some of the new prizes are NOT kinzpostable. The only ones that are able to be KinzPosted are: the Red Hooded Dress and the Jumpsuit

Wheel of WOW and Gem Hunt Glitches Affect Members

webkinz cheats 
For the past couple of days we have been getting reports from across the forum of members having problems with the Wheel of WOW and Gem Hunt on their accounts.  For some reason, the Webkinz World system is telling them that the have already used their turns in these activities when they haven't.  If you are having this problem on your account, know that you are not alone.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz are working on this problem and everyone will be able to get back to spinning and hunting soon.

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