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UPDATE Halloween Theme Chosen

UPDATE!! The results from the voting are in and the winning theme is the Trick or Treat Street Theme! UPDATE!!
Voting is now over, results are in.
We have one day left to vote on a New W-Shop Theme for Halloween. The concept drawings of one piece of each theme are displayed below with a link to the Voting page. It will close Midnight July 25th. The themes are Glampire, which is supposed to represent a Teenaged Vampire's room. Then we have Trick or Treat Street which will have Home Fronts and outdoor furniture. Lastly, the Cauldron Café theme which will cater to witches and Wizards wich will have a lot of weathered and spider webs . I know I like all three and I can't wait to see the concept drawings as the October 1st date for introduction to the W-shop gets closer. Autumn sure looks like it will be fun in Webkinz World.

Redesigned W-Shop to be unveiled on February 19th

Nuts and Bolts teased us back in December about a BIG secret project they were working on and it has finally been revealed. This pair of “Construction” beavers have been very busy redesigning the W-Shop! Upon reveal, February 19th, 2014, the W-Shop will feature all of the Main Categories along the left hand side with subsections listed across the top. With the new subsection listings, ie: “Pedestals”, “Plants”, “Clocks”, “Windows” Bolt assures us that finding items will be much easier. There will also be a section in the W-Shop for adopting pets and you will be able to shop for eStore items!
To celebrate this W-Shop unveiling, Fluffington, the St. Bernard and the richest Webkinz in Kinzville has decided to reward everyone with 2000 free eStore points. When you log in between February 19th and April 1st, 2014, 2000 eStore points will automatically be added to your account!
Also on February 19th, 2014 Ganz will be retiring the Cafe Room Theme and the Sports Room Theme to deluxe only so if you are missing pieces of these themes you had better get shopping!

Christmas Carol Theme Returns to W Shop!

With Wednesday's maintenance, the Halloween items have left the Webkinz W Shop, and the Christmas Carol Theme has returned!
In addition to quite a few repeats from previous years, we have four new items seen here from left to right: Town Square Music Stand, Festive Winter Sapling, Elegant Menorah, and one Deluxe-only item, the Christmas Caroler Gazebo.
It's interesting to note that the Town Square Music Stand and the Festive Winter Sapling will go in all four types of rooms: Indoors, Outdoors, Treetop and Underwater. The Elegant Menorah will go only in Indoor rooms; it is an animated item and the candles should begin to light up, one per day, starting on November 27. 
The holiday items are usually added in two installments, so watch for more additions on the next maintenance Wednesday. Happy shopping!

Haunted House Theme Arrives in the W Shop!

Webkinz Insider members who enjoy Halloween will be happy to know that the Haunted House Theme is back in the W Shop, with 3 new items.
On the left is the Creepy Ghostfather Clock, which is for Deluxe members only in the W Shop. However, do not despair as everyone can win one FREE by doing your Halloween Is Coming! Challenge (see the icon in your WW room). In the middle is the Mysterious Ooze Chest, which everyone can buy for 700 kc, and which contains 15 items. On the right, the Haunted Toilet is also a Deluxe item, for 620 kc.
All the other Halloween items in the W Shop are repeats from last year and available to everyone. Happy decorating!

General Store Theme and Country-Western Theme Retiring to Deluxe August 28!

  File:generalstorethemelogo.png  File:countryandwesternthemelogo.png
Our Webkinz Insider interior decorators will be interested to know about the upcoming retirement of these two themes: the General Store Theme, introduced to the W Shop in June 2009, and the Country & Western Theme dating back to 2007, will both be retired to Deluxe only, on August 28 2013.
You can see all the General Store items HERE and the Country and Western items HERE, including some interesting history about the legendary Kinz Corral Spittoon.
Save your KinzCash and stock up on the items that appeal to you. You have more than two weeks, until Wednesday August 28 to buy them. You can see all the Room Themes in our WIKI HERE.

Automotive and Superhero Themes Retire From W Shop!

Automotivethemelogo.png   Superhero_Theme.png
In an unannounced move, Ganz has retired two Room Themes from the W Shop and moved them to the Curio Shop. They are the Automotive Theme (also called the Cars Theme) and the Super Hero Theme. Click on their names to see all the items in these two themes.
These themes will no longer be found in the W Shop. But our Webkinz Insider members will be relieved to know that Arte will still be selling the various items randomly, in his Curio Shop. They will be labelled Arte's Favorite, and their prices will fluctuate from 20% above the regular price, to as much as 40% off! Arte's stock changes every hour so watch for bargains!
You can see all the items of these themes, and all other Room Themes, in our WIKI.

New Starry Slumber Theme Apears in W Shop!

There is a new theme in the W Shop, replacing the recently retired Lily Pad Theme and Football Theme. This is the Starry Slumber Theme. Above you can see the three items that are available for all members: the Starry Slumber Flooring (200 kc), the Starry Slumber Wallpaper (250 kc) and the very useful Twilight Toy Box (600 kc) which will hold 12 clothing or items.
Other items available to Deluxe members only, are the Astral Wonders Window (470 kc), Past Dusk Desk (625 kc), Past Dusk Desk Chair (420kc), Starry Night Grandfather Clock (380), Starry Night Rug (270) and the Sweet Slumber Bed (1100).
All the room themes can be seen in our WIKI by clicking HERE.

W Shop Room Theme Being Retired to Deluxe on Jan 9! *UPDATE*

Rumors are rife and speculations are flying in Webkinz World following an announcement in Webkinz Newz today! Ganz has announced that one room theme will be retired from the W Shop and moved to Deluxe Only. The room theme being retired, will join the Enchanted Train Station theme as a theme available only to Deluxe members.
This change is expected to take place during the overnight maintenance in Webkinz World, on Wednesday January 9. Let us hope that this will clear some room in the Webkinz World warehouses for a new room theme available to everyone!
*UPDATE*: It's now January 9 and we can confirm that the City Styling Theme, also known as the Mocha Theme, has been moved to a Deluxe Only status. You can still see this entire theme in the W Shop, but like the Enchanted Train theme, you can only purchase it if you are Deluxe. Read more to see a picture of this theme.
Click to find out more...
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Halloween Items Return to the W Shop!

With last night's update, Halloween items have returned to the W Shop in Webkinz World. Along with several items from the Halloween theme released in 2011, there are two new and spook-tacular items for your pet’s room! The Slimy Sink is sure to find a place in your creepiest room, as will the yucky Green Ooze Puddle!
As it is not even October yet, maybe Webkinz Insider members can look forward to even more bewitching and boo-tifully creepy items to be available in the W Shop during the scary and fun month of October! Happy Haunting, Everyone!  .. muhahahahaha

New Mega Modern Room Theme Coming to Webkinz World!

Wekinz Newz has just announced that an exciting new W Shop theme is coming to Webkinz World! The Mega Modern Room Theme is the latest word in ultra fashionable decor and your pet will be living in style with these elegant pieces!

Webkinz Insider members will be pleased to to find several pieces of the the Mega Modern Room Theme available in the W Shop tomorrow, with more items arriving in a few weeks!
The new items available in this theme will include the Cryonic Comfort Bed, Stasis Sofa, Omni Glass Coffee Table, Luminorb Floor Lamp, and the Synthopane Floor Vase.
If this great news is not exciting enough, three WKN Exclusive pieces will also soon be available to be won as prizes on Webkinz Newz! The Glowing Lamp, the Glowing Vase and the Glowing Coffee Table will complement your new Mega Modern room decor perfectly! Stay tuned to Webkinz Insider to find out how and when these exclusive items can be a part of your pet's lifestyle!

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