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Webkinz Insider Earth Day Contest

Earth Day is April 22nd and Webkinz Insider is holding a contest in honor of it.
Here's a tidbit:
Did you know that
more than 20,000,000 Hershey's Kisses are wrapped each day, using 133 square miles of tinfoil? All that foil is recyclable, but not many people realize it. The garbage in a landfill stays for about 30 years.
For this contest, you may use an outdoor or treetop room. We want to see your best looking outdoor / treetop room that can be any kind of scene. This contest starts now and will end on April 22nd @ 10pm KT. Please use only Pet Specific Items, W shop or Curio Shop items (retired items are okay). No Click fest items are allowed. Entries must be posted on the Official Entry Thread, located HERE.
Time for prizes!
First place: Magic Mire Marsh
Second Place: Mangrove Treasure Trove
Third Place: Banana Hammock
Fourth Place: Rainbow Shower
Fifth Place: Rainbow Slide

5 random members will win the Serpentine Stream

Best of luck to everyone and Happy Earth Day!

New Creative Studio Theme Coming to the W Shop in Webkinz World!

All our Webkinz Insider members who are avid shoppers and decorators will be thrilled with this news just announced in Webkinz Newz.  We are being given a sneak peek at a new theme coming soon to the W Shop in Webkinz World.
The name of the new theme will be the Creative Studio Theme. This theme will reflect various aspects of creativity, involving design, painting, sculpting, and sewing. The designers of this theme are the well-known Webkinz designers Elwin and Hailey, the renaissance-type Webkinz elephants who have been offering room makeovers in Webkinz Newz on a regular basis.
The first items will be released on March 28 and will include the Fashion Mannequin, Fashion Sewing Machine, Art Paint Palette Rug, Fashion Fabric Rolls, Music Notes Sofa, Art Sink and Creative Studio Wallpaper and Flooring, all illustrated above.

New Christmas Theme Arrives in Webkinz World! *UPDATE*

Following this morning's maintenance in Webkinz World, the new 2011 Christmas Theme has arrived in the W Shop in your Webkinz World accounts!
One major difference from previous Christmas Themes is that this new theme is for Outside Yards and Treetop rooms only. The name of the theme is the Christmas Carol Theme, and it includes a flooring but no wallpaper. The flooring, called the Christmas Carol Cobblestones, is a removable 5 x 5 "carpet" and you will need four of them to cover the entire floor of your room.
You can now find these sixteen items in the W Shop: the Cheery Christmas Home, Christmas Carol Cobblestones, Darling Garland Home, Festive Fountain, Festive Sidewalk Lamp, Festive Wreath Home, Fine Clothing Shop, Frosted Window Home, Gourmet Food Shop, Holiday Toy Shop, Snowy Holiday Fence, Tasty Treat Cart, Town Square Bench, Town Square Bulletin Board, Town Square Chair, and Town Square Tree.
Happy decorating!
*UPDATE*  A seventeenth item has been added, the Festive Sidewalk Tree!

New Nursery Theme in the wShop

 webkinz cheatsA new theme has been added to the wShop during maintenance today. This latest wShop theme is called the Nursery Theme and is reasonably priced. So far we have half of the items available to us for purchase and everything to make your new bouncing baby boy or girl very happy. 
The items in the wShop so far include the Baby Supply Basket 90KC, Blue Crib 250KC, Books and Toy Shelf 325KC, Nursery Dresser 350 KC, Nursery Flooring 150KC, Nursery Wallpaper 150KC, Pink Change Table 300KC, Pink Crib 250KC and a Wicker Chair for 125KC.
webkinz cheatsUPDATE: All of the new Nursery Theme items are now available in the wShop!! If you have been anxious to complete your Nursery you will now find the Stroller 250KC, Rocking Horse 175KC, Pink High Chair 225 KC, Nursery Wall Clock 100KC, Nursery Toy Box 175KC, Nursery Rug 150KC, Nursery Record Player 150KC, Blue High Chair 225KC, Blue Change Table 300KC and the Baby Monitor 80KC!!

Baseball Theme No Longer Available in the wShop

webkinz cheatsAfter todays maintenance it seems that the Baseball Theme has been retired. The Baseball Theme was one of the original wShop themes in Webkinz World!!
We will have to wait and see if any of the Baseball Theme items show up in Arte's Curio Shop!!

Spring Party Packs Have Arrived in the W-Shop!

The Spring Party Packs have arrived in the W-Shop! 
Here's the Spring Celebration Party Room Pack with the special Chocolate Covered Carrot Basket and Chocolate Covered Carrot:
webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats
And here's the House Party!  Springtime in your house!
webkinz cheats
For more info on these and all the other party packs, be sure to check the WI Wiki Party Pack section.
Happy Spring, everyone!

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