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Vacation Island

Sheldon retires Model Jet Plane and introduces three new souvenirs

We knew it was coming and we now know that after todays maintenance Sheldon has officially retired the Model Jet Plane from Sheldon's Souvenir Shack. It seems that the Model Jet Plane has completely sold out and that Sheldon will no longer be able to stock this item. According to Sheldon he does have some wonderful "mondo" new souvenirs for your shopping pleasure. On your next tropical vacation keep a look out for the Island Shirt, Undersea Dress and the Model Sub.

Each vacation that you visit Sheldon the Turtle in his Souvenir Shack you will be able to choose 3 souvenirs. Remember, his stock changes every day so if you do not see the new souvenirs today, there is always tomorrow.

New Vacation Click-To-Win Contest on Ganz Parent Club! *UPDATE*

A new Click-to-Win event begins today on the Ganz World Parent Club site in Webkinz Newz and will run from Wednesday December 28 until Thursday January 5, 2012. This event is based on the Webkinz Vacation Island area and features the Coral Cove Raffle and Vacation Wheel Prizes. 
Look through the various pages of the Ganz Parent Club and look for the ad pictured above, at the bottom of a page.  Click on it, enter your Webkinz World username and password, and a Vacation-themed prize will be deposited into your WW account. The highlight of this event will be the New Year's Day prize, a free Vacation ticket! As always, this is one prize per day per account.
Here is Ganz' schedule of prizes:
  • Dec 28: Island Raffle
  • Dec 29: Island Wheel Prize
  • Dec 30: Island Raffle
  • Dec 31: Island Raffle
  • Jan 2: Island Wheel Prize
  • Jan 3: Island Wheel Prize
  • Jan 4: Island Raffle
  • Jan 5: Island Door Prize
Curious to see what these prizes look like? Check out our WIKI!
*UPDATE*  There is overlap between the categories of prizes. The Coral Cove Raffle Prizes include items from the Island Wheel and Sheldon's Shack.

Ganz Announces Winners of Several Webkinz Newz Contests

webkinz cheatsCongratulations to Webkinz players Megan, Angela, Hans, Debbie, and Sarah on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz Summer Contest.  Each one of them has received a ticked for an Island Vacation and a coupon for an extra spin on the Island Wheel.
Congratulations to Webkinz players Kellie, McKenna, Katje, Anna, and Sue on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz Father's Day Contest.  Each one of them has been awarded a an eStore Father's Day prize pack.
Congratulations to Webkinz players Randy, Rebecca, Nicole, Renee, and Gibby on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz Nimbi Mazin' Hamster Contest.  Each one of them now has a feature code for a Nimbi Hamster.
Congratulations to Webkinz players Caitlyn, Christine, Tiffany, Lucie, and Serena on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz Rooster POTM Contest.  Each one of them has received an adoption code for a Webkinz Rooster, just in time for it to be the Pet of the Month!
Congratulations to Webkinz players Amye, Rachel, Kenna, Madeline, and Caitlin on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz T-Shirt Design Contest.  Each one of them has been awarded a feature code for a KinzStyle Shopping Bag.

Webkinz Hosts Post Cards and Gifts to Senders

Since discovering yesterday that we can add the hosts a few people have been diligently sending letters and gifts to them.
Now they have seen a return of letters as well as small items from the hosts of Webkinz World.
After sending 8 letters, you receive a Pen Pal Badge.
Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Jenn, we can see what some of the gifts are. So far she has gotten letters back from some of the hosts and three gifts were included.
Why not help us keep track of what was sent and what was received.
Check out the link for the Tracking Thread.
For more information on Character Hosts in Webkinz World, check out our WIki.

Webkinz World Hosts Can Now be Added as Friends!

Ganz is continuing the celebration of Friendship Month by allowing players to add many of the Webkinz World "hosts" as friends.  In order to get the hosts to befriend you, you must complete a specific task for each.
The host will then send you a Friend Request. Do not send a Friend Request through your Kinzphone. Thanks to WebkinzInsider member Oddmeister for this image of what the Friend Request will look like on  your account:
Alternately you can send the host a Friend Request through your Kinzphone. Use the entire name of the host, with a space between first and last name: Arte Fact; Ms. Cowoline; Amanda Panda; Tabby Von Meow; Fred Rover; Debbie Dragon; Sheldon Turtle. You will know that these are hosts and not regular Webkinz users by the blue smiley next to their name on your Kinzphone.
Once these friends are on your friend list, you can invite them to play games and send them messages and gifts in KinzPost.  Who knows what they might send you in return!
UPDATE:  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member colliegal for letting us know that players who add all eight of the hosts to their friend lists are rewarded with a new MyPage badge.

Raffle Prizes are NOW being Won on Vacation Island!!

For the last 8 months members have been winning empty air boxes at the raffles in the Party Cove. It appears that this morning's maintenance has finally fixed the problem and prizes are once again being won! Thanks to the scouts out there that have been tracking this for so long. Let's all head down to the cove and win some prizes now! To see where the latest party is happening, click HERE
Thanks to fvb for the image
webkinz cheats

Ganz Acknowledges Raffle Glitch, They're Working On It

webkinz cheats
For the first time since the Vacation Island Party Raffles quit working, Ganz has publicly addressed the issue.  We now have official confirmation that they are aware of the problem and that they are trying to fix it.  Thank you to @PartyScout, a member of the Webkinz Insider community, for getting Ganz to respond on Twitter.  Remember, you can read all of the latest Webkinz-related Tweets right here on WI's front page, on the right side, near the bottom.
As most of you know, the Raffles in the Vacation Island Coral Cove used to have prizes.  Following a site maintenance in mid-August 2009, the system quit awarding those prizes.  The broken Raffles have been going on for seven months, with winners getting empty boxes.  As a result, the Flowing Palm Tree, Hibiscus Bush, Vacation Deck Chair, and Volcanic Rock are considered "not currently available" in Webkinz World.
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Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to sort this out soon.  We know a number of players have been storing up their Vacation Island tickets, waiting for this glitch to be corrected to use them.  We are tracking the status of this glitch HERE in our Glitch Report section.

More Humor from WI Members: Empty Vacation Raffle Prizes

While it can be disappointing when something doesn't work the way it should, it can be helpful to have a sense of humor about things.  No one knows this better than fans of the Vacation Island Raffles.  As many of you know, following a site maintenance in August 2009, the Raffles in the Coral Cove stopped awarding prizes.  For the past six months the system has been selecting raffle winners, but failing to give out any items.
To stay on the positive side of things, many members have been tracking these "air boxes" and have even turned winning them into a sort of competition.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member dragonbird for continuing to help us find the humor in things.  Her latest creation is pictured below.  To see more of her raffle-themed humor, please click HERE.
webkinz cheats
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Glitch Affects Raffles in the Vacation Island's Coral Cove

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Thank you to canonymous and the members in the Party Time Thread for letting us know about a new glitch affecting the Parties in the Vacation Island's Coral Cove.  As many of you know, from time to time, there are parties in the Coral Cove where players can win special vacation-themed items in a raffle.  At certain times, a banner will pop up on the screen indicating that one of the Webkinz in the room has won the raffle.  Then, that one player will have a message pop up on his/her screen indicating what prize he/she has won.
Over the past several days, we have been receiving reports of players winning the raffle, but not getting any prizes.  In fact, since the Webkinz World site maintenance last week, we haven't received a single report of any member being awarded a raffle prize.  For some players, winning raffle prizes is the main reason they invest 500 KC in a ticket to visit the Vacation Island.  We have heard from many of our members that they are going to keep their pets at home until this glitch is fixed.
Thank you to WI member Kinz Krazed for this picture from her account.
For more information about the Vacation Island Coral Cove Parties, check out the Party Guide HERE.
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