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Loot Bag Prizes Retiring, New Prizes Coming Soon!

Webkinz Newz is announcing the retirement of the three Loot Bag Prizes pictured above: the Dunce Cap, the Chocolate Zingoz, and the Zum Balloons. The exact date of this retirement has not been announced yet, but it will be SOON! Of course new prizes will be introduced to replace them and we are all anxious to see them.
Loot bags are obtained at the end of a Webkinz Party, held either in the Clubhouse or in your own webbie house. Party Packs can be purchased with your KinzCash from the W Shop in Webkinz World. Invite some friends over, play games, eat a special treat or piece of party cake, and at the end of the 30-minute party you can bring a loot bag home. Each loot bag contains three random prizes. You can learn all about Webkinz Parties and Loot Bags in our WIKI by clicking HERE.
The Dunce Cap is particularly interesting due to its history, and you can learn all about it HERE.

Ganz Investigates Webkinz Party Pack Glitches *UPDATE*

Over the past week, many of our members have been complaining about unsucessful attempts to use Party Packs in Webkinz World.  From missing color zones to missing "Go to Party" buttons, there have been widespread reports of problems.  These problems started immediately following the site maintenance on December 7.  
Thankfully we know that Ganz is looking into the issue.  Yesterday Ganz posted the following message on Twitter:
"Hi everyone!  Please let us know if you're
having issues with Webkinz World parties."
So, if you are having a party problem, and you have a Twitter account, please send Ganz a message @webkinz.  If you don't have a Twitter account, you can post your information in the Glitch Reports section of the Webkinz Insider forum, HERE.
UPDATE:  Thank you to our members for letting us know that Ganz is refunding the purchase prize of Party Packs that have failed.  Players who contact Ganz to complain are having the KinzCash added back to their accounts. For information on how to contact Ganz, please click HERE.
UPDATE (4pm):  Next week, as a thank you to everyone for being patient while Ganz works to sort out this programming glitch, Ganz will award every player a free Christmas Party Pack!

Ms. Birdy Returns for Webkinz Christmas Countdown on December 14!

Originally Submitted by Webberlily on Thu, 12/01/2011 - 8:53pm, ET.
Webkinz Newz has just announced that Ms Birdy will be returning to the Webkinz Clubhouse for the Christmas Countdown on Wednesday December 14.
In this much anticipated event, Ms. Birdy can be found in the Clubhouse every day for the 12 days leading to Christmas. Each day she will give you a different prize. This will be the third year for this event.  Mark your calendars! You don't want to miss the first day of this exciting event.
In what appears to be a departure from the way that it worked in previous years, it looks like Ms. Birdy will be easier to find this year, since Webkinz Newz states that she will appear only in the Santakinz Room. In previous years, Ms. Birdy was a bit elusive and hard to find. Our Webkinz Insider members had to form Tracking Threads to help each other to find her.  
To learn more about the Countdown to Christmas,

Webkinz Insider Member Wins New Halloween Jar of Jellybeans *UPDATE*

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member akoolaunt on receiving a Halloween Jar of Jellybeans.  akoolaunt attended a Halloween Party today and won the Jar by correctly guessing the number of jellybeans in the party's Jellybean Challenge.
Other new items that can be collected in the new Halloween Parties are the Halloween Jellybean Pile, which is awarded for breaking the pinata, and the Creepy Cookie, which is this party's special treat.  All three items are food that can be fed to your Webkinz pets.
To learn more about the Jellybean Challenge and about Webkinz Parties, check out the WI WIki.
UPDATE:  There appears to be a glitch affecting the Halloween Parties.  In all other party packs, there is a decorative food item sitting on the table that, when clicked, awards the player the party's special food.  For the Halloween Parties, that item appears to have been replaced by a blender.

Party Packs in Webkinz World Are Not Working

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Party members were all dressed up and ready to attend parties this weekend, only to find that the GO TO PARTY button was not there when it came time at attend the party. None of the Party Packs are currently working. If anyone is wanting to complete this portion of the Key to Kinzville task, one may have to wait a little longer. We will let you know once they are up and running again.

Valentine's Day Party Packs are all working

Thank you to a few adventurous Webkinz Insider members we can bring you the newz that the Party Packs, both in house as well as the Webkinz World parties are now working. The special Valentine's Day Party packs were released for Valentine's Day a week ago after the maintenance.
Today, several members have reported that they have success in the scheduled parties, even getting the new backgrounds and special Chocolate surprise. It is not known, at this point, if the party packs are a limited release for Valentine's Day only. Go grab a couple and have a Grand Party.
For more information on Party Packs and Prizes, check out our WIki.
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New Zumbuddy activities and furniture

A new video in Webkinz World has revealed a purpose behind the Zumbuddy Babysitting Contest last weekend.
Now we can hold interactive Zumbuddy parties in our Zum rooms with an additional game to play. When the party bar is full, click on it and start the party. Pop the balloons to get awesome zummies to buy the NEW furniture that is available for your Zums or furniture in your pet's room. Your babysitting task is finished when all of your Zums fall asleep.
To find more information on Zumbuddies, head over to the WIki and read all about them.
Here is the New furniture that is available in the Zum Shop for your Zumbuddies:
Zippy Zum Dining Table, Zippy Zum Dining Chair, Zippy Toy Chest, Zippy Statue, Planter and Zippy Zum Portrait.

PARTY ON!! Five new party packs arrive in W-shop

This morning after maintenance we have seen the introduction to FIVE new Party rooms. They are currently being held in the Kinzchat rooms for regular account holders. If you have Deluxe you have the option to upgrade to KinzChat plus. Here are the new party rooms, Big top, Blockbuster, Cheerleader, Enchanted and Space Party rooms. They all cost you 1000 KC and you bring them to your room to open them like you would a regular gift. At the end of the Party are LOOT BAGS that you customize. Let's see those Parties, Webkinz-Lovers!
Update:  It now appears that all the party time slots through next Wednesday are full.  Thanks to WI member iluvdogs who spoke with Ganz, we can report the following "They told me that the system is OVERLOADED with parties right now and they are trying to open up more rooms and more time slots and will hopefully have this fixed by tomorrow." click HERE for more information from iluvdog's conversation.
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