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Webkinz Insider Member Gets Two New Adventure Park Badges

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsCongratulations to the daughter of Webkinz Insider member twigsthegiraffe on receiving two new Adventure Park badges:  I Dig Adventure and Adventure Ready.  Her daughter was awarded the badges nearly two weeks ago after she completed the Hippo Quest.  Unfortunately, she doesn't know what she did to trigger the badges as they both popped up together at the end of the quest.
To learn more about all of the available MyPage Badges, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.

Ganz Corrects Wacky Zingoz Celebration Badge Glitch

webkinz cheatsDuring last month's Wacky Zingoz Celebration, players who managed to win at least three trophies in the Wacky Zingoz game were rewarded with a special Wacky Thrills Badge.  Unfortunately, this badge was identical to the badge awarded in the Wacky Pinata portion of the Wacky Log Out Carnival, so they didn't have anything special to display on MyPage.  
As of Wednesday's maintenance, this glitch has been fixed.  The Wacky Thrills Badge now has a brand new picture that can be displayed on MyPage.  If you were lucky enough to win one of these badges on your account, you can now show off your reward.

Ganz Reveals Lily Padz 2 Game Has Second Mystery Badge

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When Webkinz Insider member dogkat13 sent in a question to Ganz asking about the rewards available in the Lily Padz 2 Arcade game, she got a surprising message in return.  According to Ganz, there are two MyPage badges available in the game.  Since the game was introduced in March 2010, there have only been reports of players winning one badge, the Dry Heights Badge.  
In March 2010, a glitch affecting some accounts allowed players to briefly see all of the badges available in Webkinz World, including a few that have never actually been available.  One of those badges was the Lily Padz Tree Frog Badge.  Could this be the badge Ganz is talking about?
To learn more about the Lily Padz 2 game and or MyPage Badges, check out the WI WIki.

New Big Prize Badge

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Congratulations to WI member UncleTimmay for winning 500 kc on the Wheel of Wow, & winning this new Big Prize Badge!  This colorful badge is a nice addition to the My Page collection of badges.

New "Teacher's Pet" Badge Discovered by WI Member

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After she passed her Cooking Class for the day in the Kinzville Academy, Webkinz Insider member sandilight had a surprise pop up on her screen.  She was awarded a "Teacher's Pet" Badge for her MyPage.  At this point, we're not exactly sure what she did to trigger the badge being awarded.  We'll be keeping an eye out for information as, hopefully, more badges are awarded to our members.

Doug the Dog formally introduced to Webkinz World

During the course of the night we have had an unscheduled maintenance which has brought about a few changes. If you are a Deluxe Member, you will receive a Deluxe Member badge for your widgets.
The Trading Card Challenge has been re-introduced into the Tournament Arena and On the front page we see a picture of Arte's Best Friend, Doug the dog.
Are you looking for Doug?  Or, do you know where he is now?
Check out our "Doug Tracking Thread" (click HERE) for the latest info.
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Freshman and Sophomore "MyPage" Badges Explained

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When Ganz added Badges to the MyPage feature in Webkinz World, there was some question as to what it took to earn the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Academy Badges.  Some members who have pets at the rank of "Freshman" haven't been awarded any Academy Badges and some other members who have the rank of "Freshman" have been awarded both Freshman and Sophomore Badges.  Thank you to WI member RedBear, we may finally have an understanding as to why.
RedBear has been sending several of her pets through the Academy on separate accounts, and she has discovered that the Freshman Badge is awarded when one pet on the account completes Level 1 of any class.  She has also found that the Sophomore Badge is awarded when one pet on the account completes Level 2 of any class.  The Sophomore Badge can be awarded even though the Academy Report Card still shows the pet as a Freshman.
We are still not clear on why the Badges and the Report Card ranks don't match up.

No Bird Badge for Hummingbird Owners?

Several of our members who have Hummingbirds on their accounts have noticed an interesting glitch with the Badge feature on My Page.  The programming that determines whether or not an account should have the "Friend of Fowl" badge doesn't appear to be recognizing the Hummingbird as a bird.  Accounts that have a Hummingbird, and do not have any other birds, do not have the Bird Badge as an option on their My Pages.


UPDATE:  We have received reports that the same thing is happening with the Toucan and Phoenix.


webkinz cheats

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