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Wacky Log Out Carnival

WI Answers Questions about Shoe Rack and Judy Moody Dresser

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsOver the past month, we have been getting a lot of questions here on Webkinz Insider about two prizes in particular:  the Shoe Rack and the Lime Green Dresser.  Since so many of you have been asking about them, here is some information about both.
The Shoe Rack is a prize that can be won in Daily KinzCare and/or in the Wacky Log Out Carnival.  Although it looks like a piece of furniture, it is actually a wall hanging.  If you are having trouble placing it in your room, try sticking it on a wall, just like you would a poster. 
The Lime Green Dresser is a prize from the Judy Moody movie promotion in the Clubhouse.  This prize is decorative only.  Unlike other dressers in Webkinz World, it cannot be used for storage.  Also, it is one of the three Judy Moody prizes that cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.

Wacky Hot Air Balloon and Giant Zingoz Plushy Now Working

We have exciting news. Your pets can now enjoy a ride in the Wacky Hot Air Balloon. Or, if your pet is not feeling that adventurous they can stay on the ground and relax in the Giant Zingoz Plushy.
The Wacky Hot Air Balloon is the Grand Prize that can be won by launching Wacky all the way to the top in the Launch Wacky game in the new Log Out Carnival. The Giant Zingoz Plushy is a Kinzville Mall Prize that you can purchase in the new Spree Head to the Mall Game.
Thanks to Webkinz Insider members Dash and Ned for these pictures from their accounts.
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Wacky Carnival Provides Possible Sneak Peak at New KinzCare Prizes *UPDATE*

Originally Submitted by FIA on Wed, 05/11/2011 - 10:07am
webkinz cheatsIt appears that the Wacky Log Out Carnival may be giving players a possible sneak peek at new Daily KinzCare prizes.  Here on Webkinz Insider, we have been getting reports of players winning Daily KinzCare prizes in the new Carnival as well as several items never seen before in Webkinz World.  Just like the KinzCare prizes, these new items cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.  Could players start winning these when they complete a full week of KinzCare on Sunday?  We'll just have to wait and see.
The new prizes are:  Shoe Rack, Mini Fruit Tarts (object), Laundry Hamper, Kitchen Towel Dispenser, Cutlery Holder, Garden Hose, Calming Candles, Fine Cuisine Pots, Fireplace Tool Set, Handmade Zingoz Clock, and Yoga Mat.
UPDATE:  Our suspicions were correct!  Thanks to reports from our members, it has been confirmed that players can win all of these prizes by completing a week of DailyKinz Care.  This means that the only prize unique to the Wacky Log Out Carnival is the Wacky Hot Air Balloon, won in the Launch Wacky event.

Webkinz Insider Member Finds Possible Solution for Missing Carnivals *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsWe know many Webkinz players are disappointed that they haven't been able to participate in the new Wacky Log Out Carnival that was added to Webkinz World yesterday.  We have been working with our members to try to figure out why some accounts are affected and others are not.  Some players managed to get the Carnival to show up by clearing their caches, but many still cannot play.
Last night, Webkinz Insider member catsrfun2 discovered that the accounts she had that couldn't reach the Carnival were the same accounts on which she had blocked third party advertisements.  She posted this solution that seems to be working for our members:
For all those of you not getting the carnival to pop up when you log out,

I figured out that you need to UNblock ads from sites other than Ganz. To do this:

1. click the blue dog silhouette with the yellow + on it next to your pet in the bottom left corner.
2. Click the tap "My Options" 
3. Unselect the checkmarked box 
4. You're done! Now try logging out.

If you have forgotten your security question and you had one set......
5. Go to this link: 
6. Fill out the form to reset your password (it's towards the bottom)
7. It may take a couple days for them to reset the password. So sit tight!
8. Once it is reset go back and do steps 1-4!
UPDATE (1pm):  Ganz has released the following statement:
Currently the Wacky Log-out Carnival games require that 3rd party ads B turned on.This will B changed in 2 weeks as part of the next update.

Ganz to Correct Programming for Wacky Hot Air Balloon

webkinz cheats
Many of the players winning the Wacky Hot Air Balloon in the Wacky Log Out Carnival today were disappointed to learn that the item is just decorative and is not a vehicle.  Several called Ganz to ask about the Balloon and were told that this was not a glitch.
This afternoon, Ganz released a statement indicating that this is, in fact, a glitch, and that their programmers are working on correcting things.  Hopefully everyone who wins the Balloon will have their pets floating in the air soon.
To learn more about the Wacky Log Out Carnival, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.

Can't See the New Wacky Carnival? Try Clearing Your Cache.

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsWe have been getting reports here on Webkinz Insider that some of you are not getting the Wacky Log Out Carnival when you exit Webkinz World.  The number one thing you need to remember when leaving Webkinz World is to use the LOG OUT button.  If you don't click on this button, you will not get to participate in the Carnival.
For those of you who are using the correct button and still can't see the Carnival, this may be because you need to clear your internet browser's "cache".  Your browser might be holding on to the "old" programming that was in place before this morning's site maintenance.  To force your browser to look at the "new" programming, clear your cache.  After you do this, you should be able to see the changes.

Webkinz Insider Member Tries Out New Wacky Log Out Carnival *UPDATE*

webkinz cheats
Ganz has been teasing us for a week about a new feature called the Wacky Log Out Carnival, and today it has finally arrived!  Players using the Log Out button to exit Webkinz World (and not just closing out their internet browsers) get the chance to play three mini-games:  Launch Wacky, Wacky Pinata, and Wacky Balloon Pop.  
Players can only visit the Carnival one time per day per account, and at the moment, it appears the only prizes for these games are KinzCash and Recipe Food.  For complete details, including pictures of each mini-game, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki's Wacky Log Out Carnival page.  
Thank you to Webkinz Insider member lemony for the pictures from her account.
UPDATE (8:30 am, ET):  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Joani for letting us know that players CAN win more than just KinzCash and food in the Carnival.  Here are the Blastoff Badge and Wacky Hot Air Balloon she won by ringing the bell in the Launch Wacky event.  Also, thank you to kuhl123 for showing us the Calming Candles she won while playing Wacky Balloon Dartz. Thanks to Webkinz Insider Member WI 50ish for alerting us to the new Wacky Pinata Badge also available.
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webkinz cheats

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