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Kinzville Academy

January 13th is a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy

"Welcome Back to the Kinzville Academy," said Ms Cowoline. That's right, she is offering a Super School Day on January 13, 2013. Super School Days are where you get twice the credit for completing the one course versus the standard one credit.
If your pet is new to Kinzville Academy, have no first day jitters because Ms Cowoline will walk you through it.
Looks like this 13th is going to be SUPER!

Super School Day on Sunday, December 23rd, at Kinzville Academy!

The pets are getting very excited! There are only two more sleeps until Santakinz arrives! Ms. Cowoline understands that it is hard to concentrate on their studies this time of year, but she believes that school should be fun. On Sunday, December 23rd, she is holding a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy and is giving double credit for any class that your kinz successfully completes on that day!
Your kinz can also earn some fun adventure and play on the playground at Recess time by attending classes regularly!
Webkinz Insider members will not want to forget to take advantage of extra credit at the Kinzville Academy for their pets on Sunday!  Ms. Cowoline will be so happy to see your little student! 

Super School Day on Friday, December 14th, at Kinzville Academy!

Friday, December 14th, is a wonderful day for all Kinzville Academy students! School Supervisor, Ms. Cowoline, is once again offering double credit to pets who successfuly complete any class on this Super School Day! Whether your kinz sign up and successfully complete classes in the Basic Pet Courses or the Pet Talent Courses of the Kinzville Academy curriculum, they will qualify for that extra credit! Thanks Ms. Cowoline!  
Webkinz Insider members wont want to miss this chance to further their pets' education   Take your pet to class on Super School Day on Friday! 

Super School Day on Wednesday, December 12th, at Kinzville Academy!

The holiday season is fast approaching! The pets are dreaming of the Santakinz presents that they hope to receive and even good little scholars have difficulty concentrating during this exciting time of year! Ms. Cowoline understands, so is holding a Super School Day on Wednesday, December 12th, to focus the pets on their studies, while awarding them double credit for their classes at the Kinzville Academy!
That's right! .. For every class successfully completed on this day, your pet will receive twice the credit! Webkinz Insider members can encourage their little students to achieve by taking them to school on Super School Day this Wednesday. Ms. Cowoline will be so thrilled to see them!

Super School Day on Tuesday, December 4th at Kinzville Academy!

As the holiday season draws near, let's not forget about our pets' studies in all the excitement!. On Tuesday, December 4th, Ms. Cowoline wants to make sure that all her little students have fun at school, so she is offering a Super School Day at Kinzville Academy! On this day, all classes that our webbies successfully complete will receive double credit!
Twice the credit for each class means that your pet will achieve the passing of levels more quickly on the way to learning Pet Actions, winning Prizes and a cool Academy Diploma to hang on their wall!
Webkinz Insider members will want to remember Super School Day on Tuesday! Your kinz will be happy that you did!

Super School Day at the Webkinz Academy on Friday Nov 16!

Scholars will rejoice to know that Friday November 16, will be a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy. On this day, every class passed will earn you double the credits!

If it's your first time attending school, Ms Cowoline will give you a complete introduction, and each class also comes with a Tutorial if you've never done that subject.

There are many advantages to a good education, from special prizes and pet actions to the coveted Diploma. After 15 full days of classes, your webbie will love Recess!

Learn all about the Academy in our forum HERE and in our WIKI.

Super School Day at the Webkinz Academy on Friday Nov 9!

There will be a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy tomorrow Friday November 9!

On Super School Days, every class passed at the Kinzville Academy will give you double the credits. Don't miss your opportunity, as a good education carries many benefits, just like in real life. Special Pet Actions, special prizes, better results in tournaments and games such as Webkinz Rally, a Diploma to hang on your wall, and of course Recess! These are a few of the bonuses for attending school regularly. So bring your favorite webbie to visit Ms. Cowoline on Friday for the Super School Day!

Super School Day Starts off November

Can anyone think of a way to start off November better than Ms Cowoline? She is offering a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy on November 1st! Super School Days entitle you to two credits versus the standard one credit when you complete a class.
So let's start the month off right and go visit Ms Cowoline for the Super School Day!

Super School Day on Friday, October 26th at Kinzville Academy!

It is time once again to pack your kinz off to school to sign up for a few fun classes! To make it even more fun, Ms. Cowoline is holding another Super School Day on Friday, October 26th at the Kinzville Academy! On this special day, your pet will receive credit for TWO classes for each class that they successfully complete! 
Whether your pet prefers the Basic Courses or the Talent Courses, they will get the extra credit when they complete the class! What's better than extra credit?.. Recess of course! .. And with the beautiful fall weather, your kinz will enjoy earning some Recess time to play outside in the fresh air!
So, Webkinz Insider members should check out the courses available for their kinz at Kinzville Academy on Friday's Super School Day! Your pets will think it a Moooo-velous idea to visit Ms. Cowoline!

Super School Day on Friday, October 19th, at Kinzville Academy!

The days are getting cooler and a fun holiday is near, but Ms. Cowoline does not want her little students to neglect their studies during this wonderful time of the year. In order to encourage your pets in their educational pursuits, she is holding a Super School Day on Friday, October 19th, at the Kinzville Academy! Throughout the day, your kinz can receive twice the credit for any course that they successfully complete! WOW! That means getting that much closer to graduation and a lovely Kinzville Academy Diploma to hang in your pet's room!
Webkinz Insider members will be pleased that there are absolutely no fees to have their fave kinz to attend the Academy and take advantage of Super School Days! So, grab your little scholar and head out to the Academy on Friday for Super School Day!
Ms. Cowoline will be so pleased!

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