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KinzStyle Outlet

PJ Collie's New Clothing recipes revealed

Since last maintenance, Pollie Jean has introduced her new Summer Clothing line. Along with the new clothing they also revealed that there would be two new recipes using the new clothing, only, for combinations to make unique clothing pieces. We are fortunate enough to have diligent recipe crafters, here and they have found the recipes for these two new spectacular items! The two new combinations are the Citrus Strappy Sundress and the Short Sleeve Hoodie. For one of the combinations you will need a piece of Deluxe clothing, the other is made using regular player clothing. The Citrus Strappy sundress requires Neon Green Board Shorts (220 KC) Neon Yellow Visor (250 KC) and the Hot Pink Cargo Pants (Deluxe 355 KC) The Short Sleeve Hoodie is made from Neon Green Sunglasses (200 KC) Neon Pink and Orange Swim Dress (355 KC) and the Neon Yellow Slides (190 KC) Currently, you cannot send the finished combination. We will let you know if this changes.
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Winter Line of Clothing Arrives in KinzStyle Outlet!

If  you're in the mood to shop for winter clothes and special holiday outfits, you're in luck! The second installment of the winter line has arrived in the KinzStyle Outlet, also known as PJ Collie's Shop.
There are 12 new items of clothing. Seven of them (illustrated above) are for all members, and five are for Deluxe-only.
The 7 items for all members are
  • Bright Light Tights 160 kc
  • Chic Polka Dot Skirt 130 kc
  • Far North coat 200 kc
  • Fuzzy Pink Earmuffs 55 kc
  • Snow Belle Dress 320 kc
  • Stylish Wool Suit Top 155 kc
  • Woolly Flap Hat 65 kc
Note that the Snow Belle Dress is the same dress that is awarded on the in-room Candy Cane Collection event.
The 5 Deluxe items are
  • Cozy Winter Tam 70 kc
  • Night Sky Sweater & Scarf 180 kc
  • Shearling Jacket 230 kc
  • Super Snowy Boots 80 kc
  • Warm Jacket & Hoody 175 kc
You can see the first installment of the winter line of clothiing by clicking HERE.

New Choir Outfit Coming to the KinzStyle Outlet! *UPDATE*

Our Webkinz Insider fashionistas will be eager to add this outfit to their collection of seasonal Christmas clothes. This is the new Holiday Choir Outfit, coming soon to the Kinzstyle Outlet, also known as PJ Collie's shop.
There have been many seasonal items offered around the holiday time in the W Shop at first, and later also in the KinzStyle Outlet; you can see them in our WIKI by clicking HERE.
*UPDATE!* : With the Wednesday morning maintenance, these new holiday seasonal items are now available in the KinzStyle Outlet. The Holiday Choir Outfit, as pictured above, is available for all members:
  • Holiday Choir Pants 295 kc
  • Holiday Choir Shoes 80 kc
  • Holiday Choir Top 310 kc
  • Holiday Choir Skirt 280 kc
Also availablle for all members are two items from last year:
  • Red Festive Fleece Pajama Bottom 75 kc
  • Red Festive Fleece Pajama Top 90 kc
And two repeat items from last year for Deluxe Only:
  • Santakinz Casual Pants 110 kc deluxe only
  • Santakinz Casual Shirt 150 kc deluxe only

Six Halloween Costumes in the KinzStyle Outlet!

Halloween is only 3 weeks away, and it's time for our Webkinz Insider members to think about getting costumes for their little webbies. PJ Collie has just received 6 costumes in her store, the KinzStyle Outlet Shop.
Three costumes are new this year: they are the Robot Costume and Viking Princess Costume. Both are 3-piece outfits and you can see them above, with prices. These are available for everyone to buy, and extremely cute! A third outfit, new this year, is the Deluxe-only Frog Prince Costume. It consists of the main piece, a green jumpsuit with purple cape called the Frog Prince Costume, 250 KC; Frog Prince Feet, 110 KC and Frog Prince Hat 180 KC.  
Three costumes are repeats from last year, the Ladybug Costume, Shoes and Antenna; the Ghost Hunter Costume and Hat; and the Goblin Costume Top, Pants, Belt and Boots. You can see these items in our WIKI.
Happy shopping! Remember to stock up, as these costumes will disappear shortly after Halloween is over.

Fall Clothing Floaty Clicky Event in Webkinz Newz!

Webkinz Insider members who would like to have some new fall clothing without breaking the bank, are in luck! There is a new floaty-clicky or click-to-win event in Webkinz Newz for the new fall line that has just arrived in PJ's Outlet.
Just find Pollie Jean's floating head on any page of Webkinz Newz, click on it, fill out the required fields and an item of fall clothing (as illustrated) will be deposited in your dock.
This event runs until the end of the day on Tuesday Sept 24. As usual, there is a limit of one item per Webkinz World account per day. The Stoogles head is also still floating for back-to-school clothing, which will end tomorrow evening (Sept 20).
If you are not seeing your fall clothing in your dock, try a browser other than Internet Explorer and make sure that you clear your cache and reboot your computer.

Fall Clothing Arrive in KinzStyle Outlet!

The anticipated line of clothing for Fall 2013 has now arrived in the KinzStyle Outlet, also known as PJ's Outlet, along with an access problem. 
If you are not seeing these new items, clear your cache and cookies. You will find instructions in our WIKI. Still not seeing them? you must be using Internet Explorer! Try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Let's hope that the Ganz tech staff will soon fix this access glitch.

Spring Clothes Retire, New Fall Line on Sept 18!

Fall is now here, and it's time to clean out the clothes closet! Webkinz Newz has announced that the entire spring line of clothes (the ones introduced this spring only) will retire on September 18, 2013. A new line of fall clothing will be added. This will be in the Kinzstyle Outlet, also known as PJ's Outlet.
All these items of clothing are Deluxe Only except for the Blue Striped Top, Candy Striped Wellies, Fresh Spring Hat, Good as Gold Hairband, Petal Power Shorts and Plaid High Tops which can be purchased by all Webkinz World members.
Some of the spring line will come back next spring, and some will be retired permanently; but we don't know which ones.
A new line of Fall Clothes will appear on September 18.

New PJ Collie Winter Clothing Peek-A-Newz Event!

If your pets need new warm clothes for the cold winter weather, you can't do better than to enter the new click-to-win event on Webkinz Newz.
This is a Peek-a-Newz event where you must find the head of PJ Collie five times. PJ Collie's head can be hard to find as it often gets cut off and you see only the top of her head, so search carefully.
Then fill out the form and an item of winter clothing will be deposited in your Webkinz World dock. So far, I am seeing the new KinzStyle Outlet winter clothing (the six items available to everyone), and these three exclusive items from Webkinz Newz illustrated above: the Black Winter Buckle Boots, the Brown Adventure Parka and the Green Cat Ear Toque. And as an extrra bonus, you don't have to be Deluxe to get these new items!
So save your kinzcash for other purchases and enter the PJ Collie Peek-A-Newz daily starting today and running until January 31. As usual, it's one prize per account per day.

New KinzStyle Outlet Winter Clothing!

Following today's maintenance, there are new clothes to be purchased in the KinzStyle Outlet, also known as Pollie Jean's store. Above, you can see from left to right: the Adventure Parka (150 kc), Boy's Green Plaid Shirt (125 kc), Cat Ear Toque (80 kc), Cozy Sweater & Scarf (130 kc), Howlin' Hoody Vest (105 kc), Knitted Flower Headband (75 kc), Marshmallow Ear Muffs (80 kc), Polarberry Pants (110 kc), Polished Ice Dress (300 kc), Sweet Snowflake Coat (200 kc), Warm Toggle Jacket (180 kc), and Winter Buckle Boots (95 kc).
Following the recent unfortunate trend of promoting all things Deluxe, half of the clothes - although visible to all members - can only be purchased by Deluxe Members. These Deluxe-Only items are marked by the small golden symbol on the picture, and are the Adventure Parka, the Cat Ear Toque, the Polarberry Pants, the Polished Ice Dress, the Warm Toggle Jacket and the Winter Buckle Boots.

New costumes added to Kinzstyle Outlet

Have you picked out the costumes your pets will be wearing this Halloween? You will find that your choice's have gotten broader when you visit the KinzStyle Outlet in Webkinz World. Polly Jean Collie has added some new Halloween fashions.
In the top row of the above image you will see the Angel Costume, the Angel Halo, Angel Shoes, Cleopatra Costume and the Cleopatra Costume Wig. In the bottom row we have the Ghost Hunter Costume, Ghost Hunter Hat, Goblin Costume Top, Goblin Costume Pants, the Goblin Costume Belt and the Goblin Boots. The choice is yours! Which will be your favourite? These costumes will only be available for a limited time so make sure you stock up!!

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