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KinzStyle Outlet

KinzStyle Outlet Announces Retirement of Spring and Summer Lines of Clothing!

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts are greeted with a new Today's Announcement when logging into their accounts today. It's now Friday September 30 in Asia, and members with European and North American accounts can expect to see this Announcement when their day turns to September 30.  The message reads: "PJ needs to make room for her new clothing lines! This is your last chance to ever buy 2011 spring and summer clothing!"
Fashionistas everywhere will be excited or concerned with this announcement, that the 2011 line of spring and summer clothing in the KinzStyle Outlet, will soon be retired. This announcement is only for the store of virtual clothing for your webkinz, also known as PJ's Outlet.  No date has been given yet for this retirement, but fashionistas everywhere will want to stock up before it's too late!
NOTE:  The blue jacket pictured in the notice is NOT a KinzStyle item.  It is the eStore's Summer Blazer.  The blazer's inclusion in the picture appears to have been a mistake.
For a list of the Spring and Summer line, read on! Please Note:  There is no guarantee that all these items will be retired. Also, it is possible that items not on these lists might be retired also.
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New Halloween Costumes Arrive in the KinzStyle Outlet

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PJ Collie has just stocked the KinzStyle Outlet with Halloween Costumes!   Making a return appearance for Halloween are the Candy Corn Witch Outfit, X-Ray Costume, and Zombie Costume.   Three new costumes were also introduced - the Egyptian Mummy Costume, Ladybug Costume, and Martian Costume. 
A special thank you to Webkinz Insider Member lemony for sharing the pictures of her Razzle Dazzle Dog named Moira wearing the costumes.  Remember the Halloween Costumes are only available for a limited time so be sure to stock up before they are gone!
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Even More Clothing Coming soon to Webkinz KinzStyle Outlet

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Yesterday we brought you the news that Ganz is going to be adding new clothing to PJ's KinzStyle Outlet very soon.  Today we able to bring you pictures of even more of the clothing items.  As you can see from the pictures above, there are several shirts, shoes, belts, and even a new dress and pair of pants.  Hopefully every Webkinz will be able to find something new to wear when these items go on sale.

New Clothing Coming Soon to PJ's KinzStyle Outlet

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Ganz has announced that several new items will be coming to PJ's KinzStyle Outlet very soon.  They have revealed pictures of seven of the items which include new skirts, pants, tops, shoes, and what appears to be an updated version of the KinzStyle Shop's Varsity Jacket.  These new pieces will be just the thing to update your Webkinz' wardrobes.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves "Alpine Hat" Recipe

webkinz cheatsCongratulations to Webkinz Insider member Mousemum on solving the Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipe for the Alpine Hat!  This fashionable item is made in PJ's KinzStyle Outlet using the Aviator Hat, Bubble Vest, and Soft Suede Boots.  Webkinz players have been trying to solve this combination for over a year!
To learn more about the Clothing Machine and to get information on all of the Solved and Unsolved clothing recipes, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.  And, if you'd like to work on some of the Unsolved patterns, check out the Clothing Machine section of our forum.

All Judy Moody Prize Items Can Now be KinzPosted

webkinz cheatsDuring this morning's system maintenance, Ganz made an interesting change to several items in Webkinz World.  The Lime Green DresserBulletin Board on Wall (now called "Bulletin Board"), and the Swirly Bean Rug from the Judy Moody Movie Promotion can now be traded and sent by KinzPost.  The KinzCash value of each item has also been increased.  And, the Made in the Shade Tank that was added to PJ's KinzStyle Outlet during the last maintenance can now be traded and sent by KinzPost.

Webkinz Hosts Post Cards and Gifts to Senders

Since discovering yesterday that we can add the hosts a few people have been diligently sending letters and gifts to them.
Now they have seen a return of letters as well as small items from the hosts of Webkinz World.
After sending 8 letters, you receive a Pen Pal Badge.
Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Jenn, we can see what some of the gifts are. So far she has gotten letters back from some of the hosts and three gifts were included.
Why not help us keep track of what was sent and what was received.
Check out the link for the Tracking Thread.
For more information on Character Hosts in Webkinz World, check out our WIki.

Several New Clothing Items Added to PJ's KinzStyle Outlet *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsWith all of the new stuff added to Webkinz World today we almost missed the fact that PJ has several new clothing items for sale in her KinzStyle Outlet.  Now your Webkinz pets have new fashions for Summer!  
NOTE:  It is not clear at this point why the Made in the Shade Tank cannot be sent by KinzPost.

Rad Rainbow Overalls Clothing Machine Recipe Solved!

webkinz cheatsThe solution to making the Rad Rainbow Overalls on the Clothing Machine has been solved!  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member steffeefacee for bringing us the report that they can be made using Cuffed Jeans, Polka Dot PJ Bottom, and Rainbow Boots.  steffeefacee got the information from zuluem2 on the Webkinz Newz site.
To learn more about the Webkinz Clothing Machine and the Solved and Unsolved recipes that can be made in the machine, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.

New Clothes at the KinzStyle Outlet

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Fashionistas will be running to the KinzStyle Outlet today to get their paws on the fabulous new clothing items!  PJ Collie has stocked many great new summer selections ranging from Fluorescent Flip Flops to Faded and Frayed Shorts.
A special thank you to PoliceProperty for bringing us pictures of these items in her WebkinzWorld shopping cart at the KinzStyle Outlet

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