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KinzPost in Webkinz World is Fixed

No, you did not read that wrong. The KinzPost Inbox is now showing us our latest unread mail.
This is exciting news for forgetful Party - Goers! Traders rejoice!! You can now double check your packages!
My pet Autism Awareness had this message when she received this exciting news "I'm the luckiest pet in the whole world"!

Icing on the Cake Gazebo Available in Ganz eStore Promotion

webkinz cheatsAre you in the market for a Deluxe Webkinz World membership?  If so, you could get a free prize with your subscription.  From August 3 to August 5, players who purchase 6 month memberships at the Ganz eStore will also receive an eStore Exclusive Icing on the Cake Gazebo.  
Just like the Tyrannical Rex Slide that was offered in a recent promotion, the Icing on the Cake Gazebo CAN be Traded and can be sent by KinzPost!  

Ganz eStore Tyrannical Rex Slide CAN be KinzPosted

webkinz cheatsAs many of you eStore shoppers know, this past weekend Ganz ran a points promotion on the eStore website.  Players who purchased 30,000 eStore points were rewarded with a feature code for a Tyrannical Rex Slide.  
While it is not unusal for Ganz to run points promotions like this, players are discovering something strange about this particular promotion.  Instead of being stuck on an account, the new Slide CAN be sent by KinzPost!  
This is the very first time a promotional item from the eStore has been programmed so that it can be Traded and/or sent by KinzPost.  Could this be a sign that more will be coming in the future?  We will keep an eye out and will bring you any news as it is made available.

All Judy Moody Prize Items Can Now be KinzPosted

webkinz cheatsDuring this morning's system maintenance, Ganz made an interesting change to several items in Webkinz World.  The Lime Green DresserBulletin Board on Wall (now called "Bulletin Board"), and the Swirly Bean Rug from the Judy Moody Movie Promotion can now be traded and sent by KinzPost.  The KinzCash value of each item has also been increased.  And, the Made in the Shade Tank that was added to PJ's KinzStyle Outlet during the last maintenance can now be traded and sent by KinzPost.

Webkinz Hosts Post Cards and Gifts to Senders

Since discovering yesterday that we can add the hosts a few people have been diligently sending letters and gifts to them.
Now they have seen a return of letters as well as small items from the hosts of Webkinz World.
After sending 8 letters, you receive a Pen Pal Badge.
Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Jenn, we can see what some of the gifts are. So far she has gotten letters back from some of the hosts and three gifts were included.
Why not help us keep track of what was sent and what was received.
Check out the link for the Tracking Thread.
For more information on Character Hosts in Webkinz World, check out our WIki.

Webkinz World Hosts Can Now be Added as Friends!

Ganz is continuing the celebration of Friendship Month by allowing players to add many of the Webkinz World "hosts" as friends.  In order to get the hosts to befriend you, you must complete a specific task for each.
The host will then send you a Friend Request. Do not send a Friend Request through your Kinzphone. Thanks to WebkinzInsider member Oddmeister for this image of what the Friend Request will look like on  your account:
Alternately you can send the host a Friend Request through your Kinzphone. Use the entire name of the host, with a space between first and last name: Arte Fact; Ms. Cowoline; Amanda Panda; Tabby Von Meow; Fred Rover; Debbie Dragon; Sheldon Turtle. You will know that these are hosts and not regular Webkinz users by the blue smiley next to their name on your Kinzphone.
Once these friends are on your friend list, you can invite them to play games and send them messages and gifts in KinzPost.  Who knows what they might send you in return!
UPDATE:  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member colliegal for letting us know that players who add all eight of the hosts to their friend lists are rewarded with a new MyPage badge.

Unannounced Update Brings New Adoption Exclusives and Much More

Sometime during the early morning, Ganz processed an un-announced system update.  This system update brought some really awesome changes to Webkinz World.
  • The second half of the Grocery Store theme has been added to the wShop.
  • There are five new Exclusive Items (Gas Pump, Moon Rover, School House Desk, Seaside Palace Sandcastle, and Time Warp Clock) and one new Pet of the Month item (Magic Genie Lamp).
  • Five older exclusives have been retired and are no longer available as adoption gifts:  Large Paned Window, Jelly Cactus, So Mod Moped, Toadstool Table, and Blue Wagon.
  • There are six New Kinzpost Stationary Pages for writing letters to your friends.  
  • There are three new wrapping papers for you gifts to send, plus a Deluxe Wrapping for Deluxe members.
  • The Woodland Wonders has a new item to search for, a Plush Fairy doll.
  • The Curio Shop has undergone a Re-vamp and now includes a section specifically for Deluxe members.  It appears Deluxe members will now have access to more items for sale in the Curio Shop, including Rare items, than regular members.
Thank you to Mathmom2 for sharing these pictures from her account.  Click "Read More" below to see the rest of her pictures.
webkinz cheats
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New Kinzpost Wrapping Paper, Stationery, Stickers, Messages

Ganz updated the KinzPost section of Webkinz World last night, as well.  There are 4 new wrapping papers -- Wizard Paper, Wacky Paper, Unicorn Paper, and Fairy Paper.  In addition, there are a number of new stationery sets, stickers and "canned messages" to include with your gifts.  Here are pictures of the 4 new wrapping papers:
webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats

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