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Halloween Costumes

New costumes added to Kinzstyle Outlet

Have you picked out the costumes your pets will be wearing this Halloween? You will find that your choice's have gotten broader when you visit the KinzStyle Outlet in Webkinz World. Polly Jean Collie has added some new Halloween fashions.
In the top row of the above image you will see the Angel Costume, the Angel Halo, Angel Shoes, Cleopatra Costume and the Cleopatra Costume Wig. In the bottom row we have the Ghost Hunter Costume, Ghost Hunter Hat, Goblin Costume Top, Goblin Costume Pants, the Goblin Costume Belt and the Goblin Boots. The choice is yours! Which will be your favourite? These costumes will only be available for a limited time so make sure you stock up!!

New Halloween Costumes Arrive in the KinzStyle Outlet

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PJ Collie has just stocked the KinzStyle Outlet with Halloween Costumes!   Making a return appearance for Halloween are the Candy Corn Witch Outfit, X-Ray Costume, and Zombie Costume.   Three new costumes were also introduced - the Egyptian Mummy Costume, Ladybug Costume, and Martian Costume. 
A special thank you to Webkinz Insider Member lemony for sharing the pictures of her Razzle Dazzle Dog named Moira wearing the costumes.  Remember the Halloween Costumes are only available for a limited time so be sure to stock up before they are gone!
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Halloween Gifts appearing in Euro and North America, not Asia

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We have been receiving reports that we are now getting the Halloween Gift Bags in the American accounts as well as the European accounts. Unfortunately as it is November 1st in Asia. account holders might have to call Ganz head office to get their bags.  Trick or Treat badges show up in accounts that did not get one last year. It is the same badge.  Enjoy your packages, everyone, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
GANZ phone number is 1-866-WEB-KINZ Please note that they will only accept calls from adults (18 years old or older).
UPDATE (Monday):  Based on reports in our forum this morning, it appears that the Customer Service Reps at Ganz are being very helpful in getting players their missing items.  Our members are reporting having the missing items dropped directly into their docks while they are on the telephone with Ganz.
If you are trying to get through to Ganz on the phone regarding your missing Halloween gift, please be patient.  We understand that the number has been ringing busy most of the morning.  When you get through, please remember to be polite.  The Customer Service Reps have no control over what happened this weekend.  Their only concern is making sure you get the items that belong to you today.
If you would like to contact Ganz with feedback, please take a look at our WIki's "Contact Ganz" page.

New Furniture and Clothing for Halloween

After maintenance today there were some new items added to both the Kinzstyle shop as well as to the W-shop for Halloween. In PJ Collie's you will find a complete Red Ninja Costume as well as an X-ray full body costume.
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  • Red Ninja Mask 85 KC
  • Red Ninja Costume 250 KC
  • Red Ninja Shoes 50 KC
  • Xray Costume 300 KC
Also in the W-shop we see new items, not seen before for Halloween. We have a new bed called the Cursed Cradle, a Monster Claw Door and a Tomstone called the Ghastly Grave.
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  • Cursed Cradle is 1313 KC (unusual price, don't you think?)
  • Ghastly Grave 1013 KC
  • Monster Claws Door 1331 KC
Please visit our WIki for more information on Halloween items in Webkinz World.

Halloween Costumes Now Available in Kinzstyle Outlet

Halloween Costumes are back! Thanks to Webkinz Insider member GoldenPuppy for noticing that the Halloween Costumes are back in the Kinzstyle Outlet.
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Back from last year, we have the Candy Corn Witch Dress, Candy Corn Hat and Candy Corn Shoes; the Scarecrow Costume and Scarecrow Hat; the Vampire Costume; and the Zombie Costume and Zombie Face Paint. Missing are the Black Ninja Costume, Black Ninja Mask and Ninja Shoes; but the Halloween items usually appear in two installments, so we may see them in a couple of weeks.

2010 Holiday Webkinz Revealed, Ameriwade Presale Starts on May 10th

The Webkinz for the 2010 Holiday season have been revealed!  
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Halloween:  If you missed either the Webkinz Black Cat or the Webkinz Bat in previous seasons, you're in luck.  Both pets will be returning for 2010.  Joining them is a new pet, the Webkinz Night Mare.  The KinzStyle Pumpkin Costume and Witch Costume will be available as well.  All Halloween products should begin hitting stores in mid-August.  The Webkinz Lava Dragon, which was officially retired last year, will, of course, not be returning.
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Thanksgiving:  It appears that the Webkinz Turkeywill not be returning for 2010.  Instead it is going to be replaced by the by the plumper Webkinz Gobbler Turkey.  This chunky fellow should start hitting stores in mid-August.
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Christmas:  The Webkinz Reindeer and the Reindeer KinzKlip will be celebrating Christmas in Webkinz World this year along with the KinzStyle Red Santa Suit, and they are going to be joined by the new Webkinz Minty Moose.  At this point it appears that the Webkinz Snowman and Webkinz Peppermint Puppy will not be making the trip back.  The Christmas products should start hitting stores at the end of September.
See a pet on the list that you've just gotta have?  Check out our partner store,  Ameriwade features $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada, no matter how many Webkinz you buy, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to support Webkinz Insider.  Ameriwade is going to start pre-selling all of the 2010 Holiday pets on their website at 3pm Eastern Time on Monday, May 10th.  

New eStore Costumes - Hotdog Costume + Pirate Princess!

It is Webkinz Wednesday at the eStore. That means the Hallowe'en costumes we have been waiting for are available for purchase. They were slated to be released today and are currently available.
A few of our members have been lucky enough to pick them up. The Mermaid costume was made available on Sunday already, but today's costumes are the Pirate Princess for 7500 eStore points and the Hot Dog costume for 7000 eStore points.
Here are pictures of the costumes from Bindidog's member account.
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New Mystery (Dracula?) Wig Spotted in Zumwhere *UPDATE*

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When doing her ZUM challenge this morning, WI member Kingwebkinz noticed a new item to the memory game. Could this be a new Dracula Wig that will be a Curio Shop Only item?  Many WI members are excited about this, and waiting for it's arrival.  Thanks for the picture from her account.
UPDATE:  Many of you have commented saying you believe the wig spotted in Zumwhere is the Rockin' Pompadour from the Curio Shop.  Here is a comparison of the two items side-by-side.
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It's Halloween in Webkinz World, New Vampire Costume!

Maintenance is over and has brought a few surprises to Webkinz World!
The Halloween 2009 items are here! Making a reappearance from 2007 is the Haunted Organ, which is not interactive, but very cool, costing 1500 KC! The 3 new costumes can be found in The KinzStyle Outlet and the newest unannounced costume is the Vampire Costume. All Items for the Halloween theme and costumes will only be available until the 1st of November.
We fully expect that there will be a "second set" of Halloween items to be released later in October.

eStore Halloween 2009 Items & New Halloween Pet Announced

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Ganz has given us a few more sneak peeks at items that will be coming to the Ganz eStore for this year's Halloween celebration.  The Monster Out of the Closet, Hotdog Costume, Mermaid Costume, and Pirate Princess Costume are all brand new items that will be for sale at the Ganz eStore next month.
Also, a Trick or Treat Troll eStore exclusive Webkinz will be for sale in October.  The Pet Specific Item for this new pet is the Truck of Terror and the Pet Special Food is Bangers and Monster Mash.  

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