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Employment Office

Webkinz Hosts Post Cards and Gifts to Senders

Since discovering yesterday that we can add the hosts a few people have been diligently sending letters and gifts to them.
Now they have seen a return of letters as well as small items from the hosts of Webkinz World.
After sending 8 letters, you receive a Pen Pal Badge.
Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Jenn, we can see what some of the gifts are. So far she has gotten letters back from some of the hosts and three gifts were included.
Why not help us keep track of what was sent and what was received.
Check out the link for the Tracking Thread.
For more information on Character Hosts in Webkinz World, check out our WIki.

Webkinz World Hosts Can Now be Added as Friends!

Ganz is continuing the celebration of Friendship Month by allowing players to add many of the Webkinz World "hosts" as friends.  In order to get the hosts to befriend you, you must complete a specific task for each.
The host will then send you a Friend Request. Do not send a Friend Request through your Kinzphone. Thanks to WebkinzInsider member Oddmeister for this image of what the Friend Request will look like on  your account:
Alternately you can send the host a Friend Request through your Kinzphone. Use the entire name of the host, with a space between first and last name: Arte Fact; Ms. Cowoline; Amanda Panda; Tabby Von Meow; Fred Rover; Debbie Dragon; Sheldon Turtle. You will know that these are hosts and not regular Webkinz users by the blue smiley next to their name on your Kinzphone.
Once these friends are on your friend list, you can invite them to play games and send them messages and gifts in KinzPost.  Who knows what they might send you in return!
UPDATE:  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member colliegal for letting us know that players who add all eight of the hosts to their friend lists are rewarded with a new MyPage badge.

Kinzville Mover Job Time Change

WebkinzInsider members have been noticing a change in the new Kinzville Mover Employment Job
This new hard job was introduced on April 14th and it appears that after this morning's maintenance, the time allotted to do the job has decreased. On level 3, you have 30 seconds for the 1st truck, 40 seconds for the 2nd and 3rd truck! Members who are used to the extra time from before are failing, so work fast and pack those boxes quickly, before time runs out!
UPDATE: as of April 29th, 11am Ganz Tweeted:
Hardest level of Mover Job upped to 60 seconds. We'll continue to watch the stats - please remember it is a HARD job.

New Tagline revealed for Employment office job completion

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider Member Kimber21  after 634 successful completions of the KinzPost Sorter job and also for unlocking a New Tagline for their "My Page" - Worker Extraordinaire!
It is not certain as to how many successes one requires to achieve this tagline, but we do see it here on her My Page
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webkinz cheats

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