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WI Member Collects All Twenty Doug the Dog Prizes!

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member jerkymom on collecting all of the new Doug the Dog Prizes.  jerkymom had plenty of gems stored up in her collection so she was able to make twenty successful trades in a row with Doug.  Here you can see her Webkinz posing with the final prize, the Carved Gem Fountain.  To see pictures of the other nineteen prizes, please click HERE to visit WI's Picture Gallery.
If you have questions about the Doug the Doug feature and/or if you need help finding him in the Clubhouse, please check out our Doug the Dog tracking thread.  Special thanks go out to kellyschrvr and the entire team of "Doug Trackers" who have been working so hard on this thread as it has become the most popular thread of all-time on WI, reaching over 17,000 posts and 700,000 views!

New "Doug" Advertisement Running in Webkinz World

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider member jessicabarnhart for calling our attention to a new advertisement running in Webkinz World.  This ad for "Doug" confirms that he will be giving away 20 different prizes in his gem trades.  For pictures of the prizes our members have received so far, please visit WI's Picture Gallery (Click HERE).  There have been rumors circulating about what the other prizes will be.  As soon as any of that information is confirmed, we will bring it to you HERE.
If you need help finding Doug in the Clubhouse, please check out the Doug Tracking Thread. Remember, Doug only appears at certain times, and these times cannot be predicted in advance.  Jump to the end of the tracking thread for the latest information.

The Doug Report: Status of Stolen Gems, New Prizes Awarded

The Saga of Doug continues in Webkinz World:  If you had any gems "stolen" by Doug in the first two days he was trading in the Clubhouse, please check your Gem Collection.  We are getting reports that some, but not all, of the taken gems have been returned to their rightful owners.  On the Webkinz Newz site, Ganz announced that all of the gems Doug took that he wasn't supposed to would be returned by close of business on Tuesday, June 2nd.  If you still have gems missing on your account, please contact Webkinz Customer Support.  You can contact them on the internet HERE by filling out a "Did you see a totally different error message? report.  Or, if you are at least 18 years old, you can contact them via telephone at 1-866-932-5469. 
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On Tuesday we brought you a report of the first six prizes Doug was awarding to traders (click HERE).  Since then, three more prizes have been recieved by traders.  Players making their 7th trade with Doug (with the same pet) are receiving Sparkling Gem Walls.  On their 8th trade, they are receiving a Sparkling Gem Poster.  And, on their 9th trade, Sparkling Gem Flooring.  More prizes are expected, so stay tuned for details.
If you need help finding Doug in the Clubhouse, please check out the Doug Tracking Thread.  Remember, Doug only appears at certain times, and these times cannot be predicted in advance.  Jump to the end of the tracking thread for the latest information.

Doug the Dog Report: Six Days of Prizes, "Stolen" Gems Still Missing

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It has been a long week for Doug the Dog, trading for Gems in the Clubhouse.  And, although the gems "stolen" from players in the first two days have not yet been returned, reports are that Doug is starting to give out some cool prizes to players who have traded with him on multiple days.  
On the first day a player trades with Doug, he gives out a Rocky Road Ice Cream Cone.  On the second day the player trades with the same pet, he gives out another food item, Rocky Candy.  On the third day, a Sparkling Gem Belt.  On the fourth day, a Mining Helmet.  On the fifth day, a Mining Suit.  And, on the sixth day, Doug's Signed Picture.  More prizes are expected in the coming days.
Remember, Doug moves around in the Clubhouse during the day, appearing for just one hour in each of the colored zones.  If you need help finding Doug, or if you just want to learn more about this new feature, check out our Doug Tracking Thread.  Go to the very end of the thread for Doug's current location.

Ganz Gives Doug Another Chance, So Far, Reports Are Good

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We are pleased to report that the programming glitches plaguing "Doug the Dog" and his new "Gem Trade" feature appear to have been fixed.  Earlier this evening, members started noticing that Doug had been let loose in the Clubhouse again and, more importantly, that he was no longer stealing extra gems.  They also discovered that after you visit Doug with one pet, you can change pets and visit him again, and again, getting extra prizes.  Each pet can visit Doug once per day.
So far, Doug has only asked members for "common gems", and he has only awarded two food prizes.  Pets visiting him for the first time are getting a Rocky Road Ice Cream Cone, and pets visiting him a second time are getting Rocky Candy.  There are rumors about more prizes that will be available in the future, but at this point, we don't know what has to be done to convince Doug to trade them.
As far as the gems Doug has "stolen" over the past two days, Ganz has officially announced that they will all be returned by 5pm on Tuesday, June 2nd.
If you need some help finding Doug, or if you have questions about exactly how this new feature works, please visit the "Doug Tracking Thread" in our forum.  Skip to the very end of the thread for Doug's location.

Doug Returns to the Clubhouse, Continues to Steal Gems

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Despite Ganz' assurances that the problem with Doug stealing gems had been corrected, it appears he has returned to his old ways.  On the Webkinz Newz this morning Ganz announced "We have fixed this issue", but so far this morning, every WI member who has reported on meeting up with Doug in the Clubhouse has had more gems removed from their collections than Doug said he was taking.
One WI member contacted Webkinz Customer Service this morning and had this to report:
I explained to the Rep that Doug was still "stealing" gems.  She told me that the programmers were aware of the problem and that they were working on fixing it now.  She said that they expected to have the feature working the way it should sometime next week.  I asked her why Ganz had announced that it had been fixed, and she wanted to know where I had read that.  I pulled up the Webkinz Newz page and read it to her word for word.  She was surprised that the announcement had been posted when her information was that it hadn't been fixed.  I asked her why Doug was even in the Clubhouse if it hadn't been fixed.  She said she didn't know, but assured me that she would look into both of those issues.
So, if you encounter Doug in the Clubhouse today, our advice is that you don't trade with him.  He's giving out a new prize today, Rocky Candy, but this food item still isn't worth the extra gems he is taking.
UPDATE (Friday evening):  Webkinz Insider member kellyschrvr spoke with a Rep at Ganz who told her that the programmers are working on the problem with Doug.  He said that they have removed Doug from the Clubhouse and that Doug will not return to the Clubhouse until the programmers have fixed the glitch, perhaps sometime next week at the earliest.  He also said that everyone who had gems stolen should get all of their gems back by closing time on June 2nd.  

WARNING: Major Glitch With New Gem Trade Feature -- Update - Ganz Fixed it!

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As our members are scrambling to figure out exactly how the new Gem Exchange feature works, a disturbing trend has been discovered.  During the trade, Doug asks if you would like to trade "one" of a particular gem for a prize.  If you say yes, he will remove all of that type of gem from your collection.  For example, if he asks you for a Pearl Egg and you have 10 in your collection, he will take all 10 gems, leaving you with none.
Hopefully Ganz will fix this glitch very soon.  (ed: Ganz is currently working on the fix) In the meantime, if you have extra gems in your box that you don't want Doug to steal, we recommend not trying to trade with him until this issue is resolved.  Although there have been rumors about some fantastic prizes that may be available from Doug in the future, so far the only prize he has given to anyone is a Rocky Road Ice Cream Cone.  That one food item certainly isn't worth having extra gems taken out of your collection.
To learn more about this feature, and to see pictures of Doug in action,
please check out kellyschrvr's "Doug Hunt Thread" located HERE.
UPDATE : We have just received official word from Ganz that they are aware and working on the issue with Doug taking all of the gems.  Their goal is to have the fix implemented by the end of the day.  Until it is fixed, they've stopped Doug from appearing in Webkinz World.
UPDATE 2 : Doug has been fixed and will be re-introduced to the Clubhouse today, May 29th.  All gems will be returned to users by Tuesday, June 2nd.

Doug the Dog formally introduced to Webkinz World

During the course of the night we have had an unscheduled maintenance which has brought about a few changes. If you are a Deluxe Member, you will receive a Deluxe Member badge for your widgets.
The Trading Card Challenge has been re-introduced into the Tournament Arena and On the front page we see a picture of Arte's Best Friend, Doug the dog.
Are you looking for Doug?  Or, do you know where he is now?
Check out our "Doug Tracking Thread" (click HERE) for the latest info.
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Wheel of WOW and Gem Hunt Glitches Affect Members

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For the past couple of days we have been getting reports from across the forum of members having problems with the Wheel of WOW and Gem Hunt on their accounts.  For some reason, the Webkinz World system is telling them that the have already used their turns in these activities when they haven't.  If you are having this problem on your account, know that you are not alone.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz are working on this problem and everyone will be able to get back to spinning and hunting soon.

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