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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Wacky Zingoz Celebration coming August 1-11th

It's time to Get your Wacky On!! Wacky Celebration will run August 1st to 11th. There are great new prizes and fun activities the whole month, but it all begins with Wacky Celebration! Wacky Milkshakes will be floating in Webkinz World (2 for Free players, 5 for regulars and 8 for Deluxe) to feed your pet for a chance to win the grand prize, a Wacky Bumper Car! There will also be an EXTRA milkshake you can get from the Wacky Waving balloon in the Clubhouse room. According to Podkinz episode #124, the prize will be much easier to get than the Polarberry and Goo Goo Berry seeds from the Berry Fest. Also, during this time Wacky Zingoz will be having their annual 600+ trophy event. This is the trophy that will give you that Zingoz Celebration Wacky Thrills badge if you get 3 trophies during the event. Finally, there will be 4 brand new items from WackYer Zingoz when you reach 11500. A Zangoz Knapsack, Wacky Headphones, WackyER Standee or a Wacky Rug. Check out our Games tips forum for all the tips you need to get that trophy. And check out the WIki for previous years' prizes. How far can you swat Wacky? What is your best all time score?
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Santakinz Photo Gallery Project Returns For December 2014

Santakinz has returned to the club house once again, and with his return marks the launch of the Santakinz Photo Gallery Project.  Each year, members on WI work together to update the Photo Gallery with Santakinz photos with individual Webkinz Pets.  The Gallery is one of many projects taken on throughout the year to help create a database of Webkinz information and guides for our members via the WIki.
There are many pets still missing from the gallery, and you can help by simply visiting Santakinz and sharing the picture for everyone to see.  For those looking to participate more information can be found on the Santakinz Photo Project thread, or by visiting our WIki HERE. 
Thanks to all of our members for their continued work on this unique project!

Ghastly Ghost - has arrived!

It looks like we can expect a scary visitor in the Clubhouse later this month. From October 20th, 2012 until October 31st, 2012 the Webkinz Spooky Spirit will be returning and haunting the reading room. Be sure to pay this scary guest a visit each day and he will reward you with awesome Halloween themed items. If you collect all his items, you will unlock a special spooky Halloween prize! To read all about the 2011 Trick or Treat Halloween event please visit our WIKI HERE.
10/20/2012 - The ghost is now waiting for you in the Webkinz World reading rooms. It looks like there is no searching this year. You can stop by and visit this ghost every three hours. Trick or Treat!!

Plumpy's Big Thank You Event in Webkinz World!

 It's a rare day in Kinzville when we see Plumpy visiting the Trade Room in the Webkinz World Clubhouse, and that is just what we are going to see!
Starting today, when Webkinz Insider members visit the Trading Room, they should not be surprised to see this blushing bride-to-be dressed in her wedding finery and ready to trade! That's right! Plumpy is ready to trade some of Arte's prized Curio Shop rare Egyptian Theme items for anything at all that you wish to exchange with her! This is Plumpy's way of thanking fans for their assistance in choosing her wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials with Sir Charles Rhineholt. Visit Webkinz Newz every day to find out when Plumpy will be in the Trading Room that day! Remember, she will be attired in her Wedding Dress.

Plumpy will be in a Trading Room with her Precious Prizes today between 4-5pm and she's got Rare Egyptian items to trade! Have fun!

Webkinz Releases New Glam Boutique Roleplaying Clubhouse Room!

Webkinz has released a brand new room for our clubhouse fans!  The Glam Boutique Roleplaying room has just been released.  This room also expands the collection of "Roleplaying" rooms in the clubhouse, opening up some unique ways to play with others. Maybe you'll be the receptionist today? Or a hair stylist? Or maybe you will just be a customer looking for a new look!
This Roleplaying room is available on both Kinzchat and Kinzchat plus, and the special Roleplaying chat interface is available on both versions for players to create stories together. Interested in roleplaying? Be sure to check out our special roleplaying section here on!

The Leprechaun Returns To The Club House March 7th *UPDATE*

 Ganz has announced starting March 7th, members will be able to find the Leprechaun in the Clubhouse once again.  Players who choose to participate will try and find the Leprechaun daily, and earn one of six Jelly Coins for each time they click on lively character.
This year, for completing the collection, players will be awarded a special refriderator.  This fridge will be able to hold the Jelly Coins you receive throughout the rest of the event, this is great news for food collectors in Webkinz World!  For more information on last year's event, visit our WIki HERE.
Click HERE for our Leprechaun Tracking Thread. Good luck to all!
UPDATE: Congrats to Webkinz Insider member PoliceProperty for completing the collection of six jelly coins and being awarded the Golden Pot of Coins Fridge, which you can see in the above picture!
UPDATE: Be sure to visit our WIKI to learn all about this years Leprechaun Chase.

Mirror Mirror Promotional Comes to Webkinz World

Snow White has arrived in Webkinz World with the Mirror Mirror Movie Promotionals.


All members should be watching for Fancy Mirrors to float by in Webkinz World.  From February 29th to March 30th, members can click to win an Apple Pop.  


U.S. Members can visit the Clubhouse to find the Mirror Mirror Room.  Once in the room, you can view a movie clip, answer questions, and win a prize.  The Webkinz Newz lists some of the prizes as being Sparkle Tiara, Blue Ball gown, Mirror Vanity, Princess Cloak, or Winged Throne.  Webkinz Insider Members also report receiving a Ruby Apple and Fabled Top Hat.  You can also receive a Candied Apple each day by clicking on the Candied Apple Table Food Dispenser in the Mirror Mirror Room.


Please remember that Webkinz Insider is a family friendly site and any comments you make about this promotional should reflect that.  We understand it can be frustrating for members who are not able to access certain features in Webkinz World but the location limitation restrictions are assigned by the contracts between Ganz and the Movie Companies.

Ganz Offers Sneak Peek at New Clubhouse Classroom Room

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member windcolors for letting us know that Ganz is going to be adding a new room to the Webkinz World Clubhouse very soon.  She found this picture on a Ganz' social media page yesterday afternoon.  Could this be one of the new Role Playing rooms Ganz hinted at last year, kind of like the Restaurant?  That book in the top-right corner has our members wondering.  As soon as any more information is revealed, we will bring it to you here.

Gallery of Santakinz Pictures Returns for Christmas 2011

Originally Submitted by FIA on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 1:18pm, ET.
Santakinz has returned to Webkinz World!  Now is the time to take your Webkinz to the Clubhouse to sit on Santakinz' lab and to tell him what they want for Christmas.  As many of you know, after your Webkinz returns home, he/she will receive a message via KinzPost that contains a picture of your pet sitting on Santakinz' lap.  
In 2009 and 2010, Webkinz Insider members collected these pictures to create the Gallery of Santakinz Pictures.  This gallery contains a picture of every pet that exists in Webkinz World sitting on Santakinz' lap.  Well, at least it did at the end of last year.  Many, many Webkinz were added to Webkinz World in 2011, and we need YOUR HELP to fill in the gallery.   
Before you go to visit Santakinz, please take a moment to review the pictures in the gallery, HERE.  If you own a pet that is not pictured, please take that pet to the Clubhouse.  Then, when you receive the picture by KinzPost, take a screen shot for the gallery.  Remember, only one pet per account is allowed to go see Santakinz, so choose your pet carefully.
For assistance in uploading your picture to Webkinz Insider, please visit the Santakinz Gallery Project thread, located HERE, in the WIki Discussion area of the forum.  Thank you to everyone for your help!
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Ms. Birdy Returns to the Clubhouse for Christmas Countdown 2011 *UPDATE*

Ms. Birdy has returned to Webkinz World, and to the delight of players everywhere, she is super easy to find!  Instead of wandering around the Clubhouse, jumping from room to room, she stays put in the Santakinz Room, and she is there all day long.  To collect your prize, just go to the Santakinz Room and click on her.  
Remember, in order to collect all of Ms. Birdy's prizes, you need to click on her once a day for the next twelve days.  If you miss a day, you can't go back and get that prize, unless you spend points at the Ganz eStore.  To learn more about the Countdown to Christmas 2011, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki.
Players who have Deluxe accounts but who have not adopted a new Webkinz in the past twelve months can't participate.  When they click on Ms. Birdy a message pops up saying they are not allowed to get a gift.  Since Deluxe accounts are supposed to have full access to Webkinz World, this appears to be a glitch.
Several of our members with Asian accounts discovered the glitch early on Tuesday, and they were able to get in contact with Ganz Customer Service to report the problem.  Although there has not been any official word from Ganz, the word from several customer service representatives is that the programmers are looking into the problem and they hope it will be corrected soon.
UPDATE:  The glitch has been fixed!  Now, if you have a Deluxe account that has not adopted a pet in the past 12 months, you can get gifts from Ms. Birdy.  If you missed out on the gift from day one due to this glitch, please contact Ganz to let them know.  Reports from our members are that the Customer Service Reps are giving players 2000 eStore points so that the players can purchase the missing gift.  To contact Ganz, please click HERE.

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