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Clothing Machine

Fashion Week Set To Arrive August 12th

Get ready glamour lovers, Fashion Week is back and will run from August 12th until August 18th, 2019. Fashion week first made it's debut in March of this year and is back for another round. Keep your eyes open as there will be pieces of Fashion Week clothing floating around Webkinz World. You will be able to collect 5 pieces per day on regular accounts and 7 pieces on deluxe accounts.
AND THERES MORE!! You will be awarded a piece of clothing as soon as you log in through todays announcements. There will be Fashion Week Clothing give-aways in Todays Activities. There will be a daily floating piece of Fashion Week Clothing on Webkinz Newz.
Members will also be awarded a Fashion Week Guide the first time they log in during this event. This guide will contain the recipes needed to create other fashions for your Webkinz World pets. You will be able to add 3 Fashion Week items to the Clothing Machine to make new items. The Clothing Machine can be found in the KinzStyle Outlet (web only). There are 10 different Fashion Week items that can be created.

PJ Collie's New Clothing recipes revealed

Since last maintenance, Pollie Jean has introduced her new Summer Clothing line. Along with the new clothing they also revealed that there would be two new recipes using the new clothing, only, for combinations to make unique clothing pieces. We are fortunate enough to have diligent recipe crafters, here and they have found the recipes for these two new spectacular items! The two new combinations are the Citrus Strappy Sundress and the Short Sleeve Hoodie. For one of the combinations you will need a piece of Deluxe clothing, the other is made using regular player clothing. The Citrus Strappy sundress requires Neon Green Board Shorts (220 KC) Neon Yellow Visor (250 KC) and the Hot Pink Cargo Pants (Deluxe 355 KC) The Short Sleeve Hoodie is made from Neon Green Sunglasses (200 KC) Neon Pink and Orange Swim Dress (355 KC) and the Neon Yellow Slides (190 KC) Currently, you cannot send the finished combination. We will let you know if this changes.
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Detective Cap Recipe Revealed By Webkinz Newz!

Webkinz Newz is revealing to its readers the open secret of the Detective Cap Recipe (also called the Detective Hat).  However, this is a well-known recipe which has been solved now for almost 4 years by Webkinz Insider member mlachance9. Above you can see the screenshot taken by mlachance9 when solving this recipe on February 10, 2010. Combine the Blue Ball Cap, the Red Ball Cap and the Tan Suit Jacket in the Clothing Machine.
The Detective Cap was introduced as a Secret Recipe on Sept 16, 2009 and was solved in 4 months and 25 days by the collective effort of our members, culminating in mlachance9's success. However, even prior to that date, there had been many sightings of the Detective Cap in the Clubhouse, so that many members must have solved the recipe on their own.
We have a lot of interesting information on Clothing Recipes in our WIKI. You can see a list of our Solved Recipes HERE and HERE, and you can learn all about the History of Solved Outfits by clicking HERE. We have a special section for them in our forum HERE, where you could join in our efforts to solve one of the yet unsolved clothing recipes.
This is reminiscent of the recent revelation of the Yummytummy Tumbler Recipe. It is very thoughtful of Ganz to share these recipes with all Webkinz World members.

Clothing Recipe: Wild Watermelon Shirt is Solved!

First introduced in March 2010, The Wild Watermelon Shirt is finally solved! Let's all say congrats to Starburst1425 for solving this long awaited mystery clothing.
To make this shirt one would need:
Ballerina Leotard Top
Summer Fun Swimsuit Top
Emerald Polka - Dot Rain Boots
There are other clothing items still yet to be solved. Do you think you have what it takes to solve them? Head on over to the Clothing Machine Recipe section and see what you can solve.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Busy Artist Smock Recipe

Let's all say Congrats to dawnscott1, for solving the Busy Artist Smock Clothing Recipe! This clothing recipe was introduced into Webkinz World on March 16, 2011. To make this clothing recipe you will need:
  • Pink Polka Dot Rain Boots
  • Purple Beanie
  • Yellow Raincoat
So head on over to the KinzStuyle Outlet and make your webkinz a new piece of clothing. Happy Sewing!

Webkinz Insider member solves Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket Recipe

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member mrmike655 on solving the mystery of the Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket recipe. The Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket was first introduced to Webkinz World in September 2009.That is 3 unsolved years!!
All the Webkinz lovers will now have the matching jacket to the Sparkly Silver Suit Pants. To make this flashy jacket use: Tuxedo Jacket, Kinzville Academy Slacks and the Tiara.
If you are looking for other recipes be sure to visit our Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipes section.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Sweet Treats Toque Clothing Recipe

Are your pet's ears starting to feel the fall nip in the air?  Looking for another stylish toque to place on top your Webkinz head?  Keep them warm with the Clothing Machine Recipe Sweet Treats Toque!
A special thank you to Rufus Rules and her daughter for figuring out this adorable recipe and sharing it with Webkinz Insider.  
Want to create a Sweet Treats Toque of your own?  Well head over to the Kinzstyle Outlet and purchase Sequin Cabbie Cap, Stripy Toque, and Red Bow.  Then have Pollie Jean Collie assist you with blending them together in the Clothing Machine.
Want to try your hand at solving a Clothing Machine recipe?  Head over to the Clothing Machine Recipe Forum to help out.  You will find lots of recipes including the recently added True North Sweater, Cool Squares Shirt, and Rockin' Neon Shoes that are just waiting to be solved.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Moonberry Dress Clothing Recipe

This beautiful Moonberry Dress was just released into Webkinz World a couple of days ago, but thanks to Bookworm255, we all know how to make this dress!
~ Purple Pajama Top
~ Plaid Buckle Hat
~ Smocked Sundress
Let's all say our Congrats to Bookworm255 for solving this! If you want to help fellow Webkinz Insider Member solve other clothing recipes, please visit our Clothing Machine Recipes Section. There are quite a few still not solved.

New Clothing Machine Recipes Arrive In Webkinz World *UPDATE*

Calling all Clothing fans!  Webkinz has announced that a new batch of exclusive Clothing pieces have arrived at PJ's Kinzstyle store clothing machine.  Right now it is unknown what these recipes are called, how many have been added, or what they all look like.
Think you can solve some of these recipes? Why not join our other fabulous WI members over at the "Stylish Webkinz" section of the forum.  These users have been dedicating their time to solve the mysterious clothing recipes in webkinz world.  Who knows, you may be able to crack the code on 1 of the 15 still unsolved recipes!
UPDATE: Further investigation here at Webkinzinsider found that no clothing items have been added to Webkinz World at this time. There are still 15 unsolved recipes to work on, good luck to our recipe solvers!

Seaside Sarong Clothing Machine Recipe Solved!

Congratulations to fumble99 and the rest of our Insider sleuths for finally solving the Seaside Sarong!! This clothing recipe has eluded our members since September 19, 2009! Thanks also to a few recent clues posted by Ganz, leading to the Wide tan pants as the mystery item that was needed.
Now you too can create a Seaside Sarong in the Kinzstyle outlet's clothing machine using the Summer Fun Swimsuit top, Bright Green Swim trunks, and the Wide tan pants!
Have fun and keep those ideas coming for our other unsolved clothing recipes along with our fantastic Webkinz Insider super solvers!!

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