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Caring Valley

WI Confirms June Caring Valley Pet!

We can now confirm that June's Caring Valley pet is the Persian Cat.  
June Caring Valley Webkinz
As many of you already know, Caring Valley Webkinz are similar to the wCares Webkinz that were released last year.  Each plushie comes with two tags:  one to adopt the Webkinz and one to claim your Caring Valley prizes.  Ganz will feature different plushie each month.  The Webkinz Panda is the pet for April and the Poodle is the pet for May.  To find out more about the Caring Valley, and to see pictures of the new Caring Valley prizes, please check out our Caring Valley Prizes article.

The Caring Valley Added to Webkinz World

In addition to the Deluxe Membership, Ganz also added the Caring Valley to Webkinz World last night! Thanks to yaniella from our forum for providing us with a picture of the Caring Valley map! 

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Remember, in order to plant saplings and get an Enchanted Tree, you must buy a Webkinz that has a "Caring Valley" tag on it.  The first Caring Valley Webkinz is the Panda, which will be available this month.  Next month's Caring Valley Webkinz is the Poodle.

New Ad for Caring Valley - Picture of Enchanted Tree!

Thanks to cnetski for taking a screenshot of a new ad in Webkinz World for the Caring Valley. It appears to give a preview of what the Enchanted Trees will look like!   Until now, we hadn't been able to confirm any images or information about the Enchanted trees.


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As we learned last week with the preview of the Caring Valley Planter's Handbook, after you activate 4 Caring Valley Webkinz and plant their saplings, you are awarded a customizable Enchanted Tree!

Caring Valley Planter's Handbook Available in wShop! *UPDATE*

Thanks to mashley and Dash for making us aware that there's a new Caring Valley Planter's Handbook for sale in the wShop.  The new book is an introduction to the Caring Valley in Webkinz World.  As many of you know, the Caring Valley will be activated by the codes from the new Caring Valley Webkinz that will be available at retailers soon.


UPDATE:  The Caring Valley Planter's Handbook has been removed from the wShop.


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According to the new book, each Caring Valley code that you enter earns you a seedling that you can choose to plant anywhere in the Caring Valley.   Each area is designated to different charities and Ganz will make Webkinz Foundation donations based on your selections.  Once you have planted 4 saplings, you will be awarded an Enchanted Tree, which can be customized to your own liking.  These trees can be placed in your yard or treetop room, and the it appears that the type of tree that you receive will change on a monthly basis.


If you'd like to see all the pages in the book, now that it's not available at the wShop, visit mashley's thread for pictures of all the pages in the

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