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Three New Prizes Coming Soon to the Game of SPREE!

It's time to go shopping! The game of SPREE has  three new prizes coming soon, for you to buy when you reach the Mall. Here they are: the Twirly Slide, the Gold Leaf Bed and the Designer High Heels.
You can play SPREE in the Webkinz Arcade, once a day. Learn all about this game in our WIKI. See the other SPREE prizes by clicking HERE.
Please be careful about entering the mall just yet, as these prizes are not ingame yet.

New SPREE Prizes Coming on October 30! *UPDATE*

If you like to play the game of SPREE in the Webkinz World Arcade, you will be happy to learn that 3 new prizes will soon be added. They are the Elegant Overcoat, the Golden Bathtub and the Golden Toilet. The last two items are a great match for the Golden Sink which was added in June 2013.
These 3 items are not ingame yet, but they will be added to the inventory of SPREE prizes on October 30, 2013.
Learn all about the SPREE game in our forum and in our WIKI.
*UPDATE*: With this morning's maintenance, these 3 new SPREE prizes are now available.

Four Jumbleberry Fields Prizes Retire on September 18!

Webkinz Insider members who are fans of the Jumbleberry Fields game will be interested in this information from Webkinz Newz. It has just been announced that these four prizes will be retired on September 18. They are from left to right, the Berry Farm Scarecrow, the Farmer's Hat, the Farmer's Boots and the Jug of Pickleberry Juice.
The Farmer's Boots and Hat are prizes awarded when you fill a jar of Jumbleberrries. The Berry Farm Scarecrow is a prize for a full jar of Sugarberries, as is the Jug of Pickleberry Juice despite its name.
You have until September 18 to get these prizes, but also consider saving your berries in case new prizes are introduced. Our members will remember that six new prizes were introduced recently; read about it HERE.
Learn all about this game in our forum HERE and in our WIKI

Wacky Zingoz Challenge and Clicking Event!

The Wacky Celebration events are piling up! There has been much speculation about a Wacky Cheerleader Dress and Pom Poms. We now know that these two adorable items of clothing will be prizes in a Webkinz Challenge from August 17 to September 17 2013.
Learn all about Challenges and the Wacky Zingoz Celebration in our WIKI.
There will also be a floaty-clicky event in Webkinz World, with a little Wacky floating through your account wherever you can also see your dock. There will be various prizes for this clicking event which will run from August 17 to September 1st.
Currently running are special prizes of baseball clothing when scoring over 11,500 points on WackyER Zingoz and a Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy when coring over 600 points on Wacky Zingoz.
Have a wacky good time!

Wacky Zingoz Celebration Starts in Webkinz World!

Just when you thought that things could not get any wackier...
The Wacky Zingoz Celebration, an annual event held in August since 2011, is getting an early start today. Although the official dates for the Wacky Zingoz Celebration are from August 17 to September 1, 2013, the fun has already started a week early in the Webkinz Arcade. Play the game of WackyER Zingoz, earn a minimum of 11,500 points and you will be awarded a piece of Wacky Zingoz Baseball Outfit in the bright yellow that  we all have learned to love.
You will find many help threads and guides on how to play the WackyER Zingoz game in our forum HERE, and in the WIKI.
Learn all about this Celebration in our WIKI.

Five Retired Arcade Games Return to Webkinz World!

In a surprise move in the Arcade of Webkinz World, five old retired games have been brought back from retirement and are now available for Deluxe-only members. However, when a Deluxe game is the Game Of The Day, it can be played by all members, whether Deluxe or not.
The returning games are Iceberg Escapades, Skater Kat, Dashing Dolphin, Jazz Monsters and Zingoz Bounce. Watch for when these games become the Game Of The Day and can be played by all members.
Today's Game Of The Day is Iceberg Escapades - an early version of the newer Waddell's Icecap Adventure - and can be played by anyone today. Try it, you'll like it!

New Jumbleberry Prizes Added in Webkinz World!

With today's maintenance, several new prizes have been added to the Jumbleberry Fields Game in Webkinz World. Above you can see the two new prizes that can be chosen when you fill your jar of red jumbleberries. They are the Jumbleberry Tea Set and the Jumbleberry Wreath.
When you fill your jar with yellow sugarberries, your new prize choices will be the Weathered Farmhouse Chair and the Sugarberry Dress. The new green pickleberry prize is the Weathered Farmhouse Table and the new purple moonberry prize is the Berry Preserve Cellar.
The game of Jumbleberry Fields is a daily activity, similar to a game of yahtzee, and is accessible through either the Daily Activities or the Arcade, but can be played only once a day. Good luck to all in obtaining these awesome new prizes!

New Prizes Coming Soon to Webkinz Spree Game! *UPDATE*

Webkinz Newz has just announced the addition of three new prizes to the game of Spree! These three new items will soon be available when you reach the Mall: they are, from left to right, the Gold Leaf Trophy Pedestal, the Luxury Airliner and the Golden Sink.
To make room for these new additions, one item is being retired: the Monkey Kinzbanz Wall Art.
The new items are not yet in the system, so if you wish to acquire one, play Spree daily to get nearer the Mall but do not enter it as yet.
Learn all about the game of Spree in our WIKI.
UPDATE: June 6, 2013: As of today's maintenance, the new prizes are now available in SPREE!

Winterfest Challenge has Members Scratching their Heads

After today's update, the Winterfest Challenge was added to Webkinz World.
The problem comes for Non Deluxe members. In recent weeks, Ganz has made certain games that are only available to Deluxe members and Waddell's Icecap Adventure was amongst the list of games that were made exclusive to them.
The last part of the Winterfest Challenge asks members to earn 20 KinzCash in a Deluxe Only game, which is not accessible to Non Deluxe members. Hopefully this oversight will be fixed soon and everyone in Webkinz World will be able to complete the Winterfest Challenge.

Rockerz Backstage Run Game leaves September 26th

Have you managed to win the Rockerz Backstage Run's trophy yet? If you haven't won it yet, better hurry and try to score at least 4000 points because the game is only available until September 26th. The game is very similar to Home Before Dark except in this version, you are building paths from the parks to the stages.
Will you help the Rockerz Pets make it to the concert in time?  Better hurry! September 26th will be here before you know it.

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