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Goal Achieved in Candy Bash 2 Communal Contest

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It looks like Webkinz World players had great success playing Candy Bash 2 Today.  The goal of collecting $1,750,000 KinzCash has already been achieved!  If you participated in this week's contest, don't forget to log on to Webkinz World on Monday to claim your $700 KinzCash prize.

Webkinz World Updates Expected Sometime in March

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that they will be making some updates to Webkinz World during the month of March:
  • A new game is going to be added to the Arcade.  It's a sequel to a current game.  We bet our members will be "hopping" with excitement over it when it arrives.
  • An old, previously retired, game is going to be coming back to the Arcade.  Could it be Skater Kat?  Dashing Dolphin?  Jazz Monsters?  We'll just have to wait and see.
  • A "special St. Patrick's Day event" is also coming.  This is the first year Ganz has released seasonal Webkinz for this holiday, and it looks like they've decided to celebrate in Webkinz World too.
  • Ganz is also making some changes to the Communal Contest.  They've admitted that last week's contest was too difficult, and they want to make improvements.  Have some ideas for how they can make this feature better?  Head on over to the Feedback page and let Ganz know.

The Communal Contest Has Started -- Post Your High Scores! *UPDATE*

The Communal Contest began at midnight (US) kinztime! We need all of you to try your best at Goober's Lab, so we can work together to achieve the goal! Make sure that, before you start playing, you sign up on Webkinz World to participate in the contest by clicking the "Communal Contest" link and "Enter"! Anyone is still eligible to participate and receive the 500 Kinz Cash prize if we reach 6,000,000,000 points collectively.
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The Communal Contest counter is currently running and we have a few answers from Ganz to some of the questions you've been asking!
  1. You have to play Goober's Lab in the arcade for the points to count. Don't play in the Tournament Arena.
  2. In the future, we are going to make Daily Activities - like Big Button of Kinzcash or Wheel of Wishes - options for prizes sometimes. If those are voted for, you have to do the activity on the Monday.
  3. The contest runs for everyone over U.S. Kinz Time.
We're also running a chat thread/high score thread here on WI to "sweeten the pot"! Post your screen shot of your high score in the thread linked below and you might win a prize from the WI prize vault!!

WI Members Fill Jumbleberry Jars in Jumbleberry Fields Game

Originally submitted by JacksMom on Fri, 02/05/2010 - 1:00pm.
After weeks of members playing the new Jumbleberry Fields game daily, today we received multiple reports of WI members finally filling the first jar with red jumbleberries!  Congratulations to karybear for being the first member to report a full jar, and to beekay for being the first member to provide us with images of her full jar and prize.
Each member received a different prize, so it appears that the prizes awarded with a full jar are going to be randomly assigned.  Karybear received a "Modern Juicer", while beekay received a "Fresh Berries Sign".  These are the same prizes other members have received from just feeding berries directly to their pets.  Here is a picture of what beekay saw when she was awarded her prize:
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Many members had hoped that filling a jar would allow the player to choose a prize, but this turned out to not be the case.  It's still not known which prizes will be awarded for filling the remaining Sugarberry, Pickleberry, and Moonberry jars.  For pictures of all the prizes in the Jumbleberry Fields game, check the images on the Webkinz Insider Wiki, found here:  Jumbleberry Fields Prizes.
We look forward to reports of more prizes for filling all berry jars, so we can collect and track more information about this game.  For more information and advice on game strategy, read the Jumbleberry Fields game guide here:  Jumbleberry Fields Guide and Member's Prize Gallery.

Glitch Affects "High Roller" and "Moonberry Madness" Badges

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Here on Webkinz Insider we are getting reports that instead of receiving a "High Roller" or a "Moonberry Madness" badge for getting five pests or five moonberries in the Jumbleberry Madness game, players are getting a "Wrong Parameters" error message.  These messages started showing up immediately following Wednesday's site maintenance.  These glitches have been added to Webkinz Insider's Official Glitch report, HERE.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will get this sorted out soon.

Webkinz Insider Members Receive Twigzy Trophy & Badges

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member JBONE92 on completing all 10 levels of the new Tunneling Twigzy game and receiving a brand new trophy.  To see pictures of what happens when you complete the game and get Twigzy to the "Ultimate Party Pad", please click HERE.
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And, congratulations to WI member  webkinzkid on receiving the "Total Clearance" badge.  

New Game Tunneling Twigzy Coming on Wednesday!

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that a new game named Tunneling Twigsy will be coming to the Webkinz World Arcade and Tournament area next Wednesday!  Twigzy is a Caterpillar who travels down inside a tree by digging through a puzzle-board of colored blocks while avoiding getting hit by falling debris.  Twigzy wants to get to the "ultimate party pad" at the bottom of the tree.

NEW Game in Tournament Arena, Duck Crossing, PVP only

The maintenance has brought us some GREAT surprises so far. The new Game is a Player Vs Player game in the Tournament Arena. You build a maze with your duck and try to get to the other side. You can't trap your opponent. Thank You BinkyBohBoh for playing with me.
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New Arcade Tournament Game Coming Soon: Duck Crossing

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Ganz has announced that a brand new game will be coming to the Arcade Tournament Area soon: Duck Crossing.  The objective of this game is to get your Duck across the pond before your opponent does.   Both players take turns moving their ducks and placing "reeds" (to block the other player).  The first player to get all of the way across the pond is the winner!  This game is expected to appear in Webkinz World in the next few weeks.

WI Member wins New Polarberry Jam Trophy!

Congratulations go out to WI Member wkwcollecter for earning the Polarberry Jam Trophy today!  Along with the fabulous looking trophy she also earned a Jam Master Badge and a Jam Lightning Badge.

According to wkwcollecter, the Trophy was awarded after Level 15.  Unfortunately it is not sendable in KinzPost.

Enjoy these images provided by wkwcollecter:
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Update: A short time after winning the Polarberry Jam Trophy, wkwcollecter played again and confirms a subsequent trophy cannot be awarded on the same Webkinz World account.  Instead she received this message:
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