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Goober's Lab Webkinz Game on iPhone, iPod Touch -- But Where is it? *UPDATE*

Originally Submitted by Justin on Sat, 07/03/2010 - 11:46am
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Thanks to BalletDancer97 from our Webkinz Forum for pointing out a small piece of news in the Webkinz newspaper in Webkinz World today. As shown above, the "small headline" tells us that the first official Webkinz app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is out! 
However, we can't find it in the App Store anywhere. Here's a screenshot of what happens when you search for "webkinz" or "goober" in the App Store.
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Hopefully Ganz will provide more details on the app and where to get it in the App Store!
UPDATE (July 9th):  Ganz has announced that this new app will be "coming soon".  And, perhaps most importantly, they have confirmed that this new app will be linked to your Webkinz World account.  When you're out of internet range, you can earn KinzCash for your pets, and then when you get back in range, you can send the money to your account.

Communal Challenge for June 19th & 20th

The Prize for this week-end's Communal Challenge will be a Delicious Drinks Refreshment Cooler. The game to play this week-end will be the Eager Beaver Adventure Park, and the goal to reach is 800,000,000 points. Remember you need to participate in the challenge in order to receive the prize if we meet the goal.
Good Luck everyone!

Webkinz World announces new Soccer Challenge ~ Updated

Thanks to windcolors for letting us know about a new Front Page in the Kinzville Times in Webkinz World, announcing the new sensational SOCCER CHALLENGE game. Players will get 5 chances to score, and those who succeed will win prizes such as cool-colored soccer jerseys, soccer cleats and a soccer ball.
Check the Daily Events board to play.
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UPDATE: Congrats to b1uski3sxox for winning the Red & White Soccer Jersey
The other items which are possible to win are:
Congrats to brtswim on earning the "Time Taker Badge"

High Scores return to Webkinz world

As we reported earlier, Webkinz Newz had promised the return of High Scores to the Arcade. A few very observant people on Webkinz Insider have reported that we now have functioning high scores in the Arcade. Now you can go to the arcade and compete against the high score tally pet and see if you can improve you score in the games. The High Score is refreshed every hour, so keep on trying to get your name on the High Score above the game you play the best.
You will also notice that in the Index on Front Page the scores for the day and yesterday's scores are being updated as well.

Bamboo Break Game Temporarily Removed from Arcade

webkinz cheatsIf you can't find the game Bamboo Break in the Arcade, here is why: this was tweeted by Ganz earlier this morning:
"Bamboo Break has been taken off the site. We're going to be making some changes, and then it will be back."

New Prizes: Balloon Dart Hat and Monkey & Monkey Movie Poster

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As some of you may remember, about six months ago Ganz ran a news story on some new prizes that would be coming to Webkinz World soon.  Included in the story was a picture of a hat with a dart on top of it. Thank you to Webkinz Insider TNVOLS who played the Balloon Dartz on her Asian account this morning, we can confirm that the "Balloon Dart Hat" has arrived! 
And, thank you to Webkinz Insider member CindyMommy for showing us a picture of her latest win on the Wheel of Yum:  the "Monkey & Monkey Movie Poster".  This is a brand new prize in Webkinz World and should not be confused with the "Monkey & Monkey Poster" that was removed from the wheel in October 2007, or with the "Monkey and Monkey Poster" that is a Trading Card prize.  
NOTE:  As many of you have pointed out, the grammar on the poster is incorrect.  The poster says "Whose the Monkey Now?" when it really should say "Who's the Monkey Now?".  No word at this point on if/when Ganz is going to fix the text.
UPDATE (April 29th):  The text on the Monkey & Monkey Movie Poster has been fixed.  It now says "Who's the Monkey Now."

Communal Contest for April 10th & 11th

By a landslide, the prize for this week's Communal Challenge is 400 KinzCash! The goal for this weekend...
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450,000,000 points everyone! We can do it. We can work together and get those points! Good Luck everyone!

Communal Challenge for April 3rd & 4th

Originally Submitted by COWS4YOU on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 11:46pm.
UPDATE: We'd like to recommend to our members outside of Canada to help pay back the wonderful Canadian members of our community who have gone out of their way to provide thousands of Chipette codes for our contest for non-Canadian members next week -- Play as many games of Home Before Dark as you can! Let's make sure we don't miss our goal this weekend and go all out for everyone in Webkinz World in celebration and gratitude for what our Canadian members have done!
Members watched as the Mega Stove and the Oak Paneled Pool were battling it out for the lead prize and it all came down to the last hour of voting. So without further adieu... The prize for this week's Communal Challenge is... The Oak Paneled Pool!  The Challenge for Webkinz Members this weekend is to earn 125,000,000 points in Home Before Dark. We can do it! Good Luck everyone!
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Congratulations to Webkinz World communal contest game players for scoring 570,000,000 points in Triple Strike Solitare to achieve this week's goal! If you participated in this week's communal contest, don't forget to log on to Webkinz World on Monday to claim your prize - the Sunken Treasures Toybox!

Arcade Newz: Lily Padz 2 Arrives & Color Storm Returns

Originally Submitted by FIA on Tue, 03/16/2010 - 10:48pm.
webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that they will be making some changes to the Webkinz World Arcade on Wednesday, March 17th.  A brand new game called Lily Padz 2 will be arriving, and the old favorite Color Storm will be returning.  To learn more about these games, please visit the Arcade section of the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.
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UPDATE (Tuesday 8:15am):  The games are now in the Arcade!  Go give them a try!

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