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Webkinz Insider member wins Wackyer Zingoz trophy!

webkinz cheatsCongratulations to WI member scotlandd on the first win of the new Wackyer Zingoz trophy! The game just came out today after Webkinz World's big updates. The trophy was won for completing level 10 in the game. Hope to see more wins, good luck players!!

New Webkinz Arcade Game: WackyER Zingoz!

wackyer zingoz webkinz gameIn addition to the new Kinzville Map and the Unlock the Key to Kinzville achievement minigame, there's been another addition to Webkinz World with today's update: WackyER Zingoz - a new arcade game!
We don't have any specifics, other than that there is a trophy, as we were kicked out of Webkinz World before obtaining any more screenshots, but we're sure that one of our members will have some shortly!
In the meantime, here's the intro screen for the new game!
UPDATE:  Thank you to WI member wiiboy829 for these pictures from inside the game.  The objective of the game is to get Wacky to the target at the end of the level in five hits.
webkinz cheats
webkinz cheats
And, thank you to WI member BallerinasMom for sharing this picture
with us of the "Right on Target Badge" she won on the new game.

New Badge and Tagline unlocked in Fly the Whimsy Sky Game

 Webkinz Insider member Exoteric made it to level 16 in Fly the Whimsy Skies today. After level 9 she unlocked a new badge and at level 15 a new tagline for My Page.
For more information about My Page Badges be sure to visit our Webkinz Insider Wiki.
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New Arcade Game: Whimsy Skies for Deluxe Members Added to Webkinz World

webkinz cheatsDeluxe Members now have another exclusive game for them in the arcade; it is called Whimsy Skies. The object of the game is manuever Capri through the clouds to collect flags. Just watch out for the purple dragons before they tag you. So head up to the Arcade and fly Capri in the Whimsy Skies.
For more information on this new game, please visit the Fly the Whimsy Skies article in our Wiki.

"Fly the Whimsy Skies" Ads Spotted in Webkinz World

webkinz cheats
All over the forum this afternoon we have been getting reports of new advertisements popping up in Webkinz World.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member GuppyGirl101 for this picture from her account.
Players who click on the advertisement are taken to the arcade, but there is no "Fly the Whimsy Skies" game there.  Perhaps we are getting a sneak peek at a future game to be added to Webkinz World?  As soon as any more information is revealed, we will bring it to you here.

Webkinz Insider member wins Atlantiles trophy!!

Congratulations to webkinzsmom for winning the elusive Atlantiles trophy!! Many members are still having trouble even getting the game to load, and getting past level 8 has also been a problem. So let's hope these issues have been resolved and even more trophies will soon be won!!
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Glitch Affects Atlantiles, Players Can't Get Past Level Eight

webkinz cheats
Since "Atlantiles" debuted in the Webkinz World Arcade on Wednesday, we have been getting reports from our members that there seems to be a problem with the game.  Players are telling us that the game keeps locking up and going to a blue screen, eventually booting them out of Webkinz World.  Their High Scores are not recorded, and the KinzCash is not awarded.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member monkeecj for this picture from his account.
By comparing the reports, we now know that this happens to every player who is able to complete Level Eight in the game.  So far, no one has been able to make it on to Level Nine.  Many are suspecting that the Trophy, or perhaps a Badge, for the game is supposed to be awarded at this point, but there is a problem in the programming that is preventing the game from moving forward.  Whatever the problem is, hopefully the programmers at Ganz will sort it out soon.  

New Arcade Game Atlantis Arrives in Webkinz World

webkinz cheats
Webkinz World members woke up to find a new Arcade game; Atlantis, in the Arcade section. This new game is available to everyone! The object of this game is find pairs using the most direct path . Members can match up various items and if they are fast enough, can even earn a time bonus! Why not head on over to the Arcade and play this fun game today!
Thanks to purplesquiggle, we can see prizes for this game, from MyPage.
webkinz cheats   webkinz cheats

Webkinz on iPhone, iPod Touch - Goober's Lab Game Awards Real Kinz Cash! *UPDATE*

For years, our users have asked the age-old old question -- Will Webkinz ever work on an iPhone or iPod Touch? Many of you may remember a month ago, when we told you that Goober's Lab was coming to the iPhone, but it never appeared in the App Store. Well, thanks to webkinzonfire9 from our Webkinz Forum, we can now confirm that the first official Webkinz iPhone App (and iPod Touch) has arrived and costs 99 cents! Just search for "Goobers Lab" in the App Store. And the best part, which delight all of you Webkinz fans -- the Kinz Cash you earn in the Goober's Lab game syncs to your Webkinz account!
 goobers lab iphone
The game will be perfectly familiar to all of you who know and love Goober's lab, including the ever-famous "Go Science!" exclamations! We've downloaded the app and can confirm that it works perfectly, and will log you in to you Webkinz account and sync the Kinz Cash you've earned.
You can even play "offline", and the game will "bank" your Kinz Cash earnings until you get another chance to sync up to your Webkinz accounts. I can see the Kinz Cash piling up already, and your "Angry Birds" might start feeling a little neglected! Read more for more screenshots.
UPDATE (August 17th):  Some of you have been winning the trophies while playing the App, but those trophies have not been transferred to your Webkinz accounts.  Justin, the owner of Webkinz Insider, contacted Ganz to find out what's going on:
"I've spoken with Ganz about the trophies and they weren't supposed to be awarded in the iPhone version, that's why references to them were removed from the instructions. 

However, since it is awarding them in game play, they are looking into the possibility of transferring the trophies from the iPhone to your Webkinz account. If it is possible, they will do it. If not, they'll remove the trophy earning from the game so that no one else gets confused.
 read more »

Reminder -- Soccer Challenge Daily Event Ends Today!

Today is the last day to play the popular "Soccer Challenge" as a regular Daily event. Many members have reported that the daily activity and event has already been removed from the Asian accounts daily activities list, where it was found along with other activities such as the Wheel of WOW.
The event was scheduled to end after the World Cup Final--which takes place today in South Africa--and will no longer be a regular daily event for players to try their luck at, and earn many soccer themed items and clothing.  Earlier this week however, Ganz tweeted that the Soccer Challenge will not be removed entirely from Webkinz World:  It will be added to a pool of daily/hourly activities to show up each month. Keep your eyes open for more soccer fun in the future!

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