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There is a new Game in Webkinz World - Spree

webkinz cheatsDo you love to shop? Well then you will love hearing that there is a new game in Webkinz World that will have you heading to the Mall. This new game is called Spree. You will have three cars to choose from when you start this game and it plays like a board game in which you can collect credits along the way. But watch out for that Robber Card!!
Thanks to Webkinz Insider member CheekyDB for the following pictures including the awesome prizes available. Be sure to visit our Wiki to learn all about Webkinz World arcade games.
webkinz cheatsUPDATE: Thanks to Webkinz Insider member WI 50ish we can now tell you that there is a new Mall Mania Badge available to be won during this new game!!
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webkinz cheats
Update - There is now a Floaty Clicky Promotional going on at Webkinz Newz.  Each day from the 13th to the 20th you can stop by to find dice and earn a bonus roll! 
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DiceKinz Pet Packs Disappear from Webkinz wShop

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If you have been shopping in the Games section of the wShop lately, you may have noticed that there are less items for sale.  In a surprise move, Ganz has removed nearly all of the DiceKinz Pet Packs from the store.  The only Pet Pack to survive is the Koala PetPack.  
At this point it is not clear why Ganz made this change.  Is it a glitch, or is it something that was done on purpose?  If/when we learn more, we will bring that information to you here.  In the mean-time, if you have a Pet Pack on your account, hang on to it!
To see pictures of all of the Webkinz Pet Packs, take a look at the Webkinz Insider WIki.

Webkinz Players Wonder About "Flutterbugged" Trophy

webkinz cheatsIt has been one week since the game Flutterbugged was introduced to the Webkinz Arcade, and players all over Webkinz World are wondering what it takes to earn this game's trophy.  Typically when a new game is added, someone wins the trophy in the very first day, but this game is proving to be an exception. Webkinz Insider member monkeecj has the highest known score so far, 6175 points, but no trophy.
According to the game's instructions, players can win the trophy by leading "enough Flutterbugs into Candy Carnations."   As soon as someone in the forum figures out exactly what it takes to earn this mystery trophy, we will bring that news to you here.
For more information on the game Flutterbugged, check out the game's discussion section in our forum.

"Where's Wacky" Arcade Game Coming to iPhone App Store

webkinz cheatsIf you're a fan of Where's Wacky, and if you own an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, this next bit of news is for you.  Ganz has announced that Where's Wacky app is available at the App Store.  Webkinz players can how hunt for Wacky on their mobile devices and earn KinzCash when they are away from their Webkinz World accounts.
Other Webkinz World iStore apps include Polar Plunge, Smoothie Moves, Cash Cow 2, and Goober's Lab.  Sorry Droid and Blackberry owners, these games are iStore exclusives.

Flutter-bugged - A new Game in Webkinz World

webkinz cheatsOur gamers will be very excited this morning to discover a new game in Webkinz World. We have received many reports about this new addition after this mornings maintenance!!
The object of this game is to not let the Flutterbugs touch Fiona, a Cotton Candy Sheep. If they touch Fiona she will start to giggle, if she giggles too much the game is over. The longer the chase goes on the faster the game gets. If you lead enough of the Flutterbugs into Candy Carnation you could win a trophy!
 You can learn more about the games in Webkinz World by visiting our WIKI. Thanks to Webkinz Insider members Gmagator and klcottingim for alerting us to this new game!!

New HOP Game in the Webkinz Arcade!

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A special treat for St Patrick's Day, the new HOP game, that we've seen advertised, is now offered in the Arcade. In addition, HOP Before Dark will be the Game of the Day for March 17, offering bonus cash.
HOP Before Dark is a version of the older Home Before Dark which it replaces for now. The object of the game is the same, but the various Webkinz characters have been replaced with the Hopping Bunny and many little Chickie Plushies, and the prizes collected along the path are Easter treats.
You can learn more about Home Before Dark in our forum HERE and in our WIKI.

Wackyer Zingoz is . . . well Wackyer . . er!

webkinz cheatsWebkinz Newz announced today that the arcade game WackyER Zingoz is now wackier than ever. Next time you play WackyER Zingoz watch for new animations. Wacky now has new reactions to different situations!!
Be sure to visit our Wiki to learn all about this exciting game. Have fun!!
Thanks go to WI member jeans94 for alerting us to this announcement.

New "Newzapalooza" Game-of-the-Day Coming Soon

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On Wednesday Ganz announced that a new "daily game" would be coming to Webkinz World and/or the Webkinz Newz soon.  Now, thanks to several very observent Webkinz Insider members, we know what the game is going to be called:  Newzapalooza.  On Thursday, many of our members spotted advertisements for the new game running in Webkinz World.  We don't have any details yet, but as soon as they are revealed, we will bring them to you here.

Webkinz Players Wonder About Bamboo Break Message *UPDATE*

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Just after Midnight last night, the news crawler in Webkinz World was updated to say that Bamboo Break has returned to the Arcade.  Unfortunately, it appears that the announcement was posted too early, because, as Webkinz players are discovering, the game isn't really there.  Hopefully this announcement is an indication that the game really will be returning soon.  We know that all eyes will be on the Arcade following Thursday's scheduled site maintenance.
As many of you will remember, Bamboo Break was removed from the Arcade in April 2010.  At that time, Ganz said, "Bamboo Break has been taken off the site. We're going to be making some changes, and then it will be back."   
UPDATE (10:25am, ET, Wednesday):  Moments ago Ganz released the following statement, "Bamboo Break is not back, and won't be back tomorrow. We do have a new version, but it's going back into development for additonal changes."

Two More Webkinz World Arcade Games Added to Apple App Store

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If you're a fan of Webkinz games Cash Cow 2 or Smoothie Moves, and you own an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, you can now play your favorite games on the go.  Ganz has added these two Arcade games to the Apple App Store.  You can play the games when you're away from your computer, then, when your mobile device is connected to the internet, your KinzCash will transfer over automatically.
These games are only available for Apple devices.  They are not available for Droid products.
UPDATE:  If you haven't yet purchased Goober's Lab for your iPhone, you can pick it up for FREE today.

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