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Ganz Fixes Judy Moody/Jumbleberry Fields Log Out Issue

webkinz cheatsThose of you who have been experiencing random log outs in Webkinz World related to the Judy Moody promotion should be happy to hear that the issue has been fixed!
Moments ago Ganz released the following statement:  The logout issue with Judy Moody & Jumbleberry Fields has been resolved. Make sure u clear your browser cache if u are still having an issue.

Webkinz Players Wonder About Baseball Theme and Spree Items

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When the Baseball Theme was removed from the Webkinz wShop at the end of April, Webkinz players were under the impression that the items in the theme had become Curio Shop Only (aka Arte's Favorites).  For a day or two, the furniture did appear for sale in Arte's shop, but since then it has been missing.  Has this entire theme been retired forever?  
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Webkinz players are also wondering about the Spree items Ganz said would be for sale in the Curio Shop.  Both the Fast Food Menu and Fast Food Recycling Station started showing up in the Zum Shuffle Challenge in mid-April, and then a few weeks later Ganz made the official announcement about them, but so far neither item has been available for sale.  Is Arte hiding these pieces in the back of the shop with the Baseball Theme?  
 Hopefully Ganz will clarify the status of these items soon.

Ganz Investigating Webkinz World Random Log Out Problem

webkinz cheatsGanz announced a short time ago that they have heard player complaints about the random log out issue affecting Webkinz World and that they are working on a solution.  
Although many players have been experiencing random logouts for months, the issue has been affecting even more players since the introduction of the Judy Moody movie promotion to the Clubhouse.
Based on reports from our members here at Webkinz Insider, it appears that there is a very specific glitch affecting the Jumbleberry Fields game.  Players who visit the Judy Moody room first, and then play Jumbleberry Fields, get kicked out of Webkinz World without getting credit for their berries.  Players who play Jumbleberry Fields first, and then visit the Judy Moody room, do not seem to have this problem.
For more information on the Judy Moody Promotion and Jumbleberry Fields check out our WIki.

Ganz eStore "Mysteree" Promotion Item Revealed *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsFor today, May 30 Ganz is running a special promotion for a "Mysteree Item" at the Ganz eStore.  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member mayapal, we know that the item is the Empire Tall Ship.  
This ship normally costs 7000 points, but today it can be purchased for 5000 points.  Players who purchase the ship today will also receive 5 Spree bonus rolls to be used in the Arcade.
UPDATE (May 31):  Those of you who were reporting having problems redeeming your Spree promo codes should try them again.  Ganz has just announced that the glitch has been fixed.

Ganz Reveals Lily Padz 2 Game Has Second Mystery Badge

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When Webkinz Insider member dogkat13 sent in a question to Ganz asking about the rewards available in the Lily Padz 2 Arcade game, she got a surprising message in return.  According to Ganz, there are two MyPage badges available in the game.  Since the game was introduced in March 2010, there have only been reports of players winning one badge, the Dry Heights Badge.  
In March 2010, a glitch affecting some accounts allowed players to briefly see all of the badges available in Webkinz World, including a few that have never actually been available.  One of those badges was the Lily Padz Tree Frog Badge.  Could this be the badge Ganz is talking about?
To learn more about the Lily Padz 2 game and or MyPage Badges, check out the WI WIki.

Ganz Announces Webkinz Newz Spree Prize Pack Contest

webkinz cheatsLooking for more rolls for the Spree game in the Webkinz World Arcade?  Check out the Webkinz Newz this weekend.  You could win extra rolls and maybe even a Spree car!  Just tell Ganz what your top ten favorite things to do at the mall are.  Five lucky winners will be randomly selected to win.  Check out the Webkinz Newz Contest Page for complete details.
For more information on the Spree game, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.

Ganz to Make Spree Arcade Game Easier to Play!

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It appears Ganz has been listening to player feedback regarding the Spree game that was added to the Arcade last month.  A short time ago they announced that during Wednesday's scheduled site maintenance they will be making it easier for players to earn credits and to collect a full set of five shopping bags.
In a related note, many players are hoping that Ganz will also fix the programming for the Giant Zingoz Plushie, which can be purchased in the Spree Mall.  According to the item's description, it is a chair, but players purchasing the item are quickly discovering that it is not.
For more information on the Spree game, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.
Ganz has also been hinting about a new Arcade game that will be arriving on Wednesday.  Skill, speed, and accuracy on the keyboard will help you win KinzCash in this new game.  Once the details have been revealed, we will post them right here on Webkinz Insider.

Webkinz Insider Members Confused by Spree Coupons

webkinz cheats          webkinz cheats
Everyone likes winning prizes, especially in the Spree game that debuted a couple of weeks ago, but there are two prizes from this new game that have our members a bit confused.  They are the 80% off Crayons Coupon and 90% off Apple Coupon.  
Instead of being like the regular 80% and 90% off wShop coupons, these coupons can, in fact, only be used to purchase Crayons and Apples.  In the case of the Apple coupon, the coupon itself has a higher sell back value (5 KC) than it saves on the purchase of an apple (4 KC)!  
At this point it is not clear if these are the actual prizes the programmers intended to award for this game, or if this is a glitch of some sort.  Here on Webkinz Insider, our members are hoping it is a glitch that will be corrected soon.

Webkinz Insider Member Wins Flutterbugged Trophy

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member monkeecj on being the first player to win the Trophy in the Flutterbugged game.  monkeecj was awarded the Trophy when he reached 5000 points in the game.  Although he had reached this score, and higher, several times in the two weeks since the game was introduced, this is the only time he got a trophy.  
Many players had wondered if there was a glitch in the system, preventing the trophy from being awarded.  Whatever the case, it looks like things are working, and players can now get out there and earn those trophies!

Spree! Webkinz Insider Makes it to the Mall!

Webkinz Insider Member Police Property is the first to report making it to the Mall!  Here are pictures of items she got on her Shopping Spree! Here is her totally fabulous "Tween Queen" Outfit and the Fast Food Flooring and Wallpaper!
webkinz cheats 
These are just a few of the items that can be obtained! Check out the new Spree Section in our Webkinz Wiki to see the rest!
In a candid interview exclusive to the Insider, Police Property revealed the following first hand account of her trip to the mall:
"When you get to the Mall, it shows you driving down a road and tells you to click the screen at any time.  It is basically like the W-Shop; it starts at the Lowest Priced Items and goes up.  When you go to exit, it warns you that you cannot come back until your next game."

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