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New MyPage Badge Added for 2011 Wacky Zingoz Celebration

webkinz cheatsDuring the 2010 Wacky Zingoz Celebration, players who managed to win three Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophies were rewarded with the Wacky Zingoz Triple Trophy Champ Badge.  For the 2011 Celebration, players are reporting receiving the Wacky Thrills Badge instead.  Although the name for this badge is brand new, many of you will recognize the picture from the Wacky Log Out Carnival.  Both the new Wacky Thrills Badge and the old Wacky Pinata Badge have the exact same image.  
In other Wacky news, there appears to be a typo on the front page of the current Kinzville Times Newspaper.  According to the front page story, players who reach 15,500 points in the WackyER Zingoz game will win a piece of WackyER Zingoz clothing.  The actual level players need to reach is 11,500 points.  UPDATE:  The front page of the Kinzville Times has been corrected.

Wacky Zingoz Celebration Announced, August 20 to 26 *UPDATE*

Ganz has announced that the 2011 Wacky Zingoz Celebration is happening in August, and this year it is going to be better than ever!  Wacky-themed prizes and special events will be coming to Webkinz World from August 20 to August 26.
Ganz has come up with a special prize for this year's click-to-win event.  If you spot Wacky floating through the air, click on him to get a Free Ride Wacky Zingoz Hat.  According to Ganz, this prize will be "retired forever" at the end of the Celebration, so catch it while you can.
The Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy is going to be returning for another year.  If you can hit Wacky to a distance of at least 600 in the Wacky Zingoz arcade game, you will be rewarded with this unique trophy.  To get Wacky to fly that far, you must hit him so that he says "Zingoz Man!"  Visit the WIki for tips on how to improve your odds.
For the first time ever, the WackyER Zingoz arcade game is going to be included in the fun.  Players who get a score of at least 11,500 in a game will receive pieces of WackyER Zingoz clothing.  There are four different items to collect to make a complete outfit, so get in there and practice, practice, practice.  The WIki also has tips for doing your best in this game.
*UPDATE*  The Zingoz celebration has begun in Asian accounts!
It's now Saturday August 20 in our members' Asian accounts, and the Zingoz Celebration has begun.  Watch for Flying Zingoz across your WW screen, and be awarded the Free Ride Zingoz Hat.
Play the Wacky Zingoz game to receive a trophy and the WackyER Zingoz game for items of Zingoz clothing.

GUIDE: How to Beat WackyER Zingoz, Win Clothing, and Win the Trophy!

webkinz cheatsDuring this year's Wacky Zingoz Celebration, the WackyER Zingoz game will be giving out Wacky Zingoz-themed clothing to players who score at least 11,500 points in a single game.  
Based on his experience playing the game, Webkinz Insider member monkeecj has constructed a complete walk-through that not only instructs players on how to get a high score but also on how to complete the game and win the WackyER Zingoz Trophy.

Webkinz Players Wonder About DiceKinz Glitch Dice

webkinz cheatsSome of the most mysterious, and confusing, items in Webkinz World are the DiceKinz Glitch Dice.  For those of you who may not know, these dice look like the dice from the DiceKinz arcade game, but instead of showing up in the game, they are stuck in player docks.  Perhaps the most famous of the Dice is the Yellow Googles Die.  This item appeared in Webkinz World several years ago due to a glitch on the Wheel of WOW.  Players who landed on the spot marked "Ice Cream Bar Fridge" were instead awarded the dice.  Over the years, several more dice have been involved in similar glitches and now exist in player docks.  
webkinz cheats
webkinz cheats
The most common questions about these items are "What can they do?" and "What are the worth?"  The fact is that the dice can't do anything at all.  They just sit in the dock and take up space.  They can be traded and sent by KinzPost, but other than that, they have no other playable feature.  As far as what they are worth, that depends on the individual collector.  For most players, they're not worth the cost it takes to send them from one account to another.  For other players, those who've just got to have everything, they're rare items worth collecting.
webkinz cheats
Whatever your feelings toward the dice are, keep in mind that Ganz could fix the glitch at any time, without warning, and remove the items from player docks.  Whether or not you want to risk your valuable items to trade for them is totally up to you.

Webkinz Insider Member Gets Go-Goo Good Timing Badge & Trophy!

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsCongratulations to Webkinz Insider member monkeecj on winning the trophy in the Go Go Googles game.  After more than three and a half years of playing, monkeecj was shocked when the winning message popped up on his screen letting him know that he had been awarded this very rare trophy.  Then he was even more surprised when he got a message that he had also received a new Go-Goo Good Timing Badge!
Although many players have won the Go Go Googles Trophy over the years, this is the very first report we have had of someone receiving the Go-Goo Good Timing Badge.  It appears that this badge can only be won during the Goo Goo Berry Festival.  This is similar to the programming of the Wacky Zingoz Triple Trophy Champ Badge which can only be earned to during the Wacky Zingoz Celebration.
To learn more about the Go Go Googles game, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki.

Spree Bonus Advertisement Promotion Affected by Glitch *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsYesterday, in their "Weekend Round-Up" article, Ganz told players to keep an eye out on Saturday for Spree Advertisements running on the Webkinz Newz.  Players clicking on these ads are supposed to be rewarded with Bonus Rolls for the Spree Arcade game.  Unfortunately, based on the reports coming in from our members, it appears that there is a glitch affecting the promotion.  
So far, we have not had a single report of a member finding one of the advertisements today.  Instead, our members are seeing ads that say "Invalid Campaign ID".  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to sort this problem out soon.  
UPDATE (1:26pm ET):  Ganz released the following statement moments ago:  "There seems to be an issue with Spree ads.  We are currently investigating the issue."
UPDATE (July 18 11:40am ET): We are receiving reports that the SPREE ads are back and now working. 

Webkinz Players Confused by Amanda Panda's Spree Bonus Roll Gift *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsOver the past few days, many Webkinz players have been delighted to receive responses and gifts from the eight Webkinz Hosts who can now be added as friends.  One gift in particular, though, has them a bit confused.  
Several Webkinz Insider members have reported receiving a Spree Bonus Roll from Amanda Panda.  It is not clear at this point what players are supposed to do with the roll.  So far, it seems that the red dice just sits in a player's dock where it cannot be used, sold, traded, or sent by KinzPost.  We are tracking this issue in the Glitch Report section of our forum.
This appears to be similar to the glitch affecting the Blue Chihuahua Dice, Green Cow Dice, and Yellow Googles Dice that some players have sitting in their docks.  Those dice were all awarded through system glitches and, although they can be traded, nothing else can be done with them.
UPDATE (Sunday, 2:35pm ET):  Moments ago Ganz released the following statement:  The Spree Rolls received from Amanda Panda will be fixed shortly. Spree Rolls will appear in the game once the issue has been resolved.

Go Go Googles App Now Available on Apple iDevices

webkinz cheats
If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, there's now a new Webkinz World application you can buy and play.  Go Go Googles has joined the ever-growing list of Webkinz apps available for mobile devices.  Other available apps are Where's Wacky, Goober's LabSmoothie Moves, Cash Cow 2, and Polar Plunge.  Each one of these games can be played on your phone and any KinzCash you earn can be transferred over to your Webkinz World account.  For more information, see your device's app store.

Spree Fast Food Menu Sold at Curio Shop for First Time

webkinz cheatsIn April Ganz announced that a couple of new items would be coming soon to the Curio Shop.  Today we are pleased to announced that Arte has finally pulled the Fast Food Menu out of the back room and put it up for sale. If you are a Deluxe player, and you are decorating a room in the Spree Theme, be sure to stop by the Curio Shop at 12pm KinzTime on Friday, June 10.  Arte is selling Fast Food Menus for 618 KC, and since it's a Curio Shop Only item, you can buy as many as you want!  This first appearance is for Deluxe players only, but we feel confident that the item will return for all players soon
For complete Curio Shop tracking information, take a look at the Rare and CSO section of the forum.  We'll be keeping an eye out for all of the special items, including the not-yet-sold Fast Food Recycling Station.
UPDATE:  The Fast Food Recycling Station will also be for sale today (June 10), at 4pm and at 8pm KinzTime.  Both of these appearances are for Deluxe players only.

New Game in Webkinz World Arcade - Crafty Canaries *UPDATE*

webkinz cheats for crafty canaries
With today's maintenance of Webkinz World, Ganz has added a new game to the Arcade -- Crafty Canaries!
The object of the game is to slide the rows and columns to make matching lines of 3 or more. As you continue to play the game and get closer to the goal, a treehouse will be built by the canaries. It takes a bit of time to get the hang of it, here's an example below. If I slide the row one space to the left, we will get a combination of two 3-line matches (the tires circled in yellow).  Also, keep in mind that the matches can also wrap-around the edges of the game board!
crafty canaries 2 line cheat
UPDATE:  Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Taku2 on winning the new trophy and MyPage badge.  The trophy cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.
webkinz cheats

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