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New Scrambled Arcade Game Coming Soon

Webkinz arcade game players have a new game to look forward to, coming this Wednesday, January 18th! Scrambled tests your omelette cooking skills, requiring you to serve customers accurately and speedily. If you can complete 10 levels you'll also be rewarded with a cool trophy for your collection!
Lots more info on Webkinz World trophies can be found here, in our Webkinz Insider WIki!

The Smurfette Returns to Webkinz World! New Game! *UPDATE*

Webkinz Insider members with Asian accounts, where the day is now Tuesday November 29, are delighted to see the return of the Smurfette. All these new features should appear in your Webkinz World accounts when your day turns over to Nov 29.
There is a new game in the Arcade, Smurfette's Spot the Difference!
There is a new floaty-clicky: a tiny Smurfette flies across your Webkinz World. Click on it and an Enchanted Berry Pie will be deposited in your dock.
This is part of a movie promotion for the Smurf movie which will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 2nd.
*UPDATE*  Webkinz Newz have announced that these two events will end on December 13.

Webkinz Insider Gets Exclusive Sneak Peek at New Arcade Game

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webkinz cheatsA new arcade game is coming to Webkinz World in December 2011, and we have your exclusive sneak peek here on Webkinz Insider!  This evening the Creative Director of Webkinz contacted WI with this picture from their newest game, Scramble!  We know that the game has chickens, we know that it has eggs, and we know that it has a trophy!  For any more details, it looks like we're going to have to wait for the game's official release sometime next month.  We can't wait!
Thanks again to the Webkinz Creative Director for sharing this Exclusive Content with us!

Webkinz Insider Receives Exclusive News Regarding Adventure Park Quest

webkinz cheatsWe have been hearing from many Adventure Park players regarding the inclusion of the Whimsy Skies game in one of the new Adventure Park Daily Quests.  As many of you know, Whimsy Skies is a game that is exclusive to Deluxe accounts.  There was confusion as to why Ganz would include this game in a challenge that is open to non-Deluxe players.  Today Webkinz Insider has received exclusive word from the Creative Director of Webkinz regarding this issue.
It turns out that, during the quest, even non-Deluxe players can click on the game link and be taken to the Whimsy Skies game.  However, the Creative Director went on to say, "as not everyone can access the game at any time, we will be changing that Daily Quest to use Tile Towers instead."  There is no word yet on when this change will take place, but we now know that even the current quest is "winnable" by both Deluxe and non-Deluxe players.
Thank you to the Creative Director for contacting Webkinz Insider to clear things up!

New Smurf Promotion Coming to Webkinz World Soon

webkinz cheatsNovember and December sure are shaping up to be busy months in Webkinz World!  First it was the Arthur Christmas Movie Promotion, then it was the Kinectmals Game Promotion, and now it's another Smurf Movie Promotion!  Earlier today Ganz announced that they will be promoting the release of the Smurf Movie to DVD in Webkinz World from November 29 to December 13.  You may remember that they promoted the release of the movie to theaters back in July.
For the two weeks of the promotion, keep an eye on the skies in Webkinz World for floating Smurfettes.  Players who click on Smurfette will be rewarded with an Enchanted Berry Pie.  During this time there will also be a Smurf-themed game in the Arcade called Smurfette's Spot the Difference game.  This will be a fantastic chance to earn KinzCash.

Webkinz World Arcade Features New Game - Hoppy Little Rockets

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Our very own Webkinz Insider Lemony has given us a sneak peek at a new game in the Webkinz World Arcade! In this game, Hoppy Little Rocketship, you will be controlling a rocketship as it rises higher into the sky. There will be "Soda Boosts" for power, "balloons" to avoid, "emergency click boosts" and "bonus points". The higher you are able to rise the more points you will earn. The first time you reach the moon in this new game you will receive a surprise. This trophy is a one-time-only deal!! So stretch out those muscles and get ready to shoot for the moon.
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webkinz cheatsUPDATE: We already have a winner!! Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member charlesthefourth on being the first to win the Hoppy Little Rocketship Trophy. And this is no ordinary trophy as you can see by charlesthefourth's in room picture. Not only is it huge, it is animated!!

Ganz Changes SPREE Rules in Webkinz World!

File:Kinzvillemallshoppingbag.pngFans of the SPREE Game in the Arcade in Webkinz World will be delighted with the addition that Ganz has made to the SPREE rules.
It used to be that when you landed on a shopping bag that you already had in your collection, you received nothing and that was the end of that roll. With the new change in rules, when you land on a shopping bag already in your collection, you will be able to roll a special dice and possibly move up a square, move back a square, earn extra KinzCash or get a shopping bag that you don't already have.
This change in rules should make the game of SPREE even more exciting!  To learn more about this game, visit our forum HERE or our WIKI.

Spree rolls stuck no more!

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Were you suffering from Spree Rolls that were stuck in your dock? Ganz has released this information about it:
"We're pleased to announce that the "Spree Rolls stuck-in-dock" issue
has now been fixed. Users should see their Spree Roll in the Spree game and be able to use it too"
So head on over to the arcade, to head to the mall and use those rolls!

Ganz Corrects Wacky Zingoz Celebration Badge Glitch

webkinz cheatsDuring last month's Wacky Zingoz Celebration, players who managed to win at least three trophies in the Wacky Zingoz game were rewarded with a special Wacky Thrills Badge.  Unfortunately, this badge was identical to the badge awarded in the Wacky Pinata portion of the Wacky Log Out Carnival, so they didn't have anything special to display on MyPage.  
As of Wednesday's maintenance, this glitch has been fixed.  The Wacky Thrills Badge now has a brand new picture that can be displayed on MyPage.  If you were lucky enough to win one of these badges on your account, you can now show off your reward.

Jessie Comes to Webkinz World

Whether you visit the arcade...
webkinz cheats
or head to the clubhouse...
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Jessie can't be missed. The Jessie Mix Up game is temporarily replacing the Where's Wacky game in the arcade. One tries to match the pieces to continue to the next level.
In the Clubhouse, Jessie has her own room to go visit. This appears to be the same concept as the previous Judy Moody Room that appeared back in May.
If you are wondering, Who's Jessie? Jessie is a new Disney Channel Show.

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