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New Prizes Coming Soon to Webkinz Spree Game! *UPDATE*

Webkinz Newz has just announced the addition of three new prizes to the game of Spree! These three new items will soon be available when you reach the Mall: they are, from left to right, the Gold Leaf Trophy Pedestal, the Luxury Airliner and the Golden Sink.
To make room for these new additions, one item is being retired: the Monkey Kinzbanz Wall Art.
The new items are not yet in the system, so if you wish to acquire one, play Spree daily to get nearer the Mall but do not enter it as yet.
Learn all about the game of Spree in our WIKI.
UPDATE: June 6, 2013: As of today's maintenance, the new prizes are now available in SPREE!

Winterfest Challenge has Members Scratching their Heads

After today's update, the Winterfest Challenge was added to Webkinz World.
The problem comes for Non Deluxe members. In recent weeks, Ganz has made certain games that are only available to Deluxe members and Waddell's Icecap Adventure was amongst the list of games that were made exclusive to them.
The last part of the Winterfest Challenge asks members to earn 20 KinzCash in a Deluxe Only game, which is not accessible to Non Deluxe members. Hopefully this oversight will be fixed soon and everyone in Webkinz World will be able to complete the Winterfest Challenge.

Rockerz Backstage Run Game leaves September 26th

Have you managed to win the Rockerz Backstage Run's trophy yet? If you haven't won it yet, better hurry and try to score at least 4000 points because the game is only available until September 26th. The game is very similar to Home Before Dark except in this version, you are building paths from the parks to the stages.
Will you help the Rockerz Pets make it to the concert in time?  Better hurry! September 26th will be here before you know it.

New Prizes Added to the Jumbleberry Fields Game in WW!

Berry Fest is in full swing in Kinzville with plenty of berries flying! Best of all, there are new prizes to be won in the popular Jumbleberry Fields game for collecting those berries! Two new Prizes have been added to each of the four Jar Prize options!

Upon filling the Jumbleberry Jam jar, Webkinz Insider members now have a choice of the  Weathered Barn Bench and the Jumbleberry Helmet. The Freshly Baked Sugarberry Pie and the Sugarberry Beanbag Chair are available when you fill the Sugarberry Jelly jar! Complementing the existing Jumbleberry theme, are the Jam Maker's Sink and Jam Maker's Fridge, new choices for the Pickleberry Relish jar, while the Moonberry Pantry and the Moonberry Greenhouse are sure to be favourites of all Webkinz Insider members!

These new prizes are in addition to the original Jumbleberry Prizes available to be won by filling the four jars of preserves.  Webkinz Insider members can receive berries by playing the Jumbleberry Fields game in Webkinz World or by clicking them in Webkinz World and on Webkinz Newz during the Berry Fest!

Exciting Changes Coming to Jumbleberry Fields Game with the Berry Fest!

Are you ready?! ...  because there is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Berry Festival on Webkinz World which begins on July 18th and continues until the 29th!

In addition to the Floaty Clicky berries to collect in Webkinz World and on Webkinz Newz, there will be a new way to reward yourself and your pet for filling up your preserve jars when you play Jumbleberry Fields! Webkinz Insider members will be thrilled to know that they will now be able to choose thier own prize when they completely fill a jar of preserves when playing Jumbleberry fields. There will also be new Prizes available, so let's get started playing Jumbleberry Fields and filling those jars! Everyone loves new prizes!

According to Webkinz Newz, you will be able to view the new prizes by clicking the VIEW PRIZES button above your jars of preserves.  Come on, everyone! ... let's go berry picking!

Webkinz World Adds Rockerz Backstage Dash Game

After today's maintenance, Webkinz World members found a new game in the arcade.  Rockerz Backstage Dash is very similar to Home Before Dark.  In the new game you will race the Rockerz Pets to the stages before the sun rises.   As you race your the Rockerz Pets across the screen you can collect VIP Passes for extra points. 
A special thank you to Webkinz Insider Member 889wlry for bringing us this in game picture.
Those members that are talented enough to score 4000 or more points during a game will be awarded with a Rockerz Backstage Dash Trophy!   Congratulations to Webkinz Insider Member Alisha who was the first to report winning the Rockerz Backstage Dash Trophy. Alisha and her seal Harper are excited to report that the Rockerz Backstage Dash Trophy is animated!
If you need more information on the Rockerz Backstage Dash game or any of the other games in Webkinz World, please check out our games section for detailed guides. 

Webkinz Releases New Arcade Game: Leapin' Llama!

Leapin' Llamas! There is a new deluxe arcade game released today in Webkinz World.  Our members may remember a quiz last week on Webkinz Newz, which asked what "Leapin' Llamas" were the correct answer was an Arcade Game. Ever since the quiz hit Webkinz Newz we have been anxiously awaiting for the game to arrive in Webkinz World.
The game is a side-scrolling adventure. You must help Lulu the Llama avoid obstacles while racing up the mountain. The controls are simple, all you have to do is time your jumps right by pressing the UP arrow on the keyboard or your spacebar. If you hit too many obstacles or fall off the mountain your game will end.
Traaav, one very skilled member of our forum, has already completed the game and won the trophy. If you make it to the distance 1500m, you will be awarded this fabulous new trophy. It cannot be sold or traded as you can only win one trophy.  Thanks to Hiphopten for a picture of the trophy they won today.
There are also two badges to be won from this new arcade game. Our members have been collecting information about the game for the past few hours. It appears that the two badges are triggered by either the distance your llama runs that game, or the amount of obstacles they avoid.  Be sure to visit the "Gamez In Webkinz World" section of our forums to lend a hand!
Leapin' Llama is sure keep our members busy collecting for a little while, and the kinz cash you earn on the side is an added bonus! Keep in mind that you will need an active deluxe membership in order to play this game. Good luck to all of our members.

Ganz Releases New iOS App - Cloud Corral

 Ganz has released a brand new game for iOS devices. The "Cloud Corral" application can be found on the iTunes application store, and will run on most iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices.  The first five levels of this game are free, but if you upgrade to the full version you can unlock and play 25 levels!
Like the other iOS Apps released by Ganz, the full version of this game features a mobile banking system. You can earn Kinz cash while on the go, and later sync it to your Webkinz account to decorate some fabulous rooms!

New Prizes Added to Webkinz World SPREE Game! *UPDATE*

Fans of the Webkinz World SPREE! game will be rarin' to play this game with the addition of new prizes.
Webkinz Newz is offering us a sneak peek at some of the new prizes to be added starting March 28, 2012. Here is the Pink Scooter and Helmet, the Dragon Queen Robe, the Sand Castle Sofa and the Raziel Topiary. It is not yet known whether these will be a shopping bag prize or a Kinzville Mall purchase with SPREE credits.
The game of SPREE! is a daily activity in Webkinz World, and an Arcade game. It was introduced in April 2011, and this is the first time that new prizes are added. This will surely increase interest in this fun and educational game. When playing this game, the goal is not to reach the mall as soon as possible, but to accumulate as many credits as you can so that you will be able to afford to buy mall items.
You can learn all about the game of SPREE! in our WIKI.
UPDATE: You can see above, the new prizes added to the SPREE inventory of prizes.

Webkinz Insider Member wins Eggscrambled Trophy

Congratulations go out to Webkinz Insider member catsrfun2 on being the first reported member to win the new Eggscrambled Trophy. This trophy is won by completing all 10 levels of the new game Scrambled and is not kinzpostable. To learn all about Webkinz World trophies be sure to visit our WIKI.
Way to go!!  

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