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Adventure Park

Adventure Park Community Challenge


There is a new community challenge in Webkinz World.

We need to work together from July 15 until July 19th to win great prizes. If we reach the goal each day you can visit Webkinz Newz the following day after 9:30 am to receive a community code that you can enter at the code shop.
July 20, 2019:

You completed the Adventure Park Community Challenge

All of the challenges were successfully completed!! You have until midnight EST on September 30, 2019 to enter your codes.
Do you need help finding codes?
Be sure to visit our very helpful CLICK HERE thread to find all the up-to-date codes!! Our wonderful members work very hard together on this thread to bring you information/codes on emails, videos, community challenges . . . . and more!

Free Adventure Park Challenge!

Webkinz Insider members who are fans of the Adventure Park will be thrilled with this new FREE challenge available to all Webkinz World members. When logging into your account, look between the Gifts and the Foods in your dock, and you will find the Dragon's Den Adventure Pack as pictured above. Drag this backpack into your room and you will be taken to the new Dragon's Den Challenge in the Adventure Park!
Thank you Ganz for this lovely gift!

Webkinz Newz Announces next set of Adventure Park Pets

There will be some more pets with new quests coming to the Adventure Park on February 29th. The Pinto, the Caramel Lion, the Pink & White Cat and the Bengal Tiger will all have their own Pet Specific Quests next Wednesday, February 29th.
Please be sure to visit Ameriwade, Webkinz Insider's partner store if you are planning on adding to your pet collection. Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping, and a portion of every sale that is made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.

Webkinz Insider completes Valentines Challenge

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member lemony on being the first to report completing the Adventure Park Valentines Quest. Pictured at left is Mushu sporting the Goobers Goggles and standing next to the grand prize, the animated Chocolate Factory Machine. Honourable mention goes to Webkinz Insider Snake who was just moments behind posting their pictures.
To learn all about the Webkinz World Adventure Park, it's characters, quests and prizes be sure to visit the Webkinz Insider WIKI by clicking HERE. Be sure to visit Adventure Park this February to try out the FREE Valentines Quest!! 
UPDATE: If you are new to Adventure Park or you are struggling with the Valentines Quest then be sure to stop by Webkinz Insider member CheekyDB's amazing Pictorial Guide to the Valentine's Quest. You will also find a great deal of helpful information in our WIKI!
UPDATE: According to Webkinz Newz there is no time frame for completing this Valentine's Quest. Once you have started this quest you can take as long as you want to complete it. This means members can take their time and ensure they are able to indulge in ALL of the available digs by waiting each day for their new allotment of daily digs.

Special Valentines Quest Available to all in Adventure Park this February

If you have been itching to try out the Webkinz World Adventure Park but do not yet own a pet then you will be thrilled to hear that during the month of February all Webkinz World members will be able to access Adventure Park to complete a very special Valentine's Quest. Exciting Dig prizes are available to be won including the Fish King Bobblehead pictured on left.
To learn all about the Webkinz World Adventure Park, it's characters, quests and prizes be sure to visit the Webkinz Insider WIKI by clicking HERE.
UPDATE: In an update to "FREE" February in Adventure Park Webkinz Newz has offered up this scientific sample to study. The hint given is that you will get to the heart of the matter when you study this sample.  
UPDATE: Complete this Valentines Quest and you will win a Chocolate Factory Machine!!

Ganz Changes Programming for Adventure Park Mini-Quests!

webkinz cheatsA short time ago Ganz made a very big Adventure Park announcement:
"Adventure Park NEWZ! Adventure Park players can now send Mini Quests 2 ANYONE on their Friends List (no longer only to “Adventure Friends”)."
This is fantastic news for existing Adventure Park players who were having trouble sharing their quests, and for other players who now might get their first chance at playing in the Park!

Webkinz Insider Receives Exclusive News Regarding Adventure Park Quest

webkinz cheatsWe have been hearing from many Adventure Park players regarding the inclusion of the Whimsy Skies game in one of the new Adventure Park Daily Quests.  As many of you know, Whimsy Skies is a game that is exclusive to Deluxe accounts.  There was confusion as to why Ganz would include this game in a challenge that is open to non-Deluxe players.  Today Webkinz Insider has received exclusive word from the Creative Director of Webkinz regarding this issue.
It turns out that, during the quest, even non-Deluxe players can click on the game link and be taken to the Whimsy Skies game.  However, the Creative Director went on to say, "as not everyone can access the game at any time, we will be changing that Daily Quest to use Tile Towers instead."  There is no word yet on when this change will take place, but we now know that even the current quest is "winnable" by both Deluxe and non-Deluxe players.
Thank you to the Creative Director for contacting Webkinz Insider to clear things up!

Explore More and Earn New Prizes in the Adenture Park

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Looking for new treasures?  Want to see a secret location you haven't been before?  Well then we have good news for you - The Adventure Park has new quests and new prizes!
Once you are at the Adventure Park, Boris might ask you to visit the Candy Factory for him.  Or perhaps Roberta will send you to the clouds to meet with Goober.  You just never know what you might get to do at the Adventure Park.
If it isn't exploring that interests you, then maybe one of the new prizes will tickle your fancy.  The new items that you might receive are: Spicy Inferno of Peppers, Purple Dust Cluster, Anchor Down Arrow, one of 5 designs of Cave Painting, one of 5 colors of Crystal Flower, Cave Down Arrow Sign, Dragon Treasure Pile, Sapberries, or Anchor Side Arrow.  You can see all of the Adventure Park items on the WIki Picture Gallery.
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Webkinz Newz Announces New Floaty-Clicky Events for November! *UPDATE*

Webkinz Newz is announcing several new floaty-clicky events for the month of November, featuring hard-to-get clothing as prizes.
On November 4, 7, 9, 14 and 16, watch for a floating Roberta's head on any page of Webkinz Newz. Click on it, fill out the required fields and one of the above random clothing prizes will be deposited in your Webkinz World account: Cave Explorer Bottom, Cave Explorer Hat, Cave Explorer Shoes, Cave Explorer Top, Cloud Adventure Dress, Clout Adventure Hat, Cloud Adventure Shoes, Diving Bell Bottom, Diving Bell Flippers, Diving Bell Helmet, Diving Bell Top. 
On November 1, 10 and 21, look for MC Tusky floating on the Webkinz Newz pages. This is the Walrus from the Pet Of The Month video. Click on him and you will be awarded the Too Cool Ball Cap!
On November 6, 13 and 23, click on MC Tusky to get the Old School Pants.
On November 8, 17 and 29, click on MC Tusky to get the complete DJ Outfit!
Read on for a schedule of these floaty-clicky events:
 read more »

Updates at the Webkinz World Adventure Park Feature

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Thank you to members inthepink720 and purplesteve6 for alerting us to updates in the Adventure Park
New Mini Quests have been added and with these new adventures come new prizes!  The 4 new prizes are the Blooming Tree, Hoops of Fire, Stratsopheric Tea Pot, and Raziel's Rain Jacket.
Don't forget, on November 3rd, we are expecting the Webkinz Husky, Velvety Elephant, and Fox to be added as Adventure Park Pets.   Remember, you must wait until after the programming has been added to the system before you adopt your pet.  If you adopt early, you will miss out on the feature.
UPDATE:  Webkinz Insider members are reporting being able to go on Adventure Park quests with newly adopted Series 2 pets.  It appears that Ganz added the programming in for these new animals one week earlier than their announcement said they would.
A new adoption of one of these pets will unlock a quest in the Adventure Park which will give a player the chance to win some fantastic prizes.  You can get a sneak peak at the names of the quests and grand prizes on the WIki. 
All three plushies are available for sale at Ameriwade.  Don't forget that Ameriwade features $5-flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada, no matter how large your order is, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.

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