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Three New Prizes Added to Daily Kinzcare!

Our Webkinz Insider readers will now have an extra reason to log in daily to their Webkinz World accounts! Three new prizes have been added to the pool of prizes awarded randomly in the Daily Kinzcare.
Here you can see the 3 new prizes: They are the Light Up Sneakers, the Toy Basketball Hoop and the Kitchen Bulletin Board.
There are currently 39 prizes available.
There are 3 ways to get these prizes:
-Log into your Webkinz World account daily for a week and fill the heart by clickiing on I Love My Webkinz. When the heart is full, you are awarded one of the prizes.
-Do your daily Wheel of WOW and fill up the Bonus Prize Meter; you will need 15 spins to fill it, and then a prize is awarded.
-Occasionally with a bit of luck, you can get one of these prizes in the Log Out Carnival.
Three other prizes were added recently to the Daily Kinzcare: Fred Rover Plushy, Coat Rack and Morning Tea.

WI Answers Questions about Shoe Rack and Judy Moody Dresser

webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatsOver the past month, we have been getting a lot of questions here on Webkinz Insider about two prizes in particular:  the Shoe Rack and the Lime Green Dresser.  Since so many of you have been asking about them, here is some information about both.
The Shoe Rack is a prize that can be won in Daily KinzCare and/or in the Wacky Log Out Carnival.  Although it looks like a piece of furniture, it is actually a wall hanging.  If you are having trouble placing it in your room, try sticking it on a wall, just like you would a poster. 
The Lime Green Dresser is a prize from the Judy Moody movie promotion in the Clubhouse.  This prize is decorative only.  Unlike other dressers in Webkinz World, it cannot be used for storage.  Also, it is one of the three Judy Moody prizes that cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.

Daily Kinzcare items can be sold

Since the beginning of the New Daily Kinzcare game, members have desired the ability to sell the items back to the wShop for Kinzcash. Their wish has become Ganz's command!
You can now sell your excess items to the W-shop. The selling prices for each of the items are shown above! For a complete listing of Daily Kinzcare items check out our WIki.

Top Five Questions & Answers on Daily KinzCare Prizes

webkinz cheatsAs more and more of our members are receiving Daily KinzCare Prizes on their accounts, we have been getting questions in our forum asking exactly how this feature works.  
Here are the top five questions and answers.
  • How do I win a Daily KinzCare Prize?  Just visit Webkinz World seven days in a row, from Monday to Sunday, and click on the Daily KinzCare button.  At the end of the week, you will be rewarded with a prize.
  • How many Daily KinzCare prizes are there?  There are currently sixteen different prizes.  They can be viewed in Webkinz Insider's Picture Gallery, HERE.
  • Why did I get a duplicate Prize?  Although many players had hoped the Daily KinzCare prizes would be programmed like POTM Exclusives, not awarding a duplicate until a player had at least one of everything, it turns out that they are programmed like regular Adoption Exclusives.  So, getting a duplicate is not unusual.
  • How much is my prize worth?  Because these prizes cannot be sold, traded, or sent by KinzPost, they have no exchange value.  How much a prize is "worth" depends entirely on how much you like it.
  • How can I "get rid of" a prize I don't want?  The only way to remove one of these prizes from your account is to contact Ganz and ask them to delete it from your dock.
For more information on contacting Ganz, please visit the "Contact Ganz" page of our WIki.

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