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Ganz Updates Mazin' Hamster Hamlet

webkinz cheatsThere have been some exciting additions to the Mazin' Hamsters section of Webkinz World today. If this is your favourite place to visit in Webkinz World then you are going to love the latest changes.
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Do you love a variety? You now have five new ball designs in which you can navigate Moolah Mountain or explore the mazes. You can choose from the Nuts and Bolts Ball, the Blue Blots Ball, the Blue Neon Net Ball, the Orange Neon Net Ball and the Lectronix Tumbler Ball.
webkinz cheatsDid you miss out on the Leap of Faith Flags Trophy? Don't worry, you will get a second chance to add this trophy to your collection. These nine mazes have had some renovations and are all set to offer you new challenges.
Changes have also been announced for the Hamster Hamlet Lagoon zone. Your Hamsters will now be able to fly. Find a golden propellor and your pet will have the ability to fly.
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Also be sure to visit the Mazin' Mall. There is a new room to check out. If music is your thing you will want to get the new Piano Half-Pipe room. A little bit music / a little bit skateboard!! Your pet can run or roll over the different keys to play music while exploring this room.
To learn all about the Mazin'Hamsters section of Webkinz World be sure to visit our Wiki where you will find everything you need to know.
UPDATE: It looks like Webkinz Newz may have jumped the gun on this story. They have now pulled all but the Lagoon story from WebkinzNewz. My best guess is we will see all these new things tomorrow when they typically do their Hamster update.

Webkinz Insider Member adopts St.Patrick's Hamster

Congratulations go out to Webkinz Insider Member, Valntom for being the first to adopt the St. Patrick's Day Mazin' Hamster. This cute little green guy comes with a clothing set attached that is not removable.
Here he is in the 2D room as well as the 3D image. He has some very fancy walls to use as well as his own St' Patty's Day ball.
He is available at the eStore for a limited time.
For more info on eStore Pets and Mazin Hamsters, check out our WIki
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Webkinz Insider Member wins Petal Pursuit Trophy

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider Member PandaPanda for winning the new Mazin Hamsters Trophy, Petal Pursuit. Once again this member has been the first to win a New Trophy in the mazes.
This set of 8 mazes features sparkles that are covering hidden flowers. Once you have found all of the flowers in the mazes you win the trophy.
Here is PandaPanda's Hamster doing a victory dance with her new trophy.
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For more information about the Mazin Hamsters please check out our WIki.

Hamsters finish move to Webkinz 2D

Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Prrety11 we have pictures of the hamsters out of their habitat. They have now gone 2D as well as 3D. Twice the fun in one small package.
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Your Hamsters now have a Bio, a birthdate, can be dressed and fed and can compete in Stadium events. The only drawback is that you still require a Webkinz World account to register your Hamster and it does not extend your account.
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The special clothing for the seasonal Hamsters, Spooky and Nick, are now actual clothing items that can be removed.  Sorry, but these items can't be traded.
To find out more about Mazin Hamsters, check out our WIki.
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NEW MAZES for Mazin' Hamsters; Shrewd Searchers Set

webkinz cheatsWebkinz Newz has announced the release of a new set of mazes for our Webkinz Mazin Hamsters where our hamsters can search for treasure. There are 9 New Challenge mazes called the Shrewd Searcher Sets with a new hidden objects game mode.
Search the rooms to find piles of sparkles coming out of the ground. If you stand over them for a few seconds you will uncover hidden junk or gems. Try to find all of the hidden gems and you can win a trophy.
UPDATE:  The trophy shown on the Webkinz Newz is NOT the Shrewd Searcher Trophy.  At this point, we do not know if/when the trophy shown in that article will be available in the future.
Don't forget to check out the Maze Guide in our Webkinz Wiki for helpful tips and walk-throughs.
Here is a picture of the "sparkles" to look for and picture of a found gem.
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