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Kinz Klips

Turkey, Peppermint Puppy, Lava Dragon Confirmed for 2009 Seasonal Webkinz!

We have just confirmed Ganz's selection for the Halloween/Fall and Christmas/Winter seasonal Webkinz plush releases for 2009!
For Fall and Halloween, the Webkinz Bat and Webkinz Black Cat will make another return, but there are two brand-new pets for this year -- the Webkinz Turkey and the Webkinz Lava Dragon! Both should be available in stores in September.
Webkinz TurkeyWebkinz Lava Dragon
For Winter and Christmas, the Webkinz Reindeer and Webkinz Snowman will return again, but we'll see a new Webkinz Peppermint Puppy and a Reindeer Kinz Klip available in stores in October!
Webkinz Peppermint PuppyReindeer Kinz Klip
Unfortunately, we don't have any virtual images at this time and we aren't sure what the PSIs or PSFs are. Maybe a "Lava Dragon" will bring the first PSI Lava Lamp to Webkinz World?

Pictures of Two More Kinz Klips Revealed by Ganz

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When Ganz first announced that they would be releasing a line of "Kinz Klips" they showed us pictures of a Monkey, Panda, Whimsy Dragon, Kangaroo, Penguin, and Chihuahua.  Then, a few weeks later, they showed us a different picture that also had a Dalmation and a Cocker Spaniel.  Thanks to a brand new advertisement running in Webkinz World, we can now bring you pictures of two more KinzKlips, a Cocoa Dinosaur and a Toco Toucan.  So far only the six original Klips have been released to retailers for sale to customers.

Ganz Reveals Pictures of New KinzKlips

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When Ganz first announced that they was releasing a line of "KinzKlips" they showed us pictures of six Klips:  Monkey, Panda, Whimsy Dragon, Kangaroo, Penguin, and Chihuahua.  Thanks to some new advertisements running in Webkinz World, we now have pictures of two new Klips:  Dalmatian and Cocker Spaniel.  There is no word yet from Ganz on when these two new Klips might be available for sale.

WI Members Activate Kinz Klips and Enter Zumwhere!

Thanks to EXOTERIC and jessicabarnhart for providing pictures and narrative for their first foray into Zumwhere! As expected, you can only search for Zums once per day, and each of the above users had a different experience in Zumwhere.
EXOTERIC snapped an obstructed picture of a Zum and had to take a "Zum Puzzler sliding block challenge" in order to receive her Zummies. jessicabarnhart, on the other hand, snapped a clear picture of a Zum and was awarded her 3 Zummies. Here is a collage of some the images from their first experience!
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For full-resolution pictures and further information, visit EXOTERIC's thread in General Discussion: My adventure in Zumwhere - Pictures! (Post Yours too & maybe we can make a guide for it!!)

Zumwhere added to Webkinz World Magical Forest!

Thanks to fumble99 from our forum, we now know of yet another update to Webkinz World -- Zumwhere has been added to the Magical Forest!

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In order to activate and use Zumwhere, you must enter a code from the new Kinz Klips that are hitting retailers this month.  Once you have activated Zumwhere, you may visit (we assume once per day, like the Charm Forest) and try to spot the Zums.  The more Kinz Klips codes you enter, the better your chances are for finding rare Zums and Zum prizes.

There are 6 different groups of Zums, each with 8 different Zums for a total of 48 Zums to spot: Bratty Zums, Giggly Zums, Lazy Zums, Peeking Zums, Tricky Zums, and Zippy Zums.

Each time you spot a Zum, you will be award with Zummies, a magical marble.  These marbles may have future significance in Webkinz World.

Once have you spotted all 48 Zums, you will be given a special "mystery gift"!

Take a look at fumble99's thread for pictures of the the entire Zumwhere guide if you're having trouble finding it on your account -- Zumwhere added

Kinz Klips for Sale in Stores, "Zumwhere" Feature Not Yet Added to Webkinz World *UPDATE*

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Although the new Kinz Klips are already available for purchase in stores, it appears that the feature codes for these items have not yet been fully activated in Webkinz World.  A number of our members who have purchased the Kinz Klips are reporting that when they enter the code they get a message indicating that $500 KinzCash has been added to their accounts and that the "Zumwhere" feature has been unlocked.  We know from the graphics released by Ganz that "Zumwhere" is part of the Magical Forest, but no one has been able to find the feature to attempt to use it.  So far there is no word from Ganz on when this feature may be available in Webkinz World.


UPDATE (March 31st): Ganz has announced that Zumwhere, and the Caring Valley, will be added to Webkinz World this week.  Hopefully all of you who already have the codes in your possession will be able to activate them soon.

New Product Summary: Kinz Klips, Signature Series, Caring Valley

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Earlier this month Ganz announced that they are releasing three brand new product lines for Webkinz World in April 2009.  They are Kinz Klips, Signature Series, and Caring Valley.  Because there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what the feature codes for these items will unlock in Webkinz World, here is a quick summary:


Kinz Klips.  These little key-chain like Webkinz come with a code that will unlock a new area of the Magical Forest called "Zumwhere".  In this feature, members search for and collect "Zums" to win virtual prizes.  So far there are six different Klips:  Penguin, Monkey, Panda, Whimsy Dragon, Kangaroo, and Chihuahua.  Click HERE for more info.


Signature Series.  First there were Webkinz pets, then there were Lil Kinz pets, now there are Webkinz Signature pets.  Just like the other types of Webkinz, these plushies come with a code that can be used to adopt them in Webkinz World.  With the adoption, members will get a Wish Token, an "eStore-quality pet specific item", and an exclusive item from the new Signature Theme.  April's pet is the Signature Panda.  May's Pet is the Signature Chimpanzee.  Click HERE for more info.


Caring Valley.  Just like with the wCares Lil Kinz, these Webkinz will come with a special tag and code.  This code will unlock a new area called "The Caring Valley".  For each code entered, members will receive four trees that they can plant, and care for, in the valley.  Also like the wCares pets, part of the proceeds from the sale of these plushies will go to support the Webkinz Foundation, a Ganz charity.  So far the Webkinz Panda is the only pet involved in this program.  UPDATE:  Ganz has announced that Caring Valley Poodles will also be released.  Click HERE for more info.

Kinz Klip Feature Code Prize Revealed, "Zumwhere" in the Magical Forest

When we announced that Ganz was releasing a new line of items called "Kinz Klips" we were able to tell you that the feature codes on these items would "unlock the magic of Zumwhere", but at that time we weren't able to tell you what "Zumwhere" was.  Now we can.


"Zumwhere" is a new feature of the Magical Forest in Webkinz World.  To visit Zumwhere, you must enter at least one Kinz Klip feature code on your account.  This will unlock access to "mini-games" where you can search for "Zums".  The more feature codes you enter, the easier it is to find "Zums".  There is no word yet on exactly what a "Zum" is, but they will let you collect "Zummies" and virtual prizes.  There are 48 different "Zums" to be found in the forest.  


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