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Webkinz Game Grand Grotto released

Previously we released some news about a game that our pets were asking for but didn't seem to exist; Grand Grotto. We are pleased to announce that Webkinz has released this game for play in the arcade. However, it is a Deluxe only game. It can be accessed through the web and Desktop app versions, only at this time. The idea behind the game is to get the water flowing through 50 levels by breaking gems and when you get to the end you win a Trophy. After you have finished the game, you can go back through and play any level you wish, again. There is only one trophy per account and it is not a Kinzpostable item. So you can take your time earning it.

Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy Challenge

The Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy Challenge will begin Monday, August 19th and run until Sunday, August 25th. There will be a challenge icon in your room with 3 tasks that you’ll need to complete before midnight KT, August 25th (EST) to earn the Zingoz Pie Throw Trophy. Don't leave it till the last day. You will need at least 3 days for the Wishing Well wishes.
  1. Earn 200 KinzCash playing Zingoz Pie Throw in the Arcade
  2.  Make 15 Wishes Playing Wishing Well 2 in the Arcade
  3.  Feed your pet 10 pieces of Cherry Pie from the WShop
This is a Deluxe member challenge. For more information on Deluxe Memberships, starting as low as .99 for the first month for first timers, check out the Ganz estore for the details.

Deluxe Day in Webkinz World - August 10

Deluxe Account holders are being treated to an extra special surprise this Deluxe Day. First, if you go to the Daily activities you will find a Wacky Inflatable raft to go with all things Wacky! Along with all of the excitement of being Deluxe, like the Deluxe Prize Machine and other activities, it appears that there is another new feature. Amanda Panda is giving us an additional spin on the Wheel of Wishes! Deluxe Accounts can be purchased at the Ganz eStore for 3 month, 6 month and one year memberships. Right now you can get 10% off using the code Wacky10 until August 18th.

New Coconut Oasis Room Theme!

Webkinz Insider interior decorators are happy to see this new room theme: the Coconut Oasis!  At present the Coconut Oasis Relaxation Bed, Sweet Coconut Sauna, Coconut Milk Bath and Coconut Oasis Fountain are only available as Deluxe Advantage items while the Coconut Oasis Side Table and Coconut Oasis Dresser can be bought by anyone with points at the eStore.
While currently available only to Deluxe and Ganz eStore customers, this theme will become available to all members at a later date according to the Webkinz Newz.  Save your kinzcash!

Webkinz Insider Members Puzzled About the February Deluxe Gift Item! *UPDATE*

Given the current trend of Deluxe Membership promotion, Webkinz Insider members were surprised to learn that the February 2013 Deluxe Gift Item, the Queen of Hearts Gown, is unable to be KinzPosted! .. a move that has left Deluxe Membership account holders puzzled and wondering what this new development may portend!
Since the beginning of Deluxe Membership in April of 2009, the Monthly Gift Boxes have been greatly anticipated by Webkinz Insider Deluxe members and the Deluxe Gift has been KinzPostable.
Webkinz Insider members are hoping that this is merely a programming error and not a new trend to remove features from Deluxe Membership .. a move which may discourage Webkinz World account holders from 'going Deluxe'.
Webkinz Insider members are currently waiting patiently to see if this is indeed an error that will eventually be 'fixed'....  a similar error, perhaps, as was the inability to KinzPost the Sizzling Swan PSI, the Fiery Fountain shown here, when it first became available. The Sizzing Swan PSI  has since been programmed to be KinzPostable.
Update: We can happily announce that that this issue was indeed an error in programming! :) An update has been posted on WKN as follows:
Please note: Currently there is a glitch which is preventing players from selling or trading the gown. This has been fixed on our end and will take effect after our next update on February 20th.

W Shop Room Theme Being Retired to Deluxe on Jan 9! *UPDATE*

Rumors are rife and speculations are flying in Webkinz World following an announcement in Webkinz Newz today! Ganz has announced that one room theme will be retired from the W Shop and moved to Deluxe Only. The room theme being retired, will join the Enchanted Train Station theme as a theme available only to Deluxe members.
This change is expected to take place during the overnight maintenance in Webkinz World, on Wednesday January 9. Let us hope that this will clear some room in the Webkinz World warehouses for a new room theme available to everyone!
*UPDATE*: It's now January 9 and we can confirm that the City Styling Theme, also known as the Mocha Theme, has been moved to a Deluxe Only status. You can still see this entire theme in the W Shop, but like the Enchanted Train theme, you can only purchase it if you are Deluxe. Read more to see a picture of this theme.
Click to find out more...
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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Bedtime Puppy!

Let's congratulate Webkinz Insider member Blythe on the adoption of the new Bedtime Puppy!
Here you can see the aptly named Slumberina sitting on the Bedtime Puppy's Pet Specific Item, the Pizza Party Perch. The Bedtime Puppy's Pet Special Food is the BFF Buttery Popcorn.
The Bedtime Puppy is a virtual pet and part of the Deluxe Only series of pets.  It is available to the Deluxe Advantage eStore customers for the entire month of March only. Normally it will sell for 12,500 points; but for March 1st only, it is available for the reduced price of 10,000 points

Sneak Peek at the Ganz eStore Bedtime Puppy!

Here is the Bedtime Puppy, as cute as can be. This is a virtual pet and here you can see its avatar, its Pet Specific Item the Pizza Party Perch, and its Pet Special Food the BFF Buttery Popcorn, along with the Gift Box. You can see the Bedtime Puppy in action in the Ganz eStore HERE.
This virtual pet is part of the Deluxe Only Pet series.  This one is the March Deluxe Only Pet. It will be available only to the Deluxe Advantage eStore Customers, from March 1st to March 31, 2012.  The price is 12,500 eStore points.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Sleepy Woodland Dragon *UPDATE*

Let's all say Congrats to kawee on their adoption of their Sleepy Woodland Dragon. Here were can see them pictured next to their Pet Specific Item: Cedar Toy Trunk. We have seen this item in December when there was a glitch and this Pet Specific Item was award to the Cotton Candy Puppy. kawee received this code via email congratting them their one year renewal, yet they never renewed. So check your emails to see if there is a code waiting from you from GANZ as others have reported getting this dragon code also.
*UPDATE*  Webkinz Newz has clarified its position on the awarding of this coveted virtual pet by email to members.  Every week until April 9, 2012, 100 Ganz eStore Deluxe members will receive an email with the code for the Sleepy Woodland Dragon.  Deluxe members will have a chance to win the dragon whether they have a 1 month or 1 year Deluxe account and will be chosen randomly.
Good luck! and don't forget to check your email folder, including your spam or deleted folder as Ganz emails often end  up being automatically sent there.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Red Velvet Rabbit!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member blessedx5 on the adoption of the new promotional pet Red Velvet Rabbit! Here you can admire Eternity sitting on the Pet Specific Item, the Red Velvet Rose Couch. The Pet Special Food is the Red Velvet Carrot Cake.
The Red Velvet Rabbit is a virtual-only pet, available in the Ganz eStore as a promotional item. You will receive this pet as a bonus on buying or renewing a one-year Deluxe membership. This promotion is available until April 30, 2012. 

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