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Deluxe Membership

Webkinz Deluxe Membership May Gift -- Racing Jacket

Webkinz Deluxe May Gift
With May 1st around the corner, the Webkinz Deluxe Membership accounts are going to get a new monthly gift!
It appears that Ganz has decided to continue with racing-themed clothing for the exclusive Deluxe Membership gifts by going with a Racing Jacket for May.

Webkinz World Deluxe Account News *UPDATE*

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A couple of interesting bits of news surfaced regarding the new Deluxe memberships today:
  • Although it was not advertised as a feature, members who signed up for Deluxe accounts are discovering that they have one free Tropical Island vacation ticket waiting for them at the Travel Agency.  At this point we are not certain if this was done on purpose or if it is a system glitch.
  • For some reason, a handful of WI members who signed up for individual Deluxe accounts have recieved more than one Deluxe Giftbox with a second set of gifts.  Thank you to WI member splish-splash for this picture from her account of her two Rollercoasters.
UPDATE, April 10th:  We are receiving widespread reports this morning of members with Deluxe Memberships getting extra Deluxe Giftboxes on their accounts.  

Deluxe Memberships Extend Webkinz World Account Expiration!

Thanks to Love'EmWebkinz for letting us know about the most recent update on WebkinzNewz. Ganz has addressed a question that many of our members have been asking -- If we have a Deluxe Membership, do we have to adopt Webkinz to keep our account from expiring?
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We’ve received questions about how Deluxe Memberships work with account expiry. We are pleased to say that as long as you are a Deluxe Member, your account will not expire, even if you do not adopt another pet!
Right now the date on your Me and My Pets page will still show your pet’s current expiry, but rest assured your account will keep going! We are looking into changing the information on this page for Deluxe Members.
We hope this clears up any questions you have! Have fun!
This is great news for families (or groups of friends) that are considering the Deluxe Family Membership. All of the accounts will receive the benefits of Deluxe Membership and will have a membership to Webkinz World for $9 per year!

Webkinz Insider Member Shares Pictures of New Deluxe Membership

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Addicted Mom for sharing these pictures with us of her newly upgraded Webkinz account.  Shortly after the Ganz eStore came back up from maintenance this morning, she purchased a Deluxe Membership.  Here we can see a picture of the Congratulations letter from Ganz, the Deluxe Gift Box, the Membership Hat (which cannot be KinzPosted), and the Deluxe Events activity tab.  Deluxe accounts also have a special "gold" zone on their phones, an option to change the color of the dock, and a monthy allotment of eStore points that can be used to purchase virtual items.
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Webkinz Deluxe Membership Added to Webkinz World!

Thanks to RobKinz for letting us know that, after a brief maintenance last night, Ganz has added a "Deluxe Membership" to Webkinz World.  The Deluxe Membership comes in many flavors and each pricing level earns you different benefits.  The pricing ranges from $5/month all the way to $45 for an annual membership and you will receive different types of exclusives (both tradeable and non-tradeable), monthly "Ganz points(?)", extra activities, monthly gift boxes, and a special Kinz Chat zone for subscribing.  

At this point, we're assuming the "Ganz points" are related to the new ads we've been seeing in the eStore and that these Ganz points are not Kinz Cash in Webkinz World.

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