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Deluxe Membership

December Deluxe Clothing Item Revealed: Elegant Victorian Gown

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Ganz has announced that the special clothing item Deluxe members will be receiving in their Gift Boxes this month is the Elegant Victorian Gown.  
The December Deluxe Gift Boxes should start arriving on December 1st.  

Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore, November 1st

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Ganz has announced the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Ganz eStore on Sunday November 1st:

Pets: Topaz Terrier (new), Pterodactyl
Exclusives: Mood Tester, Sailboat Pond, Playland Ball Pool, High End Sandwich Maker, Museum Dinosaur, Alchemist's Stove, Antique Column
Fairy Falls Charms: Ms Birdy, Wishing Well, Panda, Yorkie
Magic Mire Charms: Clydesdale, Raccoon, Black Stallion, Chef Gazpacho, Persian Cat, Zangoz, Rabbit, Good Fairy
Woodland Wonders Figure: All-In-Jest Lemon-Lime Gecko
Deluxe Advantage: Cloud Sheep, Too Cool Baggy Pants and Ball Cap Set (new), Fairy Falls Charms: Golden Retriever, Pug, Googles, Tree Frog, Woodland Wonders Figure: Royal Whimsy Dragon
Update: Congratulations to WI Member marthaaa on her adoption of Lellow Luke the Topaz Terrier!  Here is Lellow Luke next to his Pet Specific Items the Topaz Sink and the Topaz Toilet.  The Topaz Terrier's Pet Special Food is Topaz Truffles.
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Surprise Saturday at the Ganz eStore, October 31st

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Ganz has announced the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Ganz eStore on Saturday October 31st:
Pets: Opal Pup (remember this is the last day you can purchase the October Birthstone Pet), Trick or Treat Troll, Purple Monster
Exclusives: Mood Tester (new), Creature Closet, Ghostly Grand Piano, Haunting Breeze Scarecrow, Hotdog Costume, Pirate Princess Costume, Mermaid Costume, Prince's Costume, Knight's Suit of Armor, Magic Bean Seeds, Backyard Fun Tire Swing, Solid Gold Candelabra, Thinking Cap
Deluxe Advantage: Cloud Sheep (new), Fairy Falls Charms: Golden Retriever, Pug, Woodland Wonders Figure: Royal Whimsy Dragon
Fairy Falls Charms: Ms. BIrdy, Wishing Well
Magic Mire Charms: Clydesdale, Raccoon, Black Stallion, Chef Gazpacho, Persian Cat, Zangoz, Rabbit, Good Fairy
Woodland Wonders Figures: All-inJest Lemon Lime Gecko Figure
Thank you to WI staff member Jennielou for sharing her picture of the new Mood Tester Exclusive.
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And congratulations to WI members bindidog, jagular, unsoclbuttrfly and kinzmom1924 for their adoption of the Cloud Sheep.  Here are some pictures from their new adoption:
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The Pet Specific Item for the Cloud Sheep is Float Away Fantasy Fridge and the Pet Special Food is Wooly Waffles.

November's Deluxe Clothing Item Revealed- Ringmaster's Top Hat

Deluxe members can get a sneak peak of what their November Deluxe Clothing Item. Ganz has revealed that it is the Ringmaster's Top Hat. This will complete the full Ringmaster's outfit. In August, Deluxe members received the jacket.
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October 1st Events in Webkinz World

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Can it possible be October already?  It seems like the month of September has just flown by!  
  • Pet of the Month Ribbons - On the 1st and 15th of every month, floating Pet of the Month Ribbons come to Webkinz World.  Click on a blue ribbon and get a chocolate version to feed to your pet.
  • Pet of the Month - It's a new month, and there's a new Pet of the Month.  For October the POTM is the Webkinz (large) Golden Retriever.  Adopt a new Webkinz Golden Retriever any day in October to receive a special POTM Gift Bag.  All Webkinz Golden Retriever owners will be able to participate in special POTM activities.
  • Caring Valley Tree - There's a new tree coming to the Caring Valley.  Players entering the Caring Valley code off of specially tagged Webkinz, and planting the required number of saplings in October, will receive a Haunted Hickory tree that they can customize and display in their Webkinz' yards.
  • Birthstone Pet - The Opal Pup is the Birthstone Pet for the month of October.  This doggie will be available at the eStore every day in October.
  • Deluxe Membership Gifts - Those of you who have signed up for a Deluxe Membership will receive a new Deluxe Gift Box in October.  October's special clothing item is the Halloween Headpiece.  The "Halloween Headpiece" is very similar in design to the "Jack-o-Lantern Hat" from the 2006 Halloween Gift Bag.  Thank you to WI member Webkinz_Lovers for the picture of her Snakes. 
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And, don't forget to log on to Webkinz Insider tonight at 6:30pm Eastern Time for your chance to win a retired Webkinz.  For more information on this contest, please click HERE.

New Webkinz Deluxe Membership Benefits - Print Postcards, MyPage Taglines

A few new benefits were added to Webkinz World for Deluxe Membership users. Upon logging in, Deluxe Members had a letter from Ganz, letting them know about a new postcard printing option and new features in MyPage. Thanks to googlesny for the following image of one of the new deluxe postcards, and for cataloging the exclusive deluxe taglines now available in MyPage!
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Deluxe Taglines
  • Deluxe Devotee!
  • Deluxe Superfan Extraordinaire!
  • Proud to be a Deluxe Member!
  • Digging being Deluxe!
  • Gold Channel Gifted!
  • Surfing the Gold Channel!
  • Decorating with Deluxe Style!
  • Doing my Deluxe Dailies!
  • Looking for other Superfan Friends!
  • Having Some Fabulous Deluxe Fun!
  • I say go Deluxe or go home!
  • This is my Deluxe my page!

October's Deluxe Item Revealed: Halloween Headpiece

Ganz has revealed that the October's Clothing Gift for Webkinz World Deluxe members is going to be a Halloween Headpiece.  Deluxe members should be receiving their October Deluxe Gift Box on or after October 1st.
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Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore, September 27th

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Ganz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Ganz eStore on Sunday, September 27th:
Pets: Green Seadragon, Phoenix
Exclusives: Rococo Coffee Table, Giant Lamp, Giant Chair, Molten Lava Volcano, Princess Costume, Mini Yet Forest, Epic Shipwreck, Deep Sea Creature Cove, Minnow Cove
Fairy Fall Charms: Wheel of WOW, Monkey, Magic W, White Terrier
Magic Mire Charms: Door, Pixie Pod, Pink Poodle, Lion, Persian Cat, Zangoz, Rabbit, Good Fairy
Figurines: Love the Planet Sheep
Deluxe Advantage: Rainforest Boa, Kung Fun Zangoz Bopper, All-in-jest Lemon Lime Gecko Figurine, Elephant Charm, Poncho Charm

WW Accounts Expire Despite Being "Deluxe" *UPDATE*

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UPDATE:  As of Saturday afternoon, this glitch appears to have been fixed.  We are getting reports that members who found their accounts expired this morning are now able to log on.  Thank you to Ganz for taking care of this major problem so quickly!
As many of you know, one of the features of having a Deluxe Membership in Webkinz World is that it is not necessary to adopt a new Webkinz pet to extend the expiration date of an account.  In the "Full List of Deluxe Benefits" Ganz states "Account won't expire while Deluxe account active".
Unfortunately, there appears to be a glitch with this feature.  This morning, we have received a number of reports from our members that accounts with Deluxe memberships have expired suddenly, and without warning, despite having several months left on their subscription.  Players affected by this glitch are logging on to participate in today's Fall Fest and other events and are being met with a message that their accounts have expired and that they will need to adopt a new pet to continue playing.
It appears that this glitch only affects accounts that have a Deluxe Membership and have not adopted a new Webkinz in the past twelve months.  Hopefully Ganz will resolve this problem soon.

Super Sunday at the Ganz eStore, September 20th

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that the following "extra" items will be for sale at the Ganz eStore on Sunday, September 20th:

Pets: Sapphire Spaniel, Woolly Mammoth
Exclusive: Colossal Versailles Vase from the Renaissance Palace Theme (new), Brontosaurus Slide,  Hologram Projector, Origami Waterwheel, Flower Power Modular Sofa, Flower Power Expansion, Sparkling Tiara, Circus Dining Table, Circus Dining Chairs - Set of 4
Fairy Falls Charms: Googles, Tree Frog, Gorilla, Unicorn
Magic Mire Charms: Clydesdale, Raccoon, Black Stallion, Chef Gazpacho, Persian Cat, Zangoz, Rabbit, Good Fairy
Woodland Wonders Figure: Ski In Style Himalayan Cat
Deluxe Advantage: Rainforest Boa, Avant-Garde Art Pieces (5 different pieces), Fairy Falls Charms: Yorkie, Black & White Cat, Woodland Wonders Figure: Royal Whimsy Dragon
Update: Here is jagular's Rainforest Boa next to the Colossal Versailles Vase - the item is rather large, and compliments the theme nicely.  Thank you for the image jagular.
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