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Deluxe Membership

April 2010's Deluxe Clothing Item: Victoran Hat

webkinz cheatsDeluxe members who have been looking for that perfect accessory to dress up the Elegant Victorian Gown from December 2009 are now in luck!  The next monthly clothing item for Deluxe account holders is a perfect match.  
The Victoran Hat will be arriving in Deluxe Gift Boxes in April 2010.

Deluxe Advantage at the Ganz eStore, Monday March 1st

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In an e-mail message sent out to Webkinz World players today, Ganz announced that the Ganz eStore will be having a special sale for Deluxe Advantage members on Monday, March 1st.  Deluxe Advantage members will be able to purchase a number of new items including the Aquamarine Puppy for 12,500 points, the Shamrock Dragon for 12,500 points, and a number of "replicas" from the Glam Boutique Theme (3,000 each).  You may remember that furniture from the Glam Boutique theme was previously only available with the feature codes on Body Sprays and Lip Glosses.  Remember, unlike the originals, "replicas" cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.
A "virtual-only" Himalayan Cat, March's Pet of of the Month will also be for sale at 12,500 points for Deluxe Advantage members.  However, there still isn't any word from Ganz on the glitch that is causing players to receive a POTM Exclusive that they already have rather than a new POTM Exclusive.  To read more about this glitch, which started following last week's Webkinz World maintenance, please click HERE.  
To be eligible for the special Deluxe pricing and exclusives on March 1st, players must purchase a Deluxe Advantage membership on or before February 28th.  Remember, a "Deluxe Advantage" is slightly different from a "Deluxe Membership".  Deluxe Advantage refers to the eStore account that purchased the Deluxe Webkinz World memberships.

March's Deluxe Membership Gift -- Lucky Leprechaun's Hat!

Lucky Leprechaun's HatWe've been able to confirm March's Deluxe Membership gift for 2010 -- and it's a St. Patrick's Day themed item -- the Lucky Leprechaun's Hat! Anyone who has an active Deluxe Membership should be getting the hat in their accounts on or slightly after March 1st -- plenty of time to get dressed up for March 17th in the Clubhouse!

Sneak Peek at Webkinz Scheduled for April/May 2010 Release

April May Webkinz
Thank you to Webkinz Insider member GeegeJoe for alerting us to these pictures of upcoming Webkinz.  Although we cannot independently confirm these images with our sources, we are fairly confident that they are some of the pets scheduled for release in April and May:  Dazzle Dachshund, Rainbow ArmadilloSignature CowSignature Short-Haired Yorkie, and Warthog.
According to our sources, the following pets are also scheduled for release in April and May:  Pom-Pom Kitty, Spotted Seal, Small Signature Black Bear, Endangered Signature Zebra, Donkey, Small Signature Fox, and Signature Endangered Asian Elephant.  We can't show you pictures of these new pets yet, but as soon as more information on them becomes available, we will bring it to you here.
Remember, to see a complete list of all Webkinz, past, present, and future, visit the Webkinz Insider WIki's Full List of All Webkinz Pets, HERE.  And to see pictures of all of those pets, along with pictures of their PSIs and PSFs, please click HERE.

February Deluxe Member Item Confirmed -- Rainbow Hat!

We're less than two weeks away from February, so that means we've got a new Deluxe Membership gift on the way! We've confirmed that the Deluxe Membership Gift for February, 2010 is the Rainbow Hat, as shown below. For those of you who have a Webkinz Pegasus, the hat will go great with the Pegasus PSI, the Rainbow Cloud Couch!
Rainbow Hat
If you're unfamiliar with the Webkinz Deluxe Membership, please visit our Webkinz Deluxe Membership article in our Webkinz Wiki. We also have a page dedicated to all of the Webkinz Deluxe Membership Gifts to date!

WI Member Receives New Deluxe Membership Prize

And reports of the new items in Webkinz World today continue to arrive!  Congratulations to WI member CrocoDuck4 on receiving a new prize given to those who activate a year-long Deluxe Membership.  Shown below is the triceratops Egao posing with the Mountain Cart Ride.  Although the ride is not currently working, that is probably just a small glitch that sometimes comes with new items.
UPDATE:  Ganz has officially addressed this glitch on the Webkinz Newz site.  According to the report, the ride will begin working sometime next week.  
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Winter Spectacular Continues at Ganz eStore: Jan 1st - 3rd

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Ganz has announced that the Winter Spectacular will continue at the Ganz eStore into the New Year.
  • Garnet Rover - The Garnet Rover will debut at the Ganz eStore on January 1st and will be available for sale to all members every day in January 2010.
  • Sock Monkey - The Sock Monkey will debut at the Ganz eStore on January 1st for Deluxe Members only.  Deluxe Members will be able to purchase it on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
  • Pterodactyl - The Pterodactyl will be available for purchase by all members on January 2nd.
  • Floral Fox - The green Floral Fox will be available for purchase by all members on January 3rd.
And, don't forget, if you want to pick up one of the 2009 Birthstone Pets, visit the Ganz eStore on December 31st.  All of these doggies will be available for sale on Thursday.

Glitch Affects Distribution of Deluxe Membership Points

Originally Submitted by FIA on Thu, 12/24/2009 - 10:03am.
This past weekend, Ganz ran a promotion during which all players who were signed up for a Deluxe Membership would receive an extra 3,000 in eStore points.  Unfortunately, it appears that there was a problem with the distribution of the points.  The feature codes for the points were supposed to arrive via e-mail on December 21st, but we have been getting reports from many of our members that the messages never showed up.
Webkinz Insider member Gram2Four spoke with a customer service representative on Thursday morning (yes, Christmas Eve), and she had this to report:
I just called Ganz and they are open today. They had a major glitch with sending out the free 3,000 estore points email and she was very polite and I received my email in less than 3 minutes. 1-888-818-8770 is direct line to Ganz estore.
So, if you have a Deluxe Membership, and you have not yet received your points, please contact the Ganz eStore Customer Service department.  Remember, these feature codes are only valid until December 31st.  If you do not enter your codes by Thursday, you will miss out on this bonus.

January 1st Events in Webkinz World

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December is nearly over and January is just around the corner.  Can you believe how the past year has flown by!  A new month in Webkinz World means new monthly activities:
  • Pet of the Month Ribbons - On the 1st ad 15th of every month, floating Pet of the Month Ribbons come to Webkinz World.  Click on a blue ribbon to get a chocolate version to feed to your pet.
  • Pet of the Month - It's a new month, and there's a new Pet of the Month.  For January, the POTM is the Webkinz Schnauzer.  Adopt a new Schnauzer any day in January to receive a special POTM Gift Bag and to receive a free download of the Schnauzer's song "Moustache Louie".  All Schnauzer owners will be able to participate in special POTM activities.
  • Caring Valley Tree - There's a new tree coming to the Caring Valley.  Players entering the Caring Valley code off of specially tagged Webkinz, and planting the required number of saplings in January, will receive a Party Palm Tree that they can customize and display in their Webkinz' yards.
  • Birthstone Pet - The Birthstone Pet for the month of January is going to be the Garnet Rover. It will be on sale for the full month of January. Also, If you'd like to pick up one of the Birthstone Pets from 2009, visit the Ganz eStore on December 30th or 31st when they will ALL be for sale.
  • Deluxe Membership Gifts - Those of you who have signed up for a Deluxe Membership will receive a new Deluxe Gift Box in January.  The special clothing item for the month of January is a Snowsuit.
Thank you to WI member thinksharp for this picture of her Schnauzer wearing the new Snowsuit.
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And, don't forget to finalize your Seasonal Holiday purchases at the wShop.  The Santakinz' Workshop Theme will only be for sale until January 5th.  If there's an item you really want, now is the time to buy it.  There is no way to know what items may or may not return next year.

Ganz Announces Free eStore Points for Deluxe Advantage Webkinz World Players

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In celebration of Deluxe Memberships which can be purchased as a redeemable code for gift giving.  Ganz has announced today, they are generously giving away 3,000 free eStore Points to all Deluxe Advantage members.

On December 21st - an email will be sent to Deluxe Advantage members which will contain a redeemable code.

Please note that this redeemable code is good until December 31st.
If you are not already a Deluxe Advantage member, if you sign up before December 21st, you will receive this exciting bonus.
Update: Just a reminder that Deluxe Advantage members should be receiving an email from Ganz tomorrow with a redeemable code for 3,000 eStore points.  This code must be entered by 31st December 2009.

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