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eStore Ice Cream Scoop Snail Goes on Sale June 1 *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that the Ice Cream Scoop Snail, one of the pets in the CandyKinz Collection, will arrive at the Ganz eStore on Wednesday, June 1.  It will only be available to players who have Deluxe Memberships.  
In addition to the Snail, several other Deluxe-exclusive items will be for sale for the first time:  Riding Lawnmower, Summer Trench Coat, Pop Diva Recording Booth, and Chili Dog Cart.  The Chili Dog Cart is a food-dispensing item.  Click on it once per day to get a Chili Dog to feed to your Webkinz.
And, if you are a Deluxe Member, don't forget to log on to Webkinz World tomorrow to get your gift.
UPDATE: Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Bindidog on her adoption of "Sluggle".  Every player who purchases an Ice Cream Scoop Snail by June 5 will also receive an eStore Gingerbread Buggy.
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Ganz Announces Exclusive Pet for Deluxe Membership Purchases *UPDATE*

 Ganz has announced a new special offer for those who purchase a one-year deluxe membership in the month of April, specifcally between the dates of April 4th and 30th (2011). By purchasing this one year membership at $45, members will also receive a code to an exclusive new pet the "Golden Deluxe Dragon."  This pet will not be offered for sale in the Ganz eStore and is noted to be a "deluxe only" pet.
If you are looking for bonus points for adding bonus points, the eStore will also be offering 5,000 bonus eStore points for each additional account purchased at $5 for the year. This is only available between March 25th to April 3rd (2011).
*UPDATE* Members eager to acquire the Golden Deluxe Dragon, but whose membership is not quite up for renewal, should be aware that they can purchase their annual membership now, receive a membership code and also the code for this pet. The new membership can then be activated when the old one expires, since memberships are stacked end-to-end (you cannot have two memberships running at the same time on your account).

Webkinz Insider Member receives New Deluxe Membership Exclusive

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member gg_Galaxy2002 for receiving the newest annual prize for renewing/purchasing a Deluxe Membership for one full year. It is called the Rocket Drop Ride. Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member, Jagular for the animated graphic of this spectacular item.
When you go to the Ganz eStore and renew your yearly membership there is a Super Deluxe item that you get when you upgrade to a one year subscription. This is the Super Deluxe item for 2011 Annual Deluxe Memberships. It is not Kinzpostable or transferrable nor can it be sold back to the W-shop.
For more information on Annual Deluxe Memberships and their benefits check out the WIki.

New Deluxe Subscribers get free Chili Hamster

webkinz cheatsAccording to the most recent post on Webkinz Newz, the Ganz eStore is offering FREE Chili Mazin' Hamster to anyone who purchases an Annual Deluxe Membership between December 1st, 2010 and December 30th, 2010!
This hamster is not available any other way at this time, though it does show a price of 8000 eStore points for regular customers and 7000 for current Deluxe holders.
For more information on Deluxe Memberships and Mazin Hamsters, check out our WIki.
UPDATE:  Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member pikachukick900 on her adoption of "Flannery".
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Ganz Announces "First of the Month" November eStore Specials

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Ganz has announced that the following items will be available for sale at the Ganz eStore on the 1st of November for Deluxe members only:  Betta Fish, Zum Parade Float, Prize Winning Pumpkin Patch, and Fall Frenzy Trampoline.  The first two items will eventually be available to all players.  The last two are Advantage Exclusives that can only be purchased by Deluxe members.
webkinz cheats       webkinz cheats
UPDATE:  According to the eStore advertisements currently running in Webkinz World, the Gourd Candelabra and Gourd Smorgasboard will also be for sale.  Many of you have noticed that there is an error in the advertisement.  In place of the Gourd Smorgasboard, a picture of the Smorgasboard Crackers and Cheese Platter is shown.  The correct image is shown above.
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eStore's October "First of the Month" Deluxe Specials Revealed

The 1st of October is one week away and Ganz has announced what the "First of the Month" specials for Deluxe members are going to be. 
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From the 1st through the 3rd, Deluxe members will be able to purchase the Dire Wolf and the Spooky Skeleton Sketch.  As with previous Deluxe Advantage items, these items should eventually be offered for sale to all players.
The Wishing Well Spell will also be for sale, but this item is a Deluxe Advantage Exclusive and will not be available to regular players.  Look closely at the well and you will see the Trick or Treat Ghost from last year's Halloween Clubhouse event.
webkinz cheats         webkinz cheats
Also shown in the announcement are the Creepy Candelabra (new for this year) and the Creature Closet (from last year).  However, there is no mention of if/when these items are going to be made available for sale.

Issues with NEW DELUXE BONUS memberships - *UPDATED*

webkinz cheatsWe have had reports that the new Deluxe Bonus account membership upgrades are not activating or they are causing Credit Card information to skew. Right now if you go to the eStore to upgrade your Webkinz accounts to the Deluxe membership and add the 4 additional accounts, your Credit Card information skews to a different date than you provided.
Webkinz Insider Member, Jagular, reported that she was able to renew, but has not received all gifts in her accounts nor the bonus gift. She is waiting further updates from her rep. Webkinz Insider members Debkinz123 and Peace1430 have had their information skew and have not been able to activate the Membership or get the bonus family upgrades. Webkinz Insider member Valntom cancelled her previous $2/month membership in preparation for today's upgrade, had been told it was de-activated but still has access to the Deluxe benefits.  ynssss reports that she has been unable to make a purchase using her American Express card because the system keeps asking her for a 16th digit, and AMEX Cards only have 15 digits.
Multiple calls to Ganz Customer Support has confirmed that this is a PRIORITY ISSUE and they are working feverishly to resolve it. We will keep you updated as we get more information. For now it is suggested that you hold off upgrading your accounts until we have an all clear from Ganz.
Update (August 31st @ 8:45pm EST) - Thanks to WI member Peace1430 for informing us that all Credit Card issues have been resolved by the Ganz Estore team, members should now be able to purchase the new deluxe bonus accounts without any further problems.

September 2010 Events in Webkinz World

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webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats
It's nearly the first of the month, and a new month means new Webkinz World activities:
  • Pet of the Month Ribbons - On the 1st and 15th of every month, floating Pet of the Month Ribbons come to Webkinz World.  Click on a blue ribbon to get a chocolate version to feed to your pet.  (Note:  Some of you have been asking when the Caring Valley leaves we saw in January are going to return.  At this point we do not have any new information.)
  • Pet of the Month - A new month means a new Pet of the Month and special POTM activities.  Players who adopt new Webkinz Persian Cats during September will receive a special POTM Loot Bag.  Items from the "Nine Lives" video are currently for sale at the Ganz eStore.
  • Caring Valley Tree - Players entering feature codes off of green Caring Valley tags and planting the required number of saplings in September will receive a Sporty Spruce Tree to customize and place in their Webkinz' yards.
  • Zodiac Pet - The next eStore Zodiac pet is going to be the Libra Eagle.  According to the Webkinz Creative Director, "Libra=Scales.  Scales=Justice.  Eagle=Justice."  We don't yet know what this pet is going to look like, but we will bring you a picture as soon as it is available.
  • Deluxe Membership - Players who have signed up for Deluxe Memberships (not counting the $2/month version) will receive a Deluxe Gift Box in September containing a Dare Devil Jumpsuit.  Don't forget that a brand new Deluxe Membership option for families will debut at the eStore on the 31st of August.
  • Fall Fest - For the past two years, floating Fall leaves have come to Webkinz World in September.  (Three years ago they arrived in October.)  Will this festival be returning for 2010?  We'll have to wait and see.

Customizable Pet Portrait Background for Deluxe Members

webkinz cheatsThis morning after maintenance a few of our Deluxe members received letters from Furry Friends in Webinz World, notifying them about the New Customizable background for your pet portraits!
There are 11 backgrounds to choose from, going from plain to fantasy. Under your pet there should be a small icon that brings up the scroll selector. Which will you choose?
At the end of this month, starting August 31st, the Deluxe Annual Plus Membership will be available, as we mentioned last week. As you know, the costs associated with it will be the $45 annual Deluxe Membership fee, plus $5.00 for each "bonus" account added to the membership.  These bonus accounts will enjoy all of the perks and benefits of being a deluxe member, except for the eStore points, and the Super Deluxe Item.
NOTE:  According to the Webkinz Newz, up to four bonus accounts can be added for each full membership purchased.  According to the Kinzville Times, up to five bonus accounts can be purchased.
UPDATE: We can confirm that the Webkinz Newz numbers are correct, only four bonus accounts can be added for a total of 5 accounts (1 main account plus 4 sub-accounts).

New Deluxe Membership Coming Soon for Families with Multiple Players

webkinz cheatsWhen Ganz removed the Family Deluxe option from the Ganz eStore earlier this year, most of our members were terribly disappointed.  The new pricing meant that many families would no longer be able to afford Deluxe memberships for all of their players.  Ganz had promised that they were working on a more affordable solution, and starting in just a couple of weeks, that option will be available for purchase!
Starting on August 31st, anyone who purchases one 12-Month Deluxe Membership will be able to buy additional Deluxe Memberships for up to four family members for the low cost of $5 each.  These so-called "Bonus Accounts" will not receive eStore points, or the Super Deluxe item, but they will have access to all other Deluxe features in Webkinz World.
Bonus accounts can only be purchased at the time the full-price 12-Month Deluxe Membership is purchased.  Also, the usernames and passwords for all additional accounts must be entered at time of purchase.  Complete details are expected at the Ganz eStore soon.

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